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    Chapter 271

    I honestly don't care about this so-called brother, where's Soma's mother? Just don't give me a crappy flashback saying she died due to illness, I need something good to make me believe this manga hasn't given everything yet. Give me a reason.
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    im writing this to kind of express my opinions on the series, and what i'll be saying will probably be centered around the central arc. so if you're not at least past chapter 265 i would suggest not reading below the cut, cause spoilers.

    right off the bat, i wan't to say that shokugeki jumped the gun on some stuff. or at least to me, that's what i'm feeling. when the first season of the anime premiered, i loved it. I loved the absurdity of the world SnS created, but I loved the characters' passions for cooking. I also really fell in love with Souma and his motives to prove himself to the school, and get first seat. I think the whole reason I got into this manga in the first place is Souma's out of reach goal. I thought, wow, this journey will be neat! It'll be great to see how he learns new things and becomes a seasoned chef!

    Listen, I love shounens. I'm all about the main character being a little more unreasonably op than everyone else for the sake of the plot, but the whole central arc feels so, so out of place. Erina's dad is a pretty decent villain, he's a snob and his motives make sense and relate to his character. I didn't have a problem with him. I don't have a problem with Souma and his group of friends and everyone else who pitched in to help 'save the school.'

    What bothers me, is even for a shounen, this arc is a bit too unreasonable. The Elite Ten are supposed to be, allegedly, the top of the line students that are the perfect examples of what the school can create in terms of powerhouses. They represent why Totsuki is such an 'elite' institution. It would only make sense, especially considering the hype that was built around them, that theyd be really fucking good at what they specialize in. They should be out of Souma and his friends' leagues, especially considering they've only begun this hardcore journey. Despite the fact that the school is in danger and shit, I just don't think it should've gone down that way. If I'm being completely honest this arc fits better as like, a final arc before the manga ends or s o m e t h i n g. It's way too big of a jump of skill.

    Souma is a clever little shit. I get it. He's the son of a very mysterious chef who seems to be a lot more than what is being led to believe. His dad was second seat. Thats great and all, but there's no way this soon into the story that Souma would ALREADY GET THE FIRST FUCKIN' SEAT.

    also!!!! another shitty thing that floors me??? Erina just gets handed an entire school. Yeah, sure! Let's just give a child the reins to an entire fuckin school. Yeah! Sounds great! I am still absolutely dumbfounded by the fact that her grandfather was like 'lmao deuces!' If this was Erina's third year and throughout her whole high school career, she's kicked major ass and shows fantastic leadership and seems to really fit the bill for high school headmaster or principal or wHATEVER, then sure! I think maybe if they spent like a good year to train her more, I could definitely see Erina being the head of the school at 19/20 years old. but shes a first!!! year!!!

    And I'd just like to remind and reinforce that yes, I do understand that this is a shounen. I get it's fiction. But come on.

    I think Souma needed more experiences first. I think he needed more losses. I think he needed to develop more. I don't think he's really changed much as a character, he's remained rather stagnant. Erina's development was, and probably remains the best and I do like her as a character. I still do like Souma too. But there's no way in hell that them beating the Elite Ten and just getting the school handed to them is ??? a thing/????? it's such utter crap. It would've made more sense for the students in the Elite Ten at the time of the Central Arc to be removed after losing the Shokugekis, Senzaemon's position as school head reinstated and then, then the new Elite Ten could've been decided. I think the Top 3 should've gone to third years that are actually experienced enough to hold the seats, but not elitist dickheads. Something for Souma to feel motivated by, to continue to strive towards. I think I could see Erina and Souma in the Elite Ten, but not first. Jesus.

    But what I'm really trying to say through this whole mess, is the one thing Souma wanted, has been achieved and??? Okay??? It just makes it hard to cope because not only is it achieved so easily and so quickly, it feels as though the manga completely brushes past it. Erina gets the school. She gives Souma the first seat. On to the next conflict! Like i'm sorry w h A T

    I just really struggle with the proceedings of events. It drives me literally insane the more I think about it. The fucking judging table was RIGGED. I get that judges being persuaded to a contestants cooking because its that good is a thing, but it was rigged!!!!! [DISTANT YELLING]

    This may just be me, and I'm fuckin' fine with that, but I was actually intrigued at what Erina's father was trying to attempt. I wanted to see Souma and his gang of lame-o's loose. To see what this elitist cooking world he wanted to create, the " cooking post apocalyptic world " if you'd allow me to be so goddamn dramatic. I would have rather enjoyed a redemption arc, or a time skip that eludes to them going to train and take their own paths to get stronger and come back. Kind of like the One Piece time skip, if you will. They go get their shit sorted out and then they come back to spill the blood and get Totsuki back and blah blah, fuckin' blah.

    I just don't know how to handle this arc. It's a steaming pile of Mess™, a literal perfect example of #bad story pacing in writing, and just not what you should do if you're going to have a lengthy shounen anime. I just do not think it was the right choice.

    I know i'm not alone on this either, I can see old posts from other users who seem just as equally frustrated as I do and I'm glad that it's as obvious as I think it is.

    just. what the fuck dude.

    Alternatively! If you haven't read the manga that far yet, here's the mood im trying to express in the spoiler:
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    I agree it's jumped the shark
    I'm getting Bleach vibes where the manga's continuing past where it should have ended. The whole dark chef thing is very silly, even by this series' standards. I would've rather had them face off against international rival schools or something.
    I guess they have Souma's current goal to surpass Erina, so that's why they had her become headmaster to be a step ahead of the 1st seat. But yeah, c'mon.

    I believe the manga's been trailing near the back of the magazine lately. That's not always an indicator it's not doing well, but I believe other people are also starting to lose interest. I'm hoping they can get things back on track sooner than later.
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    Is confused as to whether the manga series is romance or not? Because some sites have the manga tagged romance...
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    Those sites are being silly. The only romance is with the food.
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