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    (insert distasteful slut joke here, I can't think of any right now)

    Momo uses sex to treat her depression.
    It's unfortunate that all those trashy guys just used her.
    Can't help but feel bad for her.
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    Everything about Momo is sad! The worst thing is that such a scenario is quite real.
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    Don't mind me, I'll just leave this here:
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    EP 10 Best episode yet.

    The ball is rolling thanks to typical "leave the door open Natsuo". Seriously, everything that happens happens because all of these characters are so bad at covering their ass. Use your friend's house repeatedly as the place you've been going, and never once telling that friend that you've been doing so. STRIKE............After being found out, finally tell the friend, and immediately use the same lie again while it's fresh...STRIKE. Over do it going to Hina's house every single day............STRIKE........Tell Rui he's been going to Momo's house without checking in with Momo first.....STRIKE..That was another way he could have been caught, Rui met Momo 1st, Momo was probably a quick phone call away from Rui if Rui doubted Natsuo's lie as she should have at that point. Fail to realize that the person you're hiding from also has interest in the residence you're going to STRIKE. Rui freaked out at the thought of not having Hina around, with the heightened level of loneliness caused by Natsuo ditching her, I'm surprised she didn't randomly visit Hina with Natsuo there under different circumstances a lot earlier.

    If I was trying to keep a secret, I was hiding the moment that bell rang, I'd be assuming the worst possible visitor.

    Natsuo is trying to be a 1 woman guy, but he's weak as fuck. Rui excuse for being in the bathroom with both of them naked was weak as fuck, even more so being in the same tub. That close to a woman........naked, and you haven't gotten your rocks off in months? that's a position he should have never allowed himself to be in.

    I see it going one way from here. Rui is head over heals, She knows shes in no position to make Natsuo choose her, She will tell him she doesn't mind being the side girl. Natsuo will agree for the convenience, Hina will later find out, and it will be a new problem all over again.

    EDIT: And yes, Natuso agreeing will make him a piece of shit, which he's already kind becoming as is. The tub thing, and Rui kissing him, he did not initiate these things, but he didn't push Rui off, and he had no intention of letting Hina know these things took place, so He's basically already in a cycle of lies, and as we clearly seen this episode, lies breed more lies to cover up previous lies.

    Oh and how about that timing on Natsuo's friend calling to say Rui left from his house? If he had instantly called, this whole thing could have been avoided, at least for that day...........they'd eventually fuck up anyways.
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    I'm a really slow reader. Which, I now realize, is how it's so easy for my girlfriends to keep me clueless when they run off with my sister.

    I don't see what the big deal is, Natsuo. You just fell down a flight of stairs. It's not like you were out in the rain for 3 seconds.

    And Rui...if there was ever an excuse to KEEP THE F***ING DOOR OPEN, it would be when Hina is checking in on Natsuo. Come on. Come on.

    Whatever--she's adorable. I'm willing to let it slide. And by "it" I mean "literally anything Rui says, does, or intimates."

    But let's talk details and such, hm?

    Like how cute overtly-flirty Rui is. And how close that would appear to be to needy-Rui.

    The thing about Creepy-sensei being Natsuo's favorite author is ridiculous, but at least it's typical anime ridiculous. I'd like to see more of Editor-chan, though. (My assumption is that she and Hina will have been roommates in college. Who got drunk and made out, a couple of times. (Remember what Hina said about when she drinks....))

    Oh, and speaking of Creepy-sensei: can we officially take Library Girl off the board, now? Please?


    It's not as easy as you'd think. Sometimes the laziness or comfiness of that kind of moment will dull your fight or flight instinct enough for you to...

    Um...I mean, same.

    So, the joke is that he blew his load on her hand? Because I know he hasn't had sex since Rui, but you cannot tell me he hasn't been crankin' it out to a Hina/Rui/Momo orgy three times a day. Manager-san can cover for him all he wants, but there isn't a bath in all the world that'd make the average dick that sensitive. I know it was for a joke, but I'm not buying it.

    Natsuo, my man, you've got a problem. But at least I've got my answer about the lack of titty-play with Rui.

    Mmmm...I dunno. I guess I can see him giving in to a sort of "It'll just be kissing" play (because, again, he likes her), but I think anything framed as seeming like cheating on Hina would immediately be denied. She can toy with his guilt and get pretty far. But she'd have to be crafty about it.

    The bigger issue, I think, is going to be Hina. How's she going to react to this? Is her priority going to be Rui? Natsuo? Herself?

    My hope would be that Hina talks to Rui, and Rui tells her that it's ultimately fine, but that she feels left out--at least insofar as she's lost both her sister to the move and her friend, now, to this relationship. Hina and Natsuo continue dating, but with Hina being more actively mindful of Natsuo needing to spend time with Rui...which should absolutely make Hina jealous and paranoid, given that Rui has flat-out told her that she likes Natsuo. (And there was that whole thing where Hina caught them frenching. That should...that should come up, too.) Then it's going to matter how quickly and how frequently Rui can turn the guilt screw into Natsuo and take advantage of, well, her advantages: she slept with him, she knows his secret, he feels guilty about hurting her feelings, and (I will keep saying this forever) he likes her.

