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    I'm curious to see Miura's newest work come out, since it looks like there will be dragons in it. I can already guess that people are upset with Miura with not continuing Berserk, but to be completely honest, I'm glad he's taking a break to do something new. I have seen a number of authors burn themselves out just working on one project for so many years, and its depressing. I want him at his best when he's working on Berserk, and if he needs a new breath of air, so be it.

    Since there's a young protagonist in a world of dragons, it makes me think of that game I grew up with, Breath of Fire.
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    I do love how Miura's narrative style, concept and values changed in Berserk. Duranki is a nice change of scenery, wide field for imagination, and possibilities. IMHO Duranki had many things to offer, while the author was very experienced while writing it, and it shows. I discovered it just recently, but was glad I did, despite the fact that there won't be more.

    Rest in peace Kentaro Miura, you will never be forgotten.

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