Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Mar 3, 2018.

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  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    I just want this to be more fun to tear to shreds than King's Game. I have no expectation that this will be good. I can't even think of the last death game that didn't suck.
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  3. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Mar 3, 2018
    But... why isn't there an ecchi or borderline-H tag? Aren't these people using others as ass slaves?
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    Depends on how explicit it is. I'll have to watch it first, but I doubt it'll be that explicit. Probably just enough disgusting, though.
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    Posted by Thrawn on Mar 13, 2018
  7. Shikiya

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    Translation of the video for non-Japanese speaking peeps

    Original work Ooishihiroto Okada Shinichi
    Young guy: "This is SCM. It's a device that makes people into slaves"
    S.C.M. slave control method
    Young girl: "Slaves?"
    A device that turns others into slaves.
    Young man: "SCM is used by equipping it behind your teeth. People who have SCM equipped have a match against each other. The match can be about anything. The loser takes responsibility of the outcome and unable to disobey the winner, becomes a slave that obey their orders." (The words on the phone is written version of what he just said)
    Ugly lady: "Welcome..."
    Fat man: "(sharp intake of breath)"
    Ugly lady: "to the world of slaves"
    Is there a person you want to keep alive so you could torture them, rather than killing them?
    (On the paper) Slaves cannot rebel against their master's orders.
    Slaves cannot lie to their masters.
    Lady on the bed: "SCM... a device that can make others into slaves"
    Black-haired guy: "I want to test myself"
    (on the phone, texts) 'It's expensive anyways, isn't it?'
    'B seems kinda dangerous'
    '6,500,000 yen?'
    'I would sell'
    (On the chat bubble) 'I guess it's horror movie these days.'
    Text/young woman: "If it can come true, I want to go back... before we meet as tool of devils."
    Dorei-ku the animation 2018 April broadcasting starts Tokyo MK April 12 Every Thursday 25:05~

    Blah blah blah
    I dont even know why I translated all the text and dialogue the video offered, but here you go, all the information about this anime that was offered in this PV.
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  8. Ryukami

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    So it begins.

    Personally not my taste, but episode 1 wasn't that bad.
    Don't we all just love when a show has some BS science to back it's stuff, but doesn't actually explain how said science is supposed to actually work.
    Should we be worried with the amount of media with slavery coming from Japan recently?
  9. Tents

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    Posted by Tents on Apr 12, 2018
    Episode 1

    Oh boi. You know the show will be bullshit when it starts with bullshit right off the bat. No sane person goes to meet their ex like this. Gimme a break.
  10. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 1:

    Man, just listening to that chick for a couple of seconds made me believe she turned her boyfriend gay after three months of dating.

    With a full on rape in the first episode this takes the lead over Mahou Shoujo site because that one only had a rape threat.

    The biggest things that bugged about the episode were her flimsy justification for why she won. It seems like all the games in this anime are going to be decided by some last minute twist that robs them of any tension.

    Then there are there's the supposedly savvy main character just buying into this guy's spiel and becoming his rape retainer partner because he says nice things about it. She automatically thinks they're soulmates.

    First episode down and this seems like another high stakes game anime that's going to be ruled by bullshit logic.
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  11. LadyJam

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    As if you'd put a strange device from a person you had a one night stand with in your mouth. Cause people totally trust others enough to do that. And why is it all about sex? There's practically nothing creative in the punishments for losing.

    Also, she won on a technicality? It wasn't even a decent twist, it was just fucking lazy. Main character is a fucking retard too.
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  12. ZetsubouKaiji

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    A chick he raped no less. She doesn't even have to coax him into. Just gives a vague and highly suspicious reason he should put in the rape retainer.
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  13. Zed60K

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    Episode 01

    *5 seconds into the episode*
    "Have sex with me"
    Okay I'm out.

    Do you know what's the dumbest thing you don't ever wanna do? create this super advanced technology that enables people to control the brains of other people, and then RELEASE IT PUBLICLY. also the first word that came to mind when I saw the device was "Orthodontia", and trust me, you don't want that, that's not how you market a product you smart ass. beisdes I wanna see who's the smartass who would see an offer on the internet for a device that would control people, and would go "oh yeah this seems legit".

