Fena: Pirate Princess

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Aug 11, 2020.

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  2. Ebonyslayer

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    I have already seen the Toonami announcement, but I feel like its important to state some of the reasons why I think Fena: Pirate Princess, is going to fail as an anime.

    First off, the main director of the anime is Kazuto Nakazawa, the man who co-directored Linkin Park's Breaking the Habit music video, and other musical shorts. The first longer anime he directed being Parasite Dolls, and then he became known for B: The Beginning.

    BTB is honestly not a good anime, mostly due to its confusing storyline, its clumsy attempt at mystery, the majority of characters lacking depth.(Kokuu being so shounen as a protagonist that it actually hurts.) And then there are the times where the show comes off as sexist. Even if a 2nd season comes out, its not going to fix the first impression season one has. But at least BTB has an awesome credits song.

    In regards to the Fena anime, I don't know if working with two other directors on FPP is such a good idea though. You think there would be a clash of ideas having that many directors on an anime.

    There's also the fact that Fena is aiming to have a tone between shounen and shojo, when it should be focusing on one type of audience instead of two. This attempt to reach out to more people already feels like a bad idea. Especially if you include the fact that Kazuto is forcing himself to include romance in the story that he openly admits that he is not good at. Although honestly, a lot of shounen authors have trouble writing romance, but not all of them suck thankfully.

    If you going to include romance in your story, its because you're confident in your story-telling. Not because its a tool to get a bigger audience. Can't say I'm optimistic for the show, feels like the director hasn't learned from his mistakes with BTB. Its kind of messed up, but I'm almost curious enough to see how bad this anime is going to be. Just hearing about Fena makes me want to watch another pirate anime.
  3. Corsair

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    i am interested in a pirate themed story, so i will keep an eye out for this one.
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  4. lainskywalker11

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    production ig, yuki kajiura and a pirate story? count me in
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  5. I am looking forward to Fena: Pirate Princess in a "yay, this is a new show that doesn't look like total garbage" way, not in a "I'm counting down the days until the premiere of the first episode" manner. (This isn't Attack on Titan - Season 3 after all). I appreciate the effort put in the analysis by Ebonyslayer about why Fena is going to fail as an anime. It is a valid argument that attempting to straddle the genre line for increased appeal is a risky move (in this case its the shounen/shoujo lines). However, contrarily, is it not possible that by attempting to appeal to both shounen and shoujo fans, there is a chance that both viewers will be interested and watch the series, subsequently bringing in twice as many viewers compared to a single genre approach?

    The aforementioned hypothetical aside, fortunately I like shounen and shoujo anime so its a win-win for me. Plus, based on the previews, it looks like Fena will be a show with a significant amount of "the feels" so ya, I'm sold!
  6. Balthasaurus

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    May as well throw in my two cents. From what I've seen of the trailers, I reckon this show'll be rather good. The animation looks solid, I think that the character designs are appealing, and I think it'll have a storyline that'll keep me engaged. I'm looking forward to watching it when it starts streaming.
  7. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 31, 2021
    If it actually has pirates, then I'm sold. Doesn't even need to go as hard as Black Sails in pirates, just... pirates. Yarr, avast me maties!
  8. It came on Toonami so I recorded on DVR and I'm so glad that I did.

    I've seen both episodes and I'll have to say it's not a bad beginning for a pirate anime.
  9. Sloth

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    Posted by Sloth on Aug 15, 2021
    A interesting start so far with nice visuals looking forward to see how it goes since its a anime original.
  10. Hesperide

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    Starting off interesting so far, but as was mentioned above, hope it centers more around pirate themes.

    Right now seems more ninja-themed than anything else. Not a bad thing, but would really like a solid pirate story here.

    And tell Yukimaru to stop hitting Fena or so help me god I will crawl through my monitor and murder him.
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    I know, right? I actually came over to this thread hoping I'd see someone griping about it too. I mean, what the hell, man. Fena's a little chatty, but she's so happy to see him again. Why does anime always have to have that one thing that kinda ruins things? Fena should hit him back- not that she'd succeed in the attempt, but, she doesn't take crap from guys, right?

    Otherwise, this show is gorgeous. I love ninjas, I love the designs, Yuki Kajiura ost...just,
    Yukimura, stop hitting Fena already.
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  12. OkamiHime95

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    Glad to know I'm not the only one that's bothered by
    Yukimura hitting Fena... Like dude, I could kinda understand it the one time, (though that doesn't mean that I approved) but dang, that got old quick. -_- It didn't ruin the show for me, but I'm hoping that it's not gonna be a thing throughout the series.
    Other than that, and some certain scenes that I didn't care for due to personal reasons, I enjoyed it.

    I'm looking forward to more episodes, though like others have stated, despite the ninjas being cool, I'm hoping the show becomes more pirate oriented.
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  13. Hesperide

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    Glad to see I am not alone in my opinion.