    But...I guess we'll see.
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  6. commonxreaction

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    This was a weird episode, because Natsuo didn't seem to make an effort to draw a line between himself and Rui. I'm also confused because I'm not sure why Rui is acting like this? She kissed him still? After what happened last episode? She doesn't seem like the type to lavishly reward him for choosing worst girl. Did she just touch his penis? Man, this episode is getting weirder and weirder.

    Oh shit, I just realized Natsuo lied about where he was going to Rui. I thought she was aware of the situation, and this was why everything seemed so weird. But, now I remember the episode is entitled "Liar." Man, fuck you Natsuo. Where do the lies end Natsuo? I feel like telling her he went to Momo's house now is an even less plausible lie, because Rui and her are like best friends. Of course Rui is going to say something at some point. I hate you Natsuo.

    Look at this bath they're taking. Got their clothes on, rolling around on the floor. That's where the water most effectively pools and cleans. At least Natsuo keeps getting cock-blocked from going all the way with Hina. I feel like she hasn't even touched him yet. So, the hope is still there? Although Rui in no way deserves such a terrible boy.

    I'm not really sure where I even want this to go from this point. I've lost all faith in Natsuo, and I guess I just want a happy ending for Rui.
  7. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    Na, Kissing and taking a bath with another woman is already cheating, and Natsuo knows as much because he's keeping those secrets from Hina even though Rui initiated them. And we have already seen Rui is quite crafty in her advances in the past.

    I've too lost faith in him, he's turning into a piece of shit, as you said, he's no where near adamant enough drawing that line to let Rui know he's not gonna engage in romantic activity. That and getting into a cycle of lies.......... he's pretty much set to lose himself, that being the person he was at the start of this show.

    As for where this leads........a 3 way is the only option at this point, or everything will slowly crumble around them. I think Rui would be down, not sure about Hina..........but shit, Hina already spent years in a 3 way that she was aware of prior to this so fuck it. >_>

    Your mind set in regards to this is like Rui's. *You want them to be a thing She wants them to be a thing. *everything points to him not being interested in her, but in someone else, She read the novel, She has to initiate everything while he went out of his way to initiate things with Hina, Things she hasn't seen from her perspective that we have seen as viewers, and things she has seen like him trying to kiss Hina in her sleep. Yet You and her see a spark of light telling y'all he's into Rui.
  8. commonxreaction

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    Oddly enough, based on Rui's behavior, her reaction at the end of the episode, and the upcoming title of the next episode... I feel as though Rui would cultivate a three-some/be the side girl. She seems like she's not maintaining any respect for herself, and is sort of just going along with those around her because she doesn't want to lose anybody. Which is a weird personality trait for her to be suddenly exhibiting. I thought she was more strong willed, but maybe not? Definitely in the beginning, she carried herself with more respect. But, maybe that was because she was expecting a one-night stand and to never have to deal with Natsuo again. So now that things have become so much more complicated, she's more willing to take hits to hold onto relationships.

    In regards to Hina, I suspect that if Rui becomes actively involved, that will be her cue to step down and push Natsuo away. She's already taking baby steps with him, so their bond seems pretty fragile, despite Natsuo's bravado. I imagine if she knew about Rui kissing him in this episode, taking a bath with him, and touching his penis, then she would already start to create more distance. However, Natsuo clearly has no problem with withholding certain information. So, it's really going to come down to a confrontation with Rui and Hina I suppose. If they air everything out, who is going to be the one who stay and hold onto this shit show that is Natsuo? I feel like Rui is the more likely candidate.
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  9. Gozza

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    Lets see...

    I can tick off another checkbox for my scenario. So all I need is some school issues, Hina getting back with Shuu and sad panda sex.
  10. MuLaFlaga

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    Excuse me what relationship? (apart from step-siblings ofc) Rui is as much a shit show as the other two. She forced him into a no ties sex situation. Now she is trying to force him into liking her over her sister. Hina is the usual, unbalanced retard. If she really wanted him she would have taken him without any fuss period. I'm pretty sure that would have been the case if he was Shu. The only real reason why Natsuo is weak is that he lets himself be their puppet for the lame excuse not to hurt them. It would have made a huge difference had he pushed Rui away out of the bath. I am now rapidly losing interest in this. I feel the scripting is too immature and full of generic untrue cliche as if the author has no idea how men think and act.
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  11. commonxreaction

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    Relationship has multiple meanings. She went from having a sexual relationship with a random boy, to juggling a more complicated family relationship. It's clear family is important to her, and, arguably, Rui treasures her relationship with Hina, more than she does with Natsuo. We got a whole arc spearheaded by Rui where she was concerned about Hina and her adultery. Furthermore, she was pretty hurt over Hina suddenly up and moving out of the house, even going as far as to take blame for it. She clearly treasures her relationship with Hina. Their sisterly bond. However, whether she likes it or not, Natsuo, as a brother, is being brought into that sibling-relationship. She now has to consider her familial relationships and not just what drives her emotional and sexually. What she does at this point, is affecting more than just her bond with her sister. She has to think about her mother, and her step-father, her step-brother as well.

