Didn’t I Say To Make My Abilities Average In The Next Life?! (Light Novel)

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    Impressions up to volume 4
    Elder dragons out of nowhere and nearly half of volume 4 was centered around a stink bomb incident (slightly exaggerated). And while I initially didn't care for the wonder trio, at some point, I started being interested in seeing what will become of them before the reunion with Mile, which is bound to happen.

    Some of the fantasy physics explanations in this novel tend to be overly detailed at some points. Like, some of the stuff is 7th grade physics, but there are some details that get weirdly technical for a lighthearted adventure story. And speaking of SCIENCE, the nanos definitely need more exposure, because they might be more fun than the main cast at times. As far as the main characters go, I like Mavis and Reina more than Pauline and Mile, who are kind of meh.

    The adventurer ranking system is pretty much the same deal as anywhere, but the party doesn't start out as too OP, and at this point it seems they won't get near rank A for a while... unless Mile just abandons all pretense and shares her secrets about magic and the workings of the world with her teammates.

    I expect some overarching goal to appear sometime soon, because the story appears to be somewhat aimless at the moment (even Satou from Death March has more of an idea what to do than these guys, and he basically just skips from town to town enjoying night life and collecting titles). The dragons issue will probably be resolved soon, and the situation about the collapsing world doesn't seem to be as urgent. Based on random speculation, there might be a slight genre shift, where Mile steps up as a political leader in order to make the world a better place. All options are open, but the author should decide, unless he opts to have the whole story just hanging in the air with no substance.

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