Fantastic Children

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by DistMan, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. DistMan

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    Fantastic Children[sadhl=1510]fantastic-children[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    New show, looks interresting.

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  2. Aydan

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    Posted by Aydan on Oct 21, 2004
    Yes, it certainly looks interesting. I get the feeling that it's the start of a big story. I think or hope it will turn into an old school adventure show.

    The background is done in a very nice way, they put in a lot of these nice sceneries for only the first episode. Animation seems nice, no really big action happens in the first episode though. As for character design, it's a little old school in my opinion, but this seems to have been a choice the creators of this show made. Some characters are designed very nice, but these are minor characters. The main characters have an old school look. I hope this old school look doesn't keep people from watching this show. Very good voice acting, it takes talent to scream and pant like that. Screaming seems very hard for western voice actors. The music fits, but it could have been a bit softer at times. The opening song could have been a little more dramatic for my taste, it reminded me of the opening to lodoss wars. The ending song is nice. This show does have a slow pace, at least the first episode did.

    Although nothing really big happens in the first episode it mesmerized me, this looks like a promising show. It left a whole lot of questions in my mind.

    Which studio did this show? It looks like something Ghiblie would do, although as far as I know they don't do TV shows.

    Some more info:
  3. phip

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    Posted by phip on Oct 21, 2004
    Fantastic children is being produced by Nippon Animation. Fantastic children is created, designed, and produced by Takashi Nakamura. Takashi Nakamura was chief animator for Akira, which may explain the some character similarities.
  4. Thingol

    Thingol Guest

    He also worked on key animator for NausicaƤ, and directed his own animation movie, A tree of Palme...
  5. Zechleton

    Zechleton Guest

    I haven't got round to watching this yet but it's waiting on my computer. I'll definitely check it out soon from what you guys have said.
  6. mitsui

    mitsui Guest

    Posted by mitsui on Nov 21, 2004
    i personally think that this is a weird series; but a very interesting and puzzling one though. I've watched upto episode 3 already, i'm still confused abt the story. well, i guess that i have to watch more to understand and eventually everything will come to place; and hopefully these strange questions i have in mind will be answered at the end of the series. :@_@:

    by the way, anyone know how long will this series take to finish? how many episodes will it have? i just hope that it won't exceed 26 episodes...
    anybody? really like to know...
  7. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Nov 23, 2004
    ep4, even more questions. :@_@:
  8. BTime

    BTime Guest

    Posted by BTime on Jan 8, 2005
    I'm still liking this series, even though the pacing is totally on life support. At this point some things are pretty obvious, but they really need to get a move on.

    Eeek! I think Helga cracked a facial expression this ep. The world is certainly coming to an end..
  9. redgsrguy

    redgsrguy Guest

    I kind of like this series even though the animation style seems dated.
  10. BTime

    BTime Guest

    Posted by BTime on Mar 28, 2005
    Just to update. The story is pretty well written, but the pace is on major life support. I'm thinking of rec'ing it with Secret of the Cerulean Sand.
  11. ralphp2

    ralphp2 Ubergramps

    By Episode 18 ...

    Well, the pacing picked up a bit, I think. Overall, this show WILL be a keeper. The animation style works well for this story - and the story line is almost a classic (think "Frankenstein" - "No man should tread on God's Territory!" :@_@:

    More will be in the next few, I think.

