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    Ladies and gents, the world's greatest visual novel of all time.
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    I'm continuing this without the deplorable @Tents. I have a lonesome road ahead of me.

    Episode 7
    "Archer, why do you want to kill Shirou?"

    "Why do you even ask?"


    Spoiler osmosis has taught me that yes, Archer is stupid Shirou from the future, and yes, it's anime's longest suicide attempt, basically.

    Still shit, and I still hate Shirou. Kotomine is the only good character, due to his VA, while Rin and Shinji are acceptable due to having emotions every now and then.
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    I managed to finish this! eat my dust, @Tents!
    Uhm, it's hard for me to formulate any coherent thoughts about this, but Nasu's tendency to overexplain all the rules to make sure it gets more "shocking" when they inevitably get broken sucked the first time, and didn't get any better after that. The tempo that's built up is squandered on a lot of nitpicking, and the final battle with Gilgamesh was just some Bruce Lee quote writ large. How Archer was alive is a question best left unanswered. The epilogue can die in a fire.

    The power levels were swingy as fuck, as it should be in an asspull shounen/terrible smut novel. Few fights took any creativity to beat, since willpower works even better. Pew pew pew.

    The characters are so goddamn wooden that I'd prefer Tomino's any day of the weak. They tend to at least have personalities, even if Tomino probably has never actually talked to another human being. Shirou is obviously the worst, with an arc that failed to grip me at every turn. Shinji and Rin are the only ones that act out in any way, but they aren't more than stock archetypes. The VAs sometimes forget to match the characters as well, so they sound intense while remaining wooden, and vice versa.

    The music is nice, and while I greatly dislike the character designs and the cheap tricks they engender, a lot of the fighting looks nice, if lacking in dramatic heft. Some of them are pure bullshit, but they look cool.

    All in all, this show was not for me, but it wasn't as brain numbingly awful as Dies Irae. Woohoo!
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    Ayyy, join me in the "Where did I go wrong with my life" club.

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