    If it had been a playful bop or the whole flick the nose thing I would be cool with it. But he straight-up knocks her out with a pipe/branch/pole/whatever after they reunite. He literally saved her and was going to bail with not a hello one or any speech or statement about how he has been searching for her for years, and glad she is safe... just silently leave her hanging after the whole "I will find you" statement years earlier.

    She literally grew up alone, not knowing the fate of her friends and family (I am sure he accepted the worst), and just had that simple statement to hold onto. Now she was being forced into prostitution and fighting for her freedom, fleeing in terror at what awaited her, only to be captured and feel all hope was lost, to be ravaged by those monsters and then hurled dead into the sea... I could not imagine how awful all of that would be to go through and feel...

    ...and then suddenly a ray of hope... life and freedom snatched from the jaws of death. And not just any ray of hope... HER ray of hope! The words she clung to for so long, and the person who spoke them right there before her. And after all that, he was just going to bail and leave her hanging without saying a thing. All those emotions, those fears, that elation, the confusion, the doubt.... all of it coming forth like a kettle boiling... and he sucker shots her like she was trying to steal his wallet. Like just wow dude...

    If she was talking too much he could have shushed her with kind words, put a finger to her lips, or hugged her or something to let her know the nightmare was ending, and that she was not alone anymore. But I guess that is just how they do it in macho ninja land.

    And maybe he does just find her annoying, and is only doing all of this out of duty and not out of any personal care or interest. And if so, fair enough... you still don't need to strike her like some obnoxious drunk hurling insults. The show could really be a winner, but if they continue having him smack her whenever she opens her mouth, I can't see myself staying invested in it.

    I do love the rest of the show so far as well as the setting and mystery behind it. I'll be honest, I groaned a bit with the introduction of ninjas... but I can deal with it since it is not necessarily a bad thing. Ninjas are cool, but we get Ninjas all the time in anime, and I would love a good solid pirate tale out of all of this. I'll settle for Ninja pirates as long as the pirate theme does not begin and end with "Ummm, they have a boat! That looks like a submarine!"
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  14. I guess they failed to see the rule of three.
  15. zala

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    Posted by zala on Aug 18, 2021
    This anime started off rough but the second episode left with a promising ending.

    The first episode confused me for a while.
    I thought that Fena was a princess already. But she was living in a brothel...she was upset about a rich man buying her virginity...but she sold herself to rob the rich man...then she was rescued by two old men she knew...then she was attacked by random bandits...then she is saved by ninjas...

    At the end of the episode, I felt like there were too many ideas that this anime tried to fit in. There were two episodes worth of content that were jammed into one episode. This made the pacing feel off. I have seen anime create excitement through a rapid paced debut episode, but this felt more disjointed than I would have liked.

    Also, does anyone think that the tone is odd? There were multiple threats of assault but most of the episode was comedic. I have seen pirate stories that are comedic, but then they usually do not have tense moments like that.

    Yes, Yukimaru hitting Fena feels weird. If it happened once, I could tolerate it. That he has done that multiple times feels jarring considering that both seem to have feelings for each other.

    Overall, this series could be fun. I am glad that it is not trying to be like One Piece. Now that the second episode slowed down the story, I hope we can finally have some fun.
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  16. lainskywalker11

    lainskywalker11 Active Member

    glad to know im not alone in yukimaru bonking fena like that
    yukimaru, my guy, you're pretty and everything but don't bonk the pirate girl
    episode 1 was decent, but episode 2 was pretty good! im definitely interested to see how thigns go on with this pirate adventure
    all things considered though, i hope it doesn't stray too far from it being a PIRATE thing. the two episodes gave me disney vibes, i kinda like that. i don't have much to talk about the episodes themselves except for the fact the animation is really pretty and fena with short hair is good but i can't wait to see her with the hair she has in the opening
  17. OkamiHime95

    OkamiHime95 Well-Known Member

    What is rule 3, slang? A meme? (I'm really behind on that kind of stuff, so sorry if that's a stupid question.) Or are you refering to
    The guy in bed with 2 women? If that's the case, I was mostly just surprised/shocked by it, considering I initially thought the show was gonna be more Shonen-y, if that makes sense.
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  18. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    So where's the pirates? Why do some characters European accents but the main character and that other girl sound American? Where's the drinking? Where's the eccentric pirate vernacular? Why are there ninjas/samurai everywhere? Most importantly, where is the rum?


    This is disappointing, I thought it would be more pirate-y. But it isn't super generic, so maybe I'll stick with it.
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  19. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter


    Once again. Where are the pirates? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering pirates.


    I am getting annoyed. I don't give a shit about any of this whatsoever. They're on an island and everything is japanese as shit and there are ninjas, and they're talking about somebody's dad or whatever. There is nothing pirate about this.
  20. Dhaifz

    Dhaifz Active Member

    Ep 1-2:
    idk if they living in the 21st century or whatever cause the ship looks very modern bruh, saying aside I enjoy the 2 episodes so far hope it finished strong.
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