Dirty Pair

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    I was waiting for this. Fucking awesome ass shit.

    A strong transgendered person and being not treated as the butt of some kind of joke in true love, in MUH 80s ANIMUS?!? The fuck is this positive LGBT message. It's really oddly surprisingly progressive for this show. But not only that really, it felt like it had some really strong sense of comedic direction all while having some charming heart to it. I cracked a pretty big smile when the couple were singing the burger song. So cheesy, but amusingly sweet to me. Also, that disapproving father figure was liek, fuck it dudes, polygamy for the win! Hilariously ridiculous image there.

    And the men in play boy bunny suits? Could this not get any greater, twisting gender roles? The ending was the cherry on top for me, when the father was like NO I SHALL COME AFTER JOO TOO! and promptly gives chase.

    Best episode so far to me hands down.

    Controversial? Hosers, ALL OF THEM.
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    I feel like if I was on episode 8 I'd still be behind.
    Cooler episode in tone, but pretty slow. I'm down with the lore behind giving a reason for Kei to be in her underwear almost all the episode. Usually when that happens it's way too much of a stretch. Also a stretch in this one, kind of, but at least she got to steal a car with it so it had some kind of purpose. It also shows in her personality that she literally doesn't care, which she definitely seems the type. I don't know why I seem to be trying to defend it, it was cool, the 80s and it didn't feel pushed to my face.

    The design of the last robot thing looked cool, kind of weird a small robot can destroy it so easily, was that really a self-destruct mechanism or is Nanmo just an actual powerful bomb? Can I also just say how stupid of a plan was to just stay still in the first place. I'm glad she got called out but man was it really a dumb plan I don't see any of them taking.
    Good episode, you could never really tell if they had the real one or not until she went to the container so that was cool. Weird the pirates would just assume there's only one container, I guess maybe because of the plan data or sensors, but you'd think they wouldn't let them leave so easily. But this is how you handle new characters that probably won't matter, you make them send their point across from the very beginning and not save them for the plot twist in the end after introducing them and linking them to the case.

    I feel like my theory of a guy being there every episode isn't going to be wrong, but I could probably extend it to the Lovely Angels just talking about men and flirting (possibly with themselves).

    I like the transitions/interactions in the OP between the screen and the outside frame. Nothing animation extraordinary but neat little thing. Just felt like saying that.
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    Episode 7:

    I think this episode would have been better as a two parter. This was the first time an episode felt overstuffed. The reveal about Joanca almost felt like a throwaway point just to add a little flavor of diversity to this future. I guess in the 80s Clicky's not caring about Joanca being trans would have seemed a lot bolder. Maybe if Clicky didn't seem to shrink in size most of the episode until Joanca towered over him making him look like a child then I could have taken him more seriously. I was maybe expecting a bit too much after reading the comments about this episode being controversial.

    Not that it matters because this episode was the same ridiculous fun as usual. Clicky and Joanca were cute together, the hamburger song was heart warming and the episode ended with four separate people running off into rockets screaming someone's name in anguish.

    I enjoyed the hell out of it.
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    One other thing
    at least they didn't go with the evil transgender trope. I was glad she didn't turn out to be a kidnapper. I've seen way to much of that trope especially in stuff made in the 80s.
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    Ep 2

    As someone with chest hair, the start of this episode makes me sad :'(
  6. HasseRovdjur

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    Episode 7
    Dirty Pair has a long and storied history of horrible names, and Clicky is definitely one of them. Poor guy. He's almost forced into polygamy by his dad, an overbearing asshole of wealth. This was before Tenchi, so a harem must have seemed like a fate worse than death to the typical dude anime viewer back then. The odd part is that he still accepts Joanca as a woman, it's just that he hates trans people. Weirdly fucking woke, in a way. And the future sure is queer! Another thing people in the future aren't seemingly very concerned with! I don't know how common these narratives were in sci-fi before this, but it's a thing in later works, like Bank's Culture series. Mad props to an anime to explore this issues and how technology would change our perspective on gender and sex in the future. Without making it into lurid pee fetishism, like Sidonia. It's not just "wow, we'll have flying cars and also rad haircuts"!

    I like hamburgers, but man, Clicky and Joanca take it to another level. They are too dorky for words. How sweet. Shame it was almost their downfall.

    There is a lot of crappy cattiness in this episode, which is a bit jarring, and the most obvious way this show reveals its age. Of course, in a way, it's a bit refreshing in that asshole way, since nobody is a demure waifu here, just waiting for HaremMcGenericFace to fall into their cleavage. Especially Joanca, who is all tall and confident and cool. No wonder Clicky fell for her.

    Also, there are braincontrolling briefcases in the future, and Kei has a really bad facial memory. Hot stuff. This episode is almost too packed with stuff. The ending is almost too rad, with Kei and Yuri riding Mughi into the fray, and it has a better time dilation romance than that only good Shinkai work! HAH!

    At a wedding, no less!

    Not like most people care about Dirty Pair anyway, but yeah, some people seem to refuse to believe that trans folk existed in anime before Wandering Son. Or Zombie Land Saga, if they're even more ahistorical.

