Elemental Gelade

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    Anyone read this? If not, I highly recommend it. It's a very nice read. Has a great storyline, is well-paced, and mixes romance in perfectly. It ended recently. The following spoiler will contain stuff from the last chapter- 96.
    Did Coud and Ren... die? Some say since Cisqua saw the video on the phone, that means they are living but have just vanished- but that doesn't sound like something Coud would do. What if it was just a video of the battle beforehand? I remember seeing Vargret recording stuff using that phone, so it could be that. But then again, Cisqua was smiling and teared up while watching the video- but I can't tell if it was out of sadness or immense joy that Coud and Ren are alive. Thoughts on this?
    And if you haven't checked it out, Elemental Gelade: Aozora no Senki takes place two years later. I'm hoping Coud will show up here.
    And according to rumor, they will be making four Elemental Gelade series. Red (Coud and Ren), Blue (Achea), and two other colors- and at the end they'll all combine into a huge finale.
    So... if no one here has read this, please do. It's definitely one of my favorites, if not my only favorite. If you have, though, please comment and tell me what you think.
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    I read all of it and I really did not get what was happening at the end. The other 2 manga supposedly don't do much to explain it either...

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