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  1. Quizap

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    Posted by Quizap on Oct 12, 2009
    Fairy Tail
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    Haha simply awesome, I love it

    This first episode had just enough comedy and action in it to keep me satisfied for the day. Can't wait for Ep 2.
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  2. ThePatches

    ThePatches Member

    Seconded! It's been awhile since I've watched something this unabashedly shounen, and I couldn't stop smiling through the second half.
  3. MacrossFX22

    MacrossFX22 New Member

    Just watched the first episode and from someone who's also a fan of the manga, i was pleased i hope the show its as good as the manga.
  4. Crazy49er

    Crazy49er New Member

    Welp... I like the premise, and enjoyed the episode this one has promise. However the animation leaves much to be desired .... it looks a hell of a lot like Rave Master, maybe same artist
  5. Lyzl

    Lyzl New Member

    Posted by Lyzl on Oct 12, 2009
    I liked it. Really fun first episode. It's probably not going to be "good", but I'll certainly enjoy watching it ^^.
  6. Szwagier

    Szwagier Member

    Yup, they are both Mashima Hiro's mangas.

    And about ep 1 - it felt like ONe PIece "magic version". Looks like it might be pretty fun show.
  7. Lenaxia

    Lenaxia Member

    Am I the only one that wanted to slit my wrists half way through the episode?

    Aya Hirano as Lucy? Wow, sorry does not compute. She doesn't fit well in a role like that. Whoever's doing the voice for Natsu and Happy, fail as well. Natsu's seiyuu has some serious trouble carrying any emotion and isn't "shounen"-ish enough. Aquarius' voice totally wasn't pretentious enough. She's supposed to be a stuck up bitch, she sounds more like trailer trash (Remi-style). She sounds like she's going to start using "ore" instead of "watashi"

    The animation was cheap and flow was horrible. The battle sequences were jumpy and you'd see Natsu charge up then suddenly everyone was down, or in one case Bora shot something and you didn't even see the explosion, just the first that started after it. It may be anime, and it may be Shounen, but choreography is still important.

    Not to mention, all the sound effects were annoying as hell. Every god damned thing they did had a sound effect. They're going to add a *boing* sound effect for breathing next, jesus.

    Sorry, I'll be sticking to the manga with this one. Fairy Tail had the potential to become the next Naruto, it failed horribly.
  8. And your judging this after one episode? My my... >_>
  9. Pidjiken

    Pidjiken New Member

    I disagree with everything except for the choreography part.

    Oh, also about the potential to be the next Naruto, that's a load of crap imo. Naruto is epic compared to the FT manga. FT strikes me more as a Bleach clone for the simple fact that:

    Nobody dies, they just get really fucked up sometimes.
  10. DisturbedMind

    DisturbedMind Member

    While I enjoyed the first episode the animation was killing me. It seemed so jerky and while some of the cg effects where nice others where rather shocking.

    but with that said I think I can still enjoy watching this, more so if they decide to fix up the animation a bit.
  11. Now i've seen ep 1, i'm not exstatic about it but it was ok.

    I think i was expecting something great when it was just alright, see how the next few eps go.
  12. peterec

    peterec Member

    Fairy Tail reminds me more of One Piece than Naruto or Bleach.

    Noone ever dies in One Piece either. Except ofc in those deadly flashbacks

    But expecting Fairy Tail to be as good as One Piece or the recent years of Naruto is hardly fair, the bar is set pretty damn high. Netherless I have enjoyed the Fairy Tail manga so I looking with positive eyes on the anime.

    Aya Hirano didn't really fit the voice that I imagined Lucy to have, oh well... it's Aya Hirano I think I'll live.

    Also people complaining about jerky animation etc. try finding a good source instead of a crappy stream. I didn't see any problems with the animation. Pretty much standard stuff.

    The cat annoys me, seems like it's easier to ignore it in the manga than the anime.

    Now... gife Erza.
  13. Lenaxia

    Lenaxia Member

    I hate both bleach and naruto enough that they're in the same (and very low) class for me. But I understand what you're saying with FT being more of a competitor with Bleach than with Naruto (though I don't think Naruto is epic at all...)
  14. Garyuu

    Garyuu Active Member

    Do you even know who he is? He's Tetsuya Kakihara who plays Simon in Gurren Lagann. After seeing Gurren Lagann I can definitely say that he can show emotion.
  15. Pidjiken

    Pidjiken New Member

    It takes pieces from each, with the exception of Naruto. It's a One Piece/Rave Master Clone without the adventure really.

    I say the deaths are the only part you can really compare to Bleach. In One Piece they at least killed important Characters for impact (Nami's Mother for example). In Bleach and FT, no such luck.

    It has the whole Nakama feel to it like One Piece and they travel to different places from tie to time, but at the end of every arc they're all back home in the guild so there's really no sense of Adventure or Travel like in OP.

    Aside from being Shounen it has nothing in common with Naruto.

    Naruto should be substantially higher than Bleach. The Naruto manga is really good and it's killing me to have to wait for the sheer awesomeness to be animated.

    Bleach on the other hand is just a one trick pony. It's the SS arc over and over again. Terrible.
  16. Quizap

    Quizap Well-Known Member

    Yea, Naruto is substantially better then most anime's out right now. Especially since the next 2 to 3 episodes are one of the best fight scenes in the whole story atm.
  17. ThePatches

    ThePatches Member


    On Episode 2

    I love Lucy for some reason I can't explain. She's not quite pathetic, but her combination of semi-competent, fangirl, and realist remind me of Ino, only less annoying. There's very little original here so far, but I'm kind of enjoying the whole ride.
  18. Garyuu

    Garyuu Active Member

    One thing I really like is the music. That Celtic style rock played during fights is awesome.
  19. Quizap

    Quizap Well-Known Member

    Ya, the music is a nice addition. I'm loving Lucy though, she's awesome.
  20. Korath

    Korath Member

    I'm actually enjoying this more than I thought I would, hopefully they will keep it up :)

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