    I'm having a hard time following the rest of your, "paragraph."
  12. MuLaFlaga

    MuLaFlaga Well-Known Member

    It is true that Rui juggled other feelings, but she is head over heels for him, inexperienced and has no clue how to handle the situation and it all started the moment she saw him try to kiss her sister. And this is proven by her lame actions such as forcing her way into his bath using the lame excuse 'you already saw me naked'. And she has to pout whenever he mentions any girl, let alone her sister.

    For the record having a one night stand with a random guy to discover sexuality is just sex. IT IS NOT A FORM OR RELATIONSHIP! If she now is making a thing out of it is exactly why she is to blame for half this shit show.

    Hina is in a rebound relationship just for the distraction, and because she feels good at having someone really want her. She is emotionally unstable and in her subconscious knows its not true feelings and that is why she is withholding herself from having sex.

    Yes, the script is immature. It portrays the men as weak lying cheaters (including Shu here), a feminist cliche which is a lie in itself. If any man has a REAL crush like Natsuo has and ends up in a relationship with that crush, there is no way in hell he wouldn't kick Rui out of the bath.

    If needed, you are welcome to ask and I will explain further.
  13. commonxreaction

    commonxreaction Well-Known Member

    So, It's safe to assume you've never played Persona.

  14. MuLaFlaga

    MuLaFlaga Well-Known Member

    Played persona? wtf are you for real? I am 41 years old, had my own fair share of REAL relationships and I learned (often the hard way) how both men and women think and act in various circumstances. True we are all different and things may vary but that is exactly why generic cliches are wrong. And if a one night stand is a relationship then it failed to be a one night stand.
  15. commonxreaction

    commonxreaction Well-Known Member

    Relationships are a spectrum. There can be anything from a casual acquaintance to devoted lovers, and everything in between. You are taking the term "relationship" and using it strictly for whether they are or are not dating. I am using it more loosely. You're getting too hung up on the terminology, and not on the overall meaning.
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  16. MuLaFlaga

    MuLaFlaga Well-Known Member

    Yes, and you are using terminology to justify why your #teamRui blinkers keep you seeing her as some angel. If you go into a one night stand and from it end up into unrequited love, then unfortunately for you, you are a stalker and a huge pain in the ass for the poor guy who would like to carry on with his life and with the girl he really has feelings for.

    P.s. for the record I also think it could be a cultural thing. For us a one night stand is not considered a relationship.
  17. commonxreaction

    commonxreaction Well-Known Member

    Rui isn't perfect. I don't recall every saying that? I like her, because she is flawed. No one is perfect, no one. I like characters because of their flaws.

    You're also ignoring a lot of the problems that Natsuo bring the table. My favorite part being that you're calling Rui a stalker for liking Natsuo, as if Natsuo isn't a stalker, ten-fold, for how he acts towards and treats Hina. There is nothing about Natsuo that is, "oh this poor fellow." Natsuo has made his bed, and is going to have to lay in it. He's lying to both sides, whether he likes them or not.
  18. MuLaFlaga

    MuLaFlaga Well-Known Member

    I am not ignoring Natsuo at all. Quoting myself in my earlier post:
    The only real reason why Natsuo is weak is that he lets himself be their puppet for the lame excuse not to hurt them.

    How Natsuo acts over Hina is like every typical boy with a crush his age would. At first, he doesn't ever approach her, in fact, he thinks it is totally unrequited and vents out with writing a novel. Also, Hina was not making things easy for him showing way too much interest and being a lot alone with him on the school roof. Perhaps she was just being friendly but she should have noticed the clear signs he was all over her. Ofc he got jealous once Hina came to live with him and he saw her in an affair with Shu. That jealousy triggered him into breaking them up under a 'righteous claim'. But once he realized that Hina WAS interested in him, then all his guards fell and he started to think with his other brain (like any other man his age would). He is lying because he is terrified of losing his chance at being with his crush. I don't really see how this is worse than what Rui is doing. He is in this mess exactly because of Rui and probably he is terrified of Rui telling Hina eveything.
  19. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    The fact that it is written how it is just confirms my early suspicions that this was basically inspired work by the typical hentai manga out there. Forced NTR situations just so that the male lead eventually bangs damn near everything eventually.

    Basically the only difference is that it was tamed down to be TV ready.
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  20. MuLaFlaga

    MuLaFlaga Well-Known Member

    It is not THAT bad YET! I think Hina - Natsuo will fail because rebound is short-term and a crush is just a crush. So if he has sex with her too then yes we are right there! Tbh unless there is a twist, I just see all of them walking their separate ways (possibly even their parents).

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