Favourite RPG manga?

Discussion in 'Manga Recommendations' started by solitarybelle, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. solitarybelle

    solitarybelle Member

    Hey guys, I’m looking for recommendations for any good RPG manga that I should read. I’m loving Solo Leveling right now and have The Gamer on my list to read. What are your favourites?

    Thank you in advance!
  2. thor123

    thor123 Well-Known Member

    Are you looking for "weak to strong" RPG manga or just anything with RPG elements? If it's the latter, Overlord is my favourite (Novel > manga though)
  3. solitarybelle

    solitarybelle Member

    Anything with RPG Elements would be great. I’ve got the Overlord manga on my list to read and I love the anime. ☺️
  4. Zerosis

    Zerosis Well-Known Member

    Posted by Zerosis on Aug 4, 2019
    Ok I’m gonna give you a lot in one go so be prepared
    Special training in a secret dungeon
    Labyrinth raids of the ultimate tank
    Isekai taitei cheat
    I am the sorcerer king
    Reincarnation of the magician with inferior eyes
    Moshi fanren (kinda but you’ll still like it)
    The mage will master magic efficiently in his second life
    kamitachi ni hirowareta otoko
    Isekai kenkokuki
    The child of light
    Tomb raider king
    Chicken in a different world life of the ex-brave candidate was cheat from lv.2
    Tanker who lives a second time
    Did you know a playboy can change his job to sage
    Wortenia senki
    The hero who returns remains the strongest
    Life as a reincarnated sage in another world
    The strongest sage of the disqualified crest
    Tsuokute new saga
    Junk the black shadow
    Principal of a philosopher by eternal fool asley
    Sono monk nichi ni
    Eminence in the shadow
    Arfoo shachiku no golem master
    Taiko ga michibiku isekai douchuu
    Kumo desu ga Nani ka
    My status ass an assassin obviously exceeds the braves
    Maou gakuin no futekigousha
    Saikyou juzoku tensei
    New gate
    Isekai cheat magician
    Level up just by eating
    Isekai no skill taker
    Nozomanu fushi no boukensha
    Game obu familia
    Isekai no skill taker
    Muribato desu ga Nani ka
    Death mage who doesn’t want a fourth time
    Konjiki no moji tsukai
    My entire class was summoned to another world besides me
    Manner d-rank
    Abandoned hero is going home
    Touru ossan no VRMMO katsudouki
    Worlds best assassin reincarnated into different world as an aristocrat
    Demon kings town planning
    The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death
    The world of otome games is tough for mobs
    Shingan no yuusha
    Kenja no mago
    Shinka no mi
    Isekai yururi kikou
    Lv.1 with S tank drop rate
    Rising of the sheild hero
    Jishou heibon mazoku no eiyuu wife
    It seems o came to another world now what should I do
    Berserk of gluttony
    Nidome no jinsei
    Seirei gensou
    Hiraheshi wa kako o yumemiro
    The dragon master
    Beauty sage and the devils sword
    The former top 1s sub character training diary
    Virtual world: close combat mage
    Tensei shitara dragon
    The hero is overpowered but overly cautious
    Dungeon seeker
    Adventure record of reincarnated aristocrat
    Sekai owari no encore
    Arfoo kenja no isekai seikatsu nikki
    Aragate online
    Tanaka the wizard
    And legendary Moonlight Sculptor

    Sooo that’s all for today feel free to ask for more when you are done.
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  5. solitarybelle

    solitarybelle Member

    This is so great!! Thanks so much! Can’t wait to get started on some of these. :laugh:
  6. Zerosis

    Zerosis Well-Known Member

    Posted by Zerosis on Sep 5, 2019
  7. bellsita

    bellsita New Member

    I hightly recommend a chinese one called Quan Zhi Gao Shou. It has a manhua, an anime and a dorama. All version are really good.
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  8. ReschReads

    ReschReads New Member

    My Darling Signed In is one of my favourites, its one of those when gaming and real life meet mangas.
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