  12. z-kun

    z-kun Guest

    Posted by z-kun on Apr 2, 2005

    If you want an opinion, it is a great show with a great end. I am pretty amazed how they managed to end it. Details soon~~
  13. Lucky

    Lucky Guest

    Posted by Lucky on Aug 18, 2005
    And I managed to miss this one during the airing. ARGH. Luckily I had some time, so I happened to dig this one up from the dark corners of my hard drives and watch it. Quite frankly, this was one hell of a show. Most amazing was the actual execution - show's director never took any typical anime "shortcuts" - like making predictable romance, or settling into slowish pace. This one was made with almost Kubrick-like perfection (from me, a big Kubrick fan, this is the ultimate compliment), from slow and relly weird start and seemingly out-of-place animation, to absolutely awesome divebombing-like feeling in the end. Quite frankly, this is the show that one must watch in one big session - the plot almost demands it, being as complex, and yet as simple to follow as it is.
    And most impressive of all was the sheer amount of cruelty that directior managed to put on the characters. That was definitely the key, it made me as a viewer symphatize with characters far more - as even the "evil" characters got their share of psychological beating, just like everyone else. All I can say is that this one is definitely a show to watch if you like gainax-style mind fucks but without the actual "my god was I mindraped..." feeling in the end. Excellent plot, borderline perfect exectuion. The only gripe I have is the relatively slow beginning, which however was nessesary - it presents the general setup of the show to the viewer, like the starting part of a rollercoaster, where you have to wait to be pulled up before you are released for a ride of your life.
  14. coyotech

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    bump Here I we go
  15. coyotech

    coyotech New Member

    ep 1 seem ok from what i gather there are unique kids that don't seem to age until some time they begin lose themselves and start aging normally while also become prodigies. Animation is very good except for me the character designs will take some time to get use to
  16. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Episode 1:

    OMG OMG THIS IS SUPERB! One of the best openings I've seen in such a long time! Begins seriously dramatic, I like it, with that monologue and the eerie background music. I started a bit actually because I didn't expect it to be so BAM. And then that nightmare Conrad had - holy Jesus I was freaked! The whole deal with the kids losing all their siblings along the years is so emotional, and that only within ten minutes of watching. I can't wait to find out what all the background issues are.

    Classically simple animation concept in the vein of Peter Pan no Bouken, muted tones, but fluid - my preferred combination.

    I'm wearing earphones, so the audio is nice and crisp in my ear, and damn I am not disappointed. Voice acting is mellowly dramatic, piano music captures every disturbing moment of tension perfectly... I hope Fantastic Children continues at this quality and continues to offer genuine surprises. :D

    I predict that that weird quiet girl Thoma finds is in fact Mel!

    THAT ENDING THEME! PERFECT! MUST GET! OMG I am in love with this show already. So beautiful! Am I looking at a future Top 5?

    Episode 2:

    Good continuation of the story. But my viewpoint is kinda skewed now because the part I look forward to the most is always the amazing ending theme. Haha!
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  17. gin

    gin New Member

    Posted by gin on Jun 27, 2009
    i dont particularly like helga...sure shes troubled and that should be cause for sympathy and so forth, but i was really glad when thoma got annoyed

    and since i didnt quite realise there was an own thread, i ll state it here again. the piano theme and violin (?) theme are awesome

    episode 6 or something had a sort of, "why did they go there" moment.
    i mean seriously? a robot or whatever made of stone?
  18. therik

    therik Member

    You're right. It's a thing of beauty, that ED. Along with the distant, almost haunting paintings in the background, it's an absolute work of art. Brilliant.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that Agi


    looks a bit like Eminem?


    I figure I most likely am, but I thought I'd point it out anywayses.
  19. alexander

    alexander New Member

    Except that Peter Pan didn't have any 3D, and this uses a lot, albeit very well integrated.

    Or did you mean that it's the same character designer?

    The singer is Russian but only active in Japan. She also did stuff for GITS. A Russian friend tells me she forgot the language, so beware of the Russian version that's on the single, VICL-35751.

    I found her annoying.

    Indeed, my note was: Helga isn't brave but dumb ;)
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  20. Menchi

    Menchi New Member

    Ep 1: Oh man I like it! I have to agree with you about the music, it's great, although the drawing style isn't that of what I like the most...

    But the plot really got me into it, I like the mystery-theme and the change of centuries and surroundings. Thoma's my favourite character, he's the energetic and warmhearted boy-type that I like :)

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