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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by JigenDaisuke, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. JigenDaisuke

    JigenDaisuke Well-Known Member

    A meme's been going around social media lately about filling out a Bingo sheet with your favorite characters from things. I thought it would be fun to do an anime version of that here and share with everybody! Fill out your own, and mark those of others to see if you can get a bingo!
    I'll start things off with mine, and then put a blank version below:


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  2. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    Ah, I remember a bingo thread on Hummingbird, though it was more about presenting one's fave series, and seeing how much other people knew of them. I remember intentionally putting more obscure stuff in the corners and less obscure stuff in the interior, culminating in one's choice of a Ghibli movie among two or three serving as the "free space".

    Maybe I should do a similar thing here?
  3. JigenDaisuke

    JigenDaisuke Well-Known Member

    Not sure what Hummingbird is, but the idea about obscure in the corners and less obscure toward the middle isn't bad! Probably a good way to go about it the, I didn't even think of that
  4. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Posted by Rascal on Jul 31, 2018
    Happy to say I only didn't know 5 of yours, @JigenDaisuke but do you get a bingo if you also like the characters you put in a row or do you just have to know who they are? I'm unclear on the rules.

    If it's the latter mine will be real easy

    We have reigen and JoJo in common, niiice
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  5. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    I mean, it'd certainly be more interesting than just putting my first 24 fave characters in order.

    Hummingbird.me was another anime listing site; it was later rebranded as kitsu.io which it is now. Someone once posted a fad involving something like summarizing one's tastes or fave series in a bingo sheet.

    I guess you can play on three tiers:
    * recognition bingo - series name
    * recognition bingo - character name
    * actually-also-a-fave bingo

    Incidentally I don't watch the right shows so both of yours are pretty tough for me. lol
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  6. JigenDaisuke

    JigenDaisuke Well-Known Member

    Personally I fill those of others out on the basis of who I also like, because I know many of the ones you have on some level but I only really like All Might, Reigen, Violet, Oldseph, Haruko, and Sanji. SO close to a bingo lol
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  7. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Posted by Rascal on Jul 31, 2018
    And here I was going to make one like this but with Nagisa until I thought "no i wanna do it legit so people can take it seriously" but now i have regrets.
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  8. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Posted by Rascal on Jul 31, 2018
    But it wouldn't be shitposting, it would be the truth. Father I love him
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  9. Fargo

    Fargo Well-Known Member

    Posted by Fargo on Jul 31, 2018
    I was so close to a fucking 5x5 but I don't recognize the far-left dude in 4th row from top. But the style looks familiar.

    Also, do you guys just use Photoshop? I was hoping there'd be a template somewhere you can just search/paste these in, but alas.
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  10. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    I shall indeed

    That would be Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs, I believe :D but you are of good taste sir.

    I use Gimp, sort of a free photoshop.
  11. JigenDaisuke

    JigenDaisuke Well-Known Member

    Tbh I just use MS Paint like a basic gremlin
  12. JigenDaisuke

    JigenDaisuke Well-Known Member

    Who is?
  13. Cherstal

    Cherstal Well-Known Member

    -sees Maka, Reigen, and Joseph, three of my all time favorites-
    A couple shows I haven't seen yet like Steins gate are keepin me from the bingo tho
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  14. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    Well, this took a while, but here it is.


    I tried to get good coverage of different franchises, and include something iconic about every character in each (except where none were available, or where the character's plainness is characteristic of them).

    FYI, one of them doesn't technically appear in an anime series, but her in-game avatar does, so I'll give you that one as a freebie.
    It's BlackRose, from the .hack// franchise. She briefly appears in one of the anime specials, but her story is covered much more thoroughly in the LN series (Infection/Mutation/Outbreak/Quarantine), which tells her side of the same story as the the games do, though the games are about Kite's perspective. The novels also cover some of BlackRose's offline life.
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  15. JigenDaisuke

    JigenDaisuke Well-Known Member

    Ayyyy I like...Homura and Shinji. Lol. I think I know 3 others here tho? Is one a Tales character? I have no clue with the majority tho ngl
  16. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    @JigenDaisuke yeah one is a character from the Tales franchise.

    And yeah some of these are pretty obscure. I would expect people to get the second in the top row, at least the right three in the second row, the two in the middle in the third row, the two on the ends of the fourth row, and the fourth and maybe the first in the last row, based on what shows each character is from and what roles they play in them. Those are all reasonably well-known shows, I think.

    Meanwhile, top right corner and the one to its left are a rather obscure show, and bottom right corner is a secondary character in a show of medium obscurity, specifically in a look that doesn't get as much screentime as her other look. Center row ends are both obscure shows.

    Fourth row center is the freebie I mentioned, because she doesn't really show up in the anime with this look at all.
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  17. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    I should probably post what I have for this one.

    1. edgy professor layton
    3. that guy from Cowboy Bebop.
    8.a forum user uses this as his avatar
    10. Vegeta from Dragon Ball (Z?)
    12. Ryuk(?) or whatever he's called, from Death Note
    16. from Lupin?
    17. I feel like I've seen this one before but I just can't place him.
    21 and 23. from JoJo, I think, based om the art style.
    25. from Pokémon? is it "phanphy" or something like that?

    1. i feel like i should know this one but i don't
    2. from Made in Abyss?
    3. from One Piece?
    4. researcher guy from Steins;Gate
    5. your avatar, whom I have no clue about
    6. from a *monogatari series
    7. i KNOW i've seen this obe but I forgot where. kinda wanna guess Chuunibiyou and Other Delusions but I'm pretty sure that's wrong.
    9. a Jojo character
    10. Kino
    11. also from a *monogatari series?
    12. main character girl from Soul Eater
    14. from Hunter x Hunter
    15. from FMA(B)?
    17 another character I've seen before but just can't place.
    20. crazy murderous teacher alien in Ass Class
    21. popular choice for illustrating a "trap"
    22. Space Dandy
    23. Kamina
    25. from MHA/BnHA?
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  18. CaptainSlow

    CaptainSlow Well-Known Member

    Who wants a go? (accidentally included 6 manga characters, sorry)

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    1, 2, F, 4, 5
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Yo, it's a bingo!
    Middle column. That's Jet from Cowboy Bebop, Claire from Baccano!, Dorothy from The Big O and Abdul from JJBA, right?

    I nearly know all the characters in the first column except for the blondie.
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  19. Rascal

    Rascal Silver Supporter

    Posted by Rascal on Aug 3, 2018
    To answer:
    1. Saika from Oregairu, a trap
    2 3 and 4. Yes
    5. Nagisa the main character from assclass, yet another trap, and my favorite (btw y u drop?)
    6. Yes
    7. Yato from Noragami
    9-15. yes
    17. Hachiman from Oregairu (same as 1)
    20. ... yes kind of (again why drop)
    21. Yes, particularly its hideyoshi
    22-25. Yup.
  20. GlennMagusHarvey

    GlennMagusHarvey Well-Known Member

    No offense meant, but it probably wasn't really my sort of thing. Specifically because
    it just felt ridiculously contrived, with the teacher laying out a pile of rules one at a time telling the students how they just can't get around his absurd conditions. "Death game" types of stories tend not to be my thing and this may have felt similar.

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