    Dirty Pair is more proof that history is not linear or teleological. Take note, Steven Pinker!
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    I think I'm gonna start my own dirty pair, with blackjack and hookers


    CATFIGHT. Neat action in this one actually.
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    That's for sure, although when considering how immensely behind the times anime is still to me even today. I still do appreciate it.
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    You guys forget about the fact that Japan just doesn't care in general
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    Oh, I think they do. It's just that their general population is so old that you'd don't always see it. Damn, those low birthrates that leave baby boomers in charge of the zeitgeist.
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    Episode 6:
    Eat that ya stuck-up pretty-boy moron. Seriously, what kinda dipshit deludes himself into thinking she'd just hand it over with no trickery, especially after how long it took? XD

    And what the hell kinda microwave has a remote control? :laugh:

    Episode 7:
    Wow, that was pretty ridiculous, even by this show's standards XD They have got to be breaking some sort of regulations by just shooting all these people 50 years into the future. Granted, he's rich, he doesn't give a fuck... I mean, he named his kid "Clicky Goldjeff," he clearly stopped being in touch with reality a long time ago.

    Definitely knew there was some fuckery going on with that exchange. Now, a mind-control briefcase? I never could have guessed that shit in a million years XD But It wasn't hard to tell there was something sneaky going on.

    Pretty cool that it was so progressive in some ways even back in the 80s though. That was nice.
  12. HissatsuShoujo

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    Really good pair of bittersweet episodes here.

    What sticks out most prominently to me, is Kei basically lies to protect Yuri's feelings with that dark twist and I think Yuri knew that she was protecting her feelings. This episode shows they do have lives outside of each other and challenges their relationship that they're not solely glued together. They still very much have their own dreams and ambitions, it's quite nice character stuff imo. Kei's like no I don't want to get CUCKED, shit talking Billy. I fucking love it. Totally gay and a married couple tbh, OTP. Kei is such a sweetheart to yuri this episode.

    So HYPED about the next episode man, you don't even know.
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    Episode 8:

    Everyone should have a bro like Kei. She is an all star in this fantastic episode. It was easily my favorite one so far. Some of the dialogue about memories was damn good for a goofy action show. There's plenty of humor peppered in with the more serious moments and the episode doesn't skimp on the action.

    Plus the James Bond references. From Lucia with Love is an obvious reference. This episode works as a mini James Bond movie with the cool gadgets and mission that starts off stealthy, but then turns into a full blown explosion fest.

    I was actually expecting Billy to be the person running the facility. I didn't see him being dead coming. Kei's attempt to protect Yuri's feelings is actually very sweet.

    I haven't bought much into the lesbian vibes of the show, but fuck it Yuri and Kei have a joint bank account. That's some goddamn commitment and trust right there. They're obviously in lesbian with each other and don't even realize it.
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    Episode 8
    Yuri sure likes walking around naked. Shame she doesn't like Kei busting her moves, but we can't all be perfect.

    Gooley being happy about the Lovely Angels being disbanded raises all sorts of question about how HR works in the future. I assume they have some insane job security, but surely that doesn't cover being transferred?

    I liked the twist with Billy. The episode does some not-so-subtle hints that he has gone bad, with the bankrobber in the background, and you think that he's one of the evil dweebs running the facility at first. But alas.

    The action was more middling in this episode, but there was a lot of explosions, so I am still content.

    The official art sure does its damnedest to make it seem like they are a couple. But official anime art is usually the gayest thing imaginable, no matter the series.

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    Episode 8:

    Holy shit they really are basically a married couple... My parents don't even have a joint account...

    Definitely also thought Billy was gonna be the bad guy, but tbf they were baiting that idea really hard.

    I'm going to be the dissenting opinion that Kei really should have told Yuri the truth... maybe not on the spot while they were being shot at, that's probably a bad time for something like that... but if this weren't a goofy 80's action show that will probably never reference any of this ever again, hiding something like that would be asking for trouble. It's putting off the pain, but compounding it and just hoping it never comes due.
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    Yuri in a poncho is all I need in life:

    Need I say anymore? She is absolutely fucking rocking that Clint Eastwood look. You honestly think though it's going to play out entirely ol skool wild west themed, but then they throw in shit like the night raid with fucking bazookas. The episode just gets nuttier with this beautiful mish-mash. It escalates to the ultimate climax where they took property damage to a whole new level man as well and BLOW UP AN ENTIRE PLANET. It's fucked-up, but here I am laughing at how terrible that was of them. HUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Funnest episode so far.
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    I'm not quite as behind as I feared!

    Episode 5

    The thing I like about this episode is Kei runs around in her underwear for. At least 25% of the running time the ambiguity of it. Is the space station a trap laying in wait for them because the loveliest of angels destroyed a drug ring? Is the machine actually the mad professors consciousness? Who knows because let's just blow that shit up.

    Nanmo sacrificed his body for our gruesome twosome, and it actually made me a little sad. They're a good robot.
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    Nice double post @Taek. You were so excited about coming back to this buddy group, you just had to post twice.
  19. Taek

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    Stupid phone posting.
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    It's cool. I got you.
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