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    Uhm, why this season so good-
    After this season I may be tempted to read the manga, because this is slowly turning into more of a masterpiece than it already was. The transformations were so well made, it left my jaw hanging.


    I hope you get the gist of what I'm trying to say, its a must watch

    Enjoy angry Nezuko

  2. Rascal

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    I can honestly say that I didn't expect almost anything that happened in this episode.
    Here I was, sipping my morning monster zero ultra, watching my sunday morning cartoon Demon Defeater, when all of a sudden from the brain stem of a shrill whining bitch yelling like a headless whore comes an anorexic sympathetic diabolic scene kid with more visible ribs than brain cells, booger colored hair and a sickle looking like it's made of foam and paint, starts helping her get her head on straight and starts yelling at bead hair with his two giant sword nunchakus as if his tiny ass severed cartilage livers can stand a chance against him and his three girlfriends (they smoke weed)

    Needless to say the expression on my face during this scene defied bewilderment. I am once again having a good time.

    Uzui fought against the urge to be a frat boy and some really bad CGI. At least he did something. He's a bit boring and I give him three episodes before he dies tops. I hate Daki now for destroying my eardrums and being annoying. I hate her voice so much right now. Also, Inosuke is back, and I'm beyond excited to see how he interacts with the brother with a visible diaphragm.

    I didn't expect Tanjiro to have to stop Nezuko from killing somebody in her hyped up overpowered state so some stakes were finally added to the fight, and it ended up being kind of sweet, but it would have been a lot sweeter if their relationship was developed at all or if they ever had any conflict between them at all mentally or emotionally, for this to have more of an effect.

    The other reason I didn't expect it is because Tanjiro apparently passed out from his fucking lungs collapsing and bleeding out of his eyes from being TOO gamerrage on the last episode so the fact that he can just stand up and restrain against the herculean strength of his sister, who is much much more powerful than the demon it just took him two episodes to beat... is perfectly in line with the non-logic of this show and Tanjiro's endless reserves of gary stu spunk and sputum. Absolutely zero things can stop Tanjiro, they could impale him on a 6 inch diameter spike and he could be drying out on it for three days, and then instantly get up healthy as a bear to fight the injustices of the world like a goddamn demon apologist Jesus Christ the redeemer of souls and committer of miracles.
    This was a great episode. Fuck Tanjiro though.
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    There was little logic to Tanjiro managing to restrain Nezuko after the power scale was established Nezuko > upper 6 demon > Tanjiro...

    With Zenistu asleep, Inosuke is taking his place as the loud annoying voice that's talking too much.

    I think the flashback may have hinted where Tanjiro's mark for sun breathing is...........his red eyes that his siblings don't seem to share.

    overall entertaining episode.
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  4. Rascal

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  5. automotivated

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    Episodes 5 - 7

    im really enjoying seeing this fight animated finally. The CGI was pretty cool when the brother finally makes his grand appearance. The action shots with Uzui are dope as hell, especially that shot in episode 7 when he sees the brother heal her burns. things are only going to get more intense, im excited to see it. definitely looking forward to daki and her bro's backstory once we get there!!

    i finished reading the manga last year so its really fun to read everyone's predictions. I definitely enjoyed the entertainment district arc while reading the series, but i really hope there will be a renewal for another season (hopefully it will bc of the behemoth of a following the show has) because the arc that follows this one is really cool and fleshes out some more interesting characters we havent really been acquainted with yet. I dont want to say anything beyond that!

    oh also kyojuro's father writing that letter was nice. I had forgotten about him actually apologizing and thanking tanjiro for caring about kyojuro to begin with.

    also bye the moment with daki and tanjiro on the roof when my dude gets a little homicidal was a VIBE. something about characters having a little eye changing moment always hypes me up so much, its ridiculous.

    this season is only 12 episodes right? Im bummed about that, tbh. would just be nice to keep up the momentum and roll immediately into the next arc but i understand with everything thats been going on irl thats probably the reason.

    they really are acing the animation, its so pretty. I cant stop staring at it, esp during the op.
  6. Rascal

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    Actually the number of episodes hasn't been confirmed, could be a little, could be a lot. Manga people might know.
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    The last couple episodes kinda annoyed me so here I am. I'm gonna try not to repeat stuff that @Rascal already said but I pretty much agree with everything he posted.

    Episode 6-7
    The thing that bugged me most was fanservice. And not that this show has trashy ecchi moments or anything, but as soon as Nezuko got her boob power-up, it just seemed like more fuel for sexualizing Nezuko. Plus in ep 7 she shrinks right back down to a chibi form. A two-for-one waifu, am I right? Like did they really need to have a shot of her boobs shrinking? It all just seemed like the creators showing her off.