    At least in comparison to Kakegurui, there are actual stakes, rather than just losing a days worth of allowance, but if those stakes are gonna be burned down to rapey bullshit, this is gonna be too gross to watch. or so I thought, until the girl one against the fat asshole by pulling bullshit out of her ass and making this shitty last moment twist that doesn't make any sense, this is gonna be a tough watch.

    Yep, this takes the cake for the worst show of the season for me.
  14. HissatsuShoujo

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    The fat rapist wins retard of the year award.

    I can already tell, this is probably going to be the grossest thing to watch this season. Feels like some immature, horny teenager came up with this garbage premise.
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  15. Madoka

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    I decided to read the above spoilers (i have never done this before watching anything, ever!) after someone saying king's game, good god this sounds even worse, after spoiling myself rotten with your spoilers, i decided i have better not spoil myself anymore and will give this one a miss, you know, it sounds like such a great show, too good to waste my life on, pass and done.
    urgh the thought of another king's game poison is bad for my health
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  16. Shikiya

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    ep 1

    wow, ok. this is more gross than edgy.
    i don't know how the inserting something into your teeth can effect your brain.
    Sure, I guess it can somehow connect to brain by going through the nerves, but how is it gonna generate feelings of obligation? Does it not need to be charged?
    Is there no freaking logic in this series?!
    It is not too wise to question the settings of a literature, but when nonsensical stuff happen continuously, like
    -the girl not reporting him to the police after she got raped,
    -the female protagonist trusting the male protagonist right away because of 'intuition,'
    -saying that he got a boyfriend to break up with his girlfriend, the guy who agreed to that, the girl who told her friend about it, and the girl who wanted to see them
    -the last minute twist in the pachinko contest that really is borderline
    you know it was lazily put together and is trying to use its mature dark pretentious themes and the sex part to appeal to shallow teenage horndogs.

    thank god they did not linger at the sex/rape scenes.
    some shows try to ride off those kind of scenes as accents of the show's 'maturity' and 'realism'
  17. SpanglishJC

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    This first episode felt like dredging through mud. Visually uninteresting whilst setting up a flimsy premise.

    I feel like this is going to be a bunch of edgy nonsense.

    With the description that guy gave as to how this device affects you why would anyone put it in their mouth? Ever? The main character even laments through narration meeting this guy 'before finding out about the Devil's Device'. He described it pretty thoroughly already. You must see that using this thing is a terrible idea. Her motivation wasn't explained either.

    The fat guy agreed to put a retainer with spikes jutting out of it in his mouth with little convincing. Makes sense.

    That's my lottery pick started. Another 'winner' from that club.
  18. CaptainSlow

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    I gave the manga two stars. I wonder what I'm going to give the anime?

    Episode 1
    Aww, word-of-mouth exposition scenes are so old school.

    Generic OP is generic as shit. I'm falling asleep.

    I like Eia, she's nicely blunt and insanely observant (out of plot convenience, I know). Though she has, like, no damn boundaries.

    Edgelordism reaching dangerous levels...

    (Also, bad guy wears a fedora and acts like sex is a given after a first date.)

    She's playing dirty. And really recklessly. What an idiot.

    I'm surprised there's dozens of people out there who would gladly put one of these wacko retainers in their mouths. (Then again, I guess that means there's dozens of people in that city that like the idea of BDSM but not the annoying consent part...)

    As also generic as the ED was, it would've been a way better choice for the OP. It's actually got some energy to it.
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  19. TurkeyGami

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    I'm not even going to doubt that I will absolutely drop this if I start it, so I'm staying away. Magical Girl Site is more than enough edge to last me a whole season. It's like stuffing the edge box over the brim. This would be like, adding an additional, equally stuffed box of edge onto the first but like dumping it out all over the place so it gets everywhere.

    And no one needs that much edge. Soldier on, AP.
  20. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Also, why was the chick's bag filled with juice?

    It's not like it factored into her plan to defeat the guy. When she reveals that the bag is just full of juice he's already accepted the bet and it doesn't come into play later. It's just such a random detail.

    I should punch myself in the face just for starting this.
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