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    Ok so they probably tried to reverse the formula to have a better average rank... I read that the movie story will go on 7 episodes. The movie lasts 2 hours, so we'll only see microscopic new material indise the serie version. They could just stretch a little some reaction and tought time, and they could be able to add no new material at all. I found that pretty cheap. In short, they created themselves a lazy second serie start. Like more than 2 months of relaxing releasing.
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    The movie is basically the superior, tightly paced version of the arc.
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    Posted by Guest on Oct 24, 2021
    The fourth episode, which was originally scheduled to air on October 31, will instead premiere on November 7. (c) ANN
    Honestly, I am enjoying it so far.

    His father knows how to support his son. His eyes show it.

    Ngl, this was cute.

    And the ending was really something…
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    Can you link the source to that?
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    Posted by Guest on Oct 24, 2021
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    Posted by Guest on Nov 4, 2021
    I don’t get the point of this. There is already a movie.
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    Posted by g3data on Nov 4, 2021
    Not everyone goes to the movies, and it seems pretty unfair to them to lock content behind movie tickets or a bluray sale.
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    Posted by Guest on Nov 5, 2021
    You can stem the movie.
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    Posted by Guest on Nov 5, 2021
    Not everyone has access to all the same streaming websites or vpns. If you think this is redundant just give it a pass.
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    To be fair, the movie was seen by so many people that I suspect they wouldn't have done this had they known it would be. By the time the movie's success was a fact, they were too far in to change the schedule of upcoming content.
    When trying to envision how they'll adapt the series I could pretty clearly envision where seasons are likely to begin and end, but the Redlight district arc was the one thing that puzzled me, as it seemed too short for a 1-cour season without padding, but also too long for a feature film without significant cutting, and too poorly placed to be put into a larger season with the next arcs without that potential season ending at a weird point. I guess this was their pacing solution all along.
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    Posted by Guest on Nov 9, 2021
    I don’t care either way, I just thought it was odd after watching the movie.
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    lol, I come to check on the season 2 thread, and there is 0 hype, and lots of pissed of people. I get it though. After episode 2 I was like...oh nvm, and now I'm just waiting for the real season 2. This means we are really only getting a half season then aren't we? I watched in theatres multiple times so I'm extra not interested. The ova episode was just a trap.
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    7 episodes for this, 11 episodes for the next batch, that's all we're getting for now it seems.
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    Here for the ABC & Sins Groupwatch.

    As many people said it's essentially the movie which I had already seen. I still really enjoyed it, but the movie was better paced and timed as it was one long continuous watch instead of broken up into 7 parts with a middle cut scene and opening and endings. It was still enjoyable as the first episode was different and I liked that a lot.
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    Here for the EDS and ABC.
    I don't have too many opinions about this one because I really enjoyed the movie. I get that it's a remake but it was still a little disappointing that they didn't add in at least a few new elements here and there. That said, that one scene still made me sob so at least there's that.
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    Here for the EDS group watch. It’s basically the movie being adapted into 7 episodes. I like the movie better, but the adaptation isn’t bad. The first episode featuring Rengoku was nice to watch. I like the op and ed, as well.
    Rengoku's death and the cast's breakdown were heartbreaking to watch.
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    Here for the EDS groupwatch.

    I liked this thing more than the movie, because of the first episode and I really liked the OP and ED, but other than that it's the same as the movie. The first episode made me care about Rengoku at least a little bit. While watching the movie I didn't feel sad at the end, because I didn't care about this character. Now I cared a little bit.
    I was hoping that this thing would have the second part be better, but the last part still sucked, like why did this demon suddenly show up after the train fight? Did he just happen to be in the area and wanted to pop by? It still feels like they were just done with Rengoku's character and didn't put much effort into writing him out of the show.
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    How are you able to watch it on anime-planet? I can't watch any of them on anime-planet. Please help because I really want to watch the show.
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    Posted by Kc5530 on Feb 8, 2022
    It's not on Anime-Planet. I watched it on Hulu. I'm not sure where other people watched it, but it's also on Funimation for free.
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    so either watch 1st episode and move it to dropped or put in stalled, until u feel like watching the movie again ?
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