    Plus now it seems like they are just trying to make sure that Nezuko doesn't talk. Like yeah whatever, she's a more powerful than Upper Six demon and can't talk somehow. Whatever. But WHY have we heard Tanjiro's dead siblings talk more than her?? I really wish they would have shown the scene of Nezuko instead getting mad instead of just describing it. We still don't really know anything about her at all besides what others have said about her. Like... I guess she likes lullabies?

    Anyway, so I guess that sash demon's brother was inside her the whole time.

    (Ok you can ban me now.)

    I also just want to point out that just when Tanjiro goes to *think*, he's rescued by the rock headband guy. Also, and this is just a general complaint about Demon Slayer fights bc I'm pretty sure this has happened in previous seasons, but Rock Headband needing to start from zero after both demons heal up is freakin annoying. I feel as if everything I watched before was basically pointless.

    I'll just keep watching this while on the treadmill, somehow it's mildly motivating lol.
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  8. tootalls

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    It's the formula, and the agenda.

    Tanjiro is the MC, so the show requires him to have a spotlight. and with that, in world his actual power scales to be rather weak in comparison to upper demons and Hashira.

    So the show gives us an extremely narrow field of view to observe Tanjiro in battle. And with that forced level of short sightedness, Tanjiro appears impressive, but it's all an illusion. You are correct, the exact thing has happened before. After where's done making Tanjiro look good, it becomes obvious that everything Tanjiro did wasn't ACTUALLY impressive at all. The demon had upper 6 markings, but alone she's just a weak demon that can easily have her head severed by an actual Hashira. In actuality, the true power that makes this demon upper 6, is the combined forces of both demon entities in one body. Then we reflect on the fact Tanjiro almost died nearly cutting off the head of the weaker half of the total upper 6 demon.

    So it's like I said before with Tanjiro's water breathing. It was referred to as him being a "bad ass" or something with it, but that's only how it looked with the show tunnel vissioning our perspective of him initially using it against weak demons masquerading as strong demons until an actual Hashira shows up.

    In short, don't take anything Tanjiro does seriously until he reaches Hashira or near Hashira rank.

    As for Nezuko.....It's been clear for a while the show values her more as an entity to be seen sometimes rather than an actual character in the show. She's hidden from sight the majority of the time, given no lines, and brought out to be a shiny thing to look at every now an then, usually as a cute moe type character, this time as a sexy character. She grew and shrunk in size in the 1st episode of the original season, so that much is at least consistent, her chest wasn't focused on at that time, but it DOES make sense that it's size would be affected by her overall size. What does not make sense is her inability to speak, all other deamons can speak that I can think of, I guess it having Nezuko be mute just makes it easier to push her to the side and have her be treated as a pet rather than a contributing character.
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  9. Malakyan

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    yes he was nasty with it, saying a hashira, the strongest dudes around are way stronger than him doesnt mean he isnt a beast with it, he was the lowest rank demon slayer that actually put up a fight against the spider kid and seeing how muzan liked him he was probably the strongest or one of the strongest lower demons, its quiet a impressive feat and the whole horde of demon slayers that were killed by him + the fact that they actually sent a hashira there are examples of how much of a big deal he was

    thats on the show tho, we know how tanjiro vs the spider kid went down after that he puts even a better display against the train which makes us think he might be stronger than he was, after that we meet this upper 6 lady and the power scaling is so off that she is by all measures a monster.
    She is way faster and stronger than tanjiro without SB but then tanjiro does SB and demolishes her so easily that by all means can only mean he would have destroyed the spider kid.

    now they come back around and be like "ohh she isn't strong" I'm sorry what? if the gap between her and a actuall upper demon is that huge how the fuck did tanjiro manage to hit and damage the upper demon at the train fight at all?
    futhermore why the fuck did she thought she could kill a hashira and as surprised when he sliced her neck? should she know better? the difference in power is not even funny and its done just for a shock effect.

    While I understand this was a fake out imo it was a porly excuted one becaue the power scaling went completly to hell and they ignored everything to make it feel real.

    with all that said tho I'm still hyped for next week even tho i'm a bit scared for Inosuke(best character) and zenitsu since you know the power scaling being what it is right now means they cant even see the main upper 6 attack and they are about to join the fight
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    just watched episode 5-7 in one go. I am rather happy I didn't have to wait, sometimes life getting in the way can pay off. I have to say, I was happy to see the quality of the show didn't diminish in these moments. I won't spoil anything. I am just so hyped. The execution of tense moments and emotional moments is pretty well done. Though I do feel like they rushed past some more mundane things that they just flashed back to briefly, which can be confusing it you don't catch them immediately. It is clear to me that they weren't quite ready for this season, or all the time was spent on the fight animations. Because look, they rehashed the entire movie for half the season, and in the last 2 episodes they spent a few minutes replaying the action in the prior episodes to pad for more time and give the animators a break. In the end, I do hope they don't sacrifice the more meticulous moments. I like the wonderful animation as much as anyone else, but I also want the story not to be passed by...One can only hope. Not sure how much of this is just inherent in the manga though as I haven't read it. I don't like to read ahead of shows if they are active, and there is no way this show is getting cancelled.
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  11. Balthasaurus

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    Decided to spend to spend this evening catching up with this arc, so I've now watched the seven episodes that are currently out. Don't regret it. I don't really have as much to say about this series as the rest of y'all. I just think that Demon Slayer continues to be a wildly entertaining shounen.

