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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Nov 13, 2018.

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    Posted by Thrawn on Nov 17, 2018
    Aw yeah son! This guy is in a love triangle with his stepmom and stepsister and both are HAWT. This means his sexy (Step)MILF teacher is trying to side bang him behind his father's back, proving that the son asserts dominance in the family and possibly cucking is own father which is a pretty hentai story. Not that I would know, but it is definitely a visual novel. A hentai visual novel.
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    Posted by Grizz on Nov 18, 2018
    Sorry to disappoint but they are both just Step Sisters.
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    Posted by Thrawn on Nov 18, 2018
    Fuck this shit, I'm out.
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    Well, looks like I'll be joining you guys here in this season's ALG. Glad to skip all the fluff and just dive straight into the dumpster heap. Yoroshiku
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    Student teacher forbidden relationship
  9. Franconator

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    Well, I might be diving in anyway OUTTA MY OWN FREE WILL MOTHERFUCKERS FUCK YES
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    You're a true soldier, and I support you.
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    One of my most anticipated animes for 2o19. Holy shit can't wait tbh.
  12. q66

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    Posted by q66 on Jan 11, 2019
    Episode 1:

    This actually even seemed fine for a while, but then it started being increasingly apparent that this is merely pretending and in reality isn't any more respectable (in fact, it is less) than the quintuplets harem that also aired today, it's also too contrived to be taken seriously. Meh, pass.
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    Episode 1

    Well, that was a strong start :lenny:

    I kinda feel bad for the MC though. The girl he banged not so long ago and the girl he has the hots on become are now his step-sisters, making shit super awkward.
    Of course the one time the dude tries to kiss his passed out drunk step-sister (WTF dude?) Rui just comes in and sees it happen.
  14. HasseRovdjur

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    Episode 1
    At times, it seems like this won't be full of awkward anime ecchi rom-com tropes, but then it just punctuates its equilibrium of stale comedy and wearying non-story with some T&A and some kissing unconscious women. Fuck off.

    The "fuck me so I can get it over with" step-sis was another oh, so very engaging character. How incredibly boring, but at least she proved her maturity by being so damn immature by sex. That sure showed everyone!

    Also, the mom was obviously the hottest. Would actually want to see a story about them and how they met, but that would require thought and focusing on stuff other than Hina's body, so no can do.
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    Watched this with @CashewCheese watching my reactions on discord, so we got a laugh out of my mst3k shit at least, but there was certainly no laughing at the comedy in this show.
    Hail and well met romcom tropes! We got the girl walking into a room nude, SO FUNNY. Girl's gonna find teen boy's magazines, SO FUCKING FUNNY! This is comedy.

    I fucking hate the main character. He's a 100% pussy. Oh, sure let's do the thing because you're pressuring me. i just came in you but idk if this was the right decision, i have a crush on this other girl. Oh and let me kiss you while you're asleep.

    Who looks like he's about be shot when a girl grabs his ear. What a fucking cunt.

    And WHAT A WACKY SITUATION when the two girls show up, i never would have expected! these characters are reacting and stuff! I REALLY REALLY CARE!
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    Well, I liked it.

    Didn't love it,'s got potential--assuming it can keep the tonal dissonance at bay. Because that was pretty much the one solid negative, in the episode.
    So, yeah, the short version is I like what I'm seeing: interesting spin on a not-uncommon premise, looks good, I'm already a little bit in love with Rui--all good things. And I'm always up for a love triangle. Thumbs up.

    The longer version is I like a lot of what I'm seeing, particularly in the first half, where a series of unlikely events are handled self-awaredly enough that they seem special in their extraordinariness, rather than unbelievable (especially in succession). The...ingloriousness of the reality of losing their virginities, and then the earnestness (however brief) of the conversation with the friend--and the pacing for all of this stuff was really, really good, by the way--we were dealing with something contemplative, there, where the extraordinary (though not at all impossible) circumstances were offset by the grounded and, importantly, unpretentious follow-up (or lack thereof, in Rui's case): that nothing has significance or resonance inherently.

    But then we get the second half and...I'm concerned that the show isn't going to stay in its lane, as I like to say: is this situation dramatic or goofy? It can be played for laughs and still be serious, of course--and, in fact, I think that's exactly how the second half should have gone. But things like the topless gag (and other, smaller stuff) veer from that "if you don't laugh you'll cry" tension into "oh nooooo I can't believe that haaaaaaappennnnnnned!!!" un-realism. And with how strong the first half of the show was--I mean, even the dorky friend is handled in a normal, un-cliche way--it was a little bit jarring to see the second half give in as often as it did to the zaniness of such an absurd situation.

    Admittedly, once we put aside how strange it is that Fuji-kun doesn't know his dad has a girlfriend (that he is indifferent to his father's activities, I understand, but that he is entirely unaware of them...), it's mostly Hina, at the moment, that's confusing things, but I don't think it's just her--or, rather, just how she's written that's tripping up the seriousness/"seriousness" of the first half., slapping your male students on the ass is, y'know, confusing, as an audience member. It's actually more confusing than being flirty in how she addresses the boys. I mean, how are we gossiping about Male Teacher Guy but not gossiping about Winky Buttslapper-sensei?

    That said, I actually quite like Hina and how she's obviously (more than teasing-)flirty with Fuji-kun because she likes that he--as in him in particular--likes her, whatever the reason she likes that might wind up being. And don't think for one moment that she doesn't know what wearing that nighttime outfit was doing to him. She might be trying to seduce him, but the question is to what degree: to make him hers, to reinforce her sense of self-worth, to compensate for self-loathing, to...?

    Plus Rui's hidden whatnot.

    Plus Fuji-kun's constantly spinning internal compass.


    It's just...there's a lot going on--and that could keep going on, if this show is thoughtful enough to handle it honestly and let the drama--and humor--arise naturally. Nothing here needs to be manipulated, because EVERYTHING is already set up in the first few minutes. All they have to do is write down a series of banal, everyday activities the characters have to do and the conflicts will bubble up around them.

    And that stuff could be great.

    If. If. If.

    Fingers crossed. Because I really quite liked what I saw, tonight.
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    BUT BUT BUT YOU'RE SO MUCH LIKE THE MAIN CHARACTER! Don't hate yourself so hard.
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    He is so like the main character and I have yet to actually totally finish the episode!
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