Favorite female characters

Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by Electricmastro, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. GlennMagusHarvey

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  2. Layla345

    Layla345 New Member

    Tsunade # naruto
    Yoruichi #Bleach
    Asuna #swords art online
    Momo yaorozu # my hero academia
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Aug 26, 2021
    Obviously, the one and only:
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  4. Alter7ego

    Alter7ego New Member

    Kumiko Oumae de Hibike Euphonium. El mejor personaje femenino escrito de todos los tiempos.

  5. Cattrah

    Cattrah Member

    Tong, Li from I'm Joybo

    Rin, from Daughter of Mnemosyne
    And last but not least, Reki from Hibane Renmei
  6. Electricmastro

    Electricmastro New Member

    Iria from Iria: Zeiram The Animation:

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  7. vocibop

    vocibop New Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] such amazing and strong charecters and care about others more than themselves
  8. Lewahoy

    Lewahoy New Member

    Eris from Mushoku Tensei

    Suzune Horikita from Classroom of the Elite

    Shinobu Kochou from Kimetsu no Yaiba

    Iki Hiyori from Noragami
  9. smeg

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    Posted by smeg on Nov 7, 2021

    still repping amanda
    she's an admirable mix of competent, rebellious and kind imo, seems to be equally at home riding a broom and pulling out a fucking skeng on someone. a++++
  10. IsayamaYomi

    IsayamaYomi New Member

    Isayama Yomi from Ga-Rei: Zero

  11. OneEyeMonkey

    OneEyeMonkey Member

    Azur Lane Taihou

  12. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Nov 20, 2021
    Motoko Kusanagi
  13. tigian

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    A lot of good characters, but how could you forget the greatest....

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