    Inosuke's great. I hadn't remembered liking him so much, but now I reckon that he's probably my favourite character. He's been hilarious so far this season, I laughed out loud a couple of times when he was on screen, and I really enjoyed the little heart-to-heart that he had with Tanjiro on the rooftop.

    Looking forward to finding out what happens next, now that this new demon has shown up.

    I am anticipating some more excellent fight scenes!
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  12. Rascal

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    Just some of the least impactful backstory drop for Uzui followed by five minutes of whatever adobe after effects the computer is able to render, layered over some really messy but fluid animation so it looks cool but you won't be able to see animation mistakes because there are too many flashy CGI effects. I can't really comment on much except that it would be great if the author put as much effort into writing the characters and story as they storyboarders do into choreographing these colorful fight scenes.

    Tanjiro appears to struggle a bit, he even has to put a little bit of tape on his hands so he can hold his sword. Poor baby. Endless mary sue reserves of energy.


    And inosuke once again agrees with me about some things. This guy... he and I get each other. Daki's voice is among the top 5 most annoying sounds... in this show. Lots of characters have annoying voices. She still has some fierce competition.

    Too bad they can't come up with any more original ideas too, looks like uzui has devolved into being a recycle of rengoku's personality. Truly nothing can stand on its own in this show. Rengoku, possibly the least consequential motherfucker in the show, is what they're pretending is spurring everything on right now. Yeah whatever.
    Prediction for next episode. I'm sure there will be plenty of backstory to go around.
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    Don't really have much of note to say, because this episode was mostly action scenes. But those action scenes were quite pretty.

    I love this new demon's voice. He sounds like such an asshole. It's great, his VA is doing such a great job.

    The other thing I love is that the length of the chain connecting Uzui's swords doesn't seem to be consistent from scene to scene. So that's keeping in tradition with every other chain weapon in animation, ever.

    Looks like the battle will be over next episode.


    They've got their own page now.
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  14. Rascal

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    I see people talking about how great the animation was in this episode already, just ignoring that what they really liked was the bright flashy effects and the animation itself was at best just good, masked by all of those effects.

    I guess Demon Slayer is the first anime to realize that all you really have to do in order to get people excited is just to have some wacky flashy lights over everything so you can't see the actual animation. Good on them for taking advantage of the audience to be more popular I guess.

    The camerawork and storyboarding was the truly impressive thing here. Not the animation.
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  15. g3data

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    Dont care, it looked cool.
  16. Rascal

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    It definitely did
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  17. Quakes

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    The flashy stuff didn't look overwhelming honestly, at least to me. Looked cool af tho
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  18. tootalls

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    don't forget the


    I did for a second in watching it all have a mental struggle whether what I was seeing was impressive or not, no cap.

    People underestimate how much an impact well placed sound has on your perception of an action with headphones or a decent sound system and BOOM! suddenly everything looked more impressive.

    I can't fault it, can only respect it, the aim is to entertain, and whatever tricks they use to make you like what you see when you're seeing it is fair game.

    now then, about the episode:

    I'm SO over Tanjiro's mid fight internal conversations with himself, how many times do I have to hear him tell himself he's not moving because he's scared....all that build up for him to bust out the water breathing animations just to knock away a few kimono blades.......Like dude, so much dialogue and you honestly ain't even a part of the fight.......also over the slow motion sword to neck stuff, like at this point it's not even a "will they won't they?" it's just simply not getting cut off when that happens, extremely weak choice for a cliff hanger especially when mid episode they already had busted out the same technique.

    I found that Nezuko fight highly entertaining, but this fight felt more like filler action........they're even managing to play out sleeping Zenitsu........At this point, I'm gonna need more Nezuko.......they won't even let her speak meanwhile Zenitsu is full sleep, AND having a full conversation.........
  19. kingofthezora

    kingofthezora Member

    People underestimate how much an impact well placed sound has on your perception of an action with headphones or a decent sound system and BOOM! suddenly everything looked more impressive.

    I can't fault it, can only respect it, the aim is to entertain, and whatever tricks they use to make you like what you see when you're seeing it is fair game.

    I agree. I watched the movie in theatres twice. When I saw the rengoku fight recap on my computer at home for the redlight district arc, I realized how much less impactful it felt, despite being the same scene. I wish I could stand wearing headphones anymore because I'd get a good pair again and really enjoy the fights more I think.
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  20. Dissey

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    This is taking anime to a whole new level, I'm mindblown by the fighting scenes!
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