Demon Lord, Retry!

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  1. Dissey

    Dissey Active Member

    Posted by Dissey on Jul 7, 2019
    Pretty disappointing but it's too early to tell, going with the 3-episode rule before judging.
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  2. SoloHD

    SoloHD New Member

    Posted by SoloHD on Jul 9, 2019
    Man I feel like this Is gonna be another generic show. I feel like to make it feel different why not up the Gore and make the mc more evil but has a bond with the little girl that makes him morally conflicted or something or shit make the little girl evil. But I know there's a hella lot of talent and Japan but come on guys do something different. There a number of ways overlord work it took a dope as concept and did it well.
  3. Crua9

    Crua9 Active Member

    Posted by Crua9 on Jul 10, 2019
    I feel the same. The 2 ep is worse than the first one in my opinion. I just hope this isn't a pattern

    Something I don't understand is he spent a ton of money on food, clothes, etc. But he didn't spend a dime to see if a doctor could fix the girls leg. I mean does he like carrying her everywhere?
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  4. Azkaellon

    Azkaellon New Member

    I really liked manga for its art and protagonist for being an "ossan" like me but anime is ... how can I say... maybe they don't enough bugdet or time for this show. Aside from the Aku there every other main character design is too simple and I don't even want to talk about side characters. I guess I will just hug the Light novel and mangas to comfort them and tell them it is not their fault.:pokerface:
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  5. Annalices

    Annalices Member

    Episode 2:
    Hmm... the best part of the episode was when he spanked the pink haired princess xD. Oh, speaking of her, I do find her extremely annoying, but it looks like she will be one of the MCs so we'll probably see her a lot :/. Also, it looks like the budget for this anime is running tight
  6. Crua9

    Crua9 Active Member

    Posted by Crua9 on Jul 17, 2019
    IMO I think this show is getting worse. It's almost like it wants to be a parody of itself. And then be a parody of the parody.
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  7. BritoAP

    BritoAP New Member

    I honestly thought the dragon guy was blonde when I read the Manga.
  8. MintyAmbitions

    MintyAmbitions Well-Known Member

    Wait. Wasn't that literally just the synopsis of Overlord.
    I totally thought this was an OVA at first but uh, no? I dunno. Maybe.. I'll give it a fighting chance?
    Or not who knows.​
  9. Crua9

    Crua9 Active Member

    Posted by Crua9 on Jul 31, 2019
    Just like Overlord,
    he helps out a nearby town for mysterious future reasons/events. And just like the other show he was planing on manufacturing health potions.

    The funny thing is, if they care they could've easy turned this into something worth while. But this screams knock-off Overlord mix with stupid comedy gags. Like this feels like if some HS kid try to remake Overlord.
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  10. MobCat

    MobCat New Member

    Posted by MobCat on Aug 2, 2019
    The worst thing abort this isekai anime is it knows and keeps reminding you it's just like every other isekai anime out there.
  11. LordAinz

    LordAinz Well-Known Member

    As an Overlord fan, I hate the comparisons, if for no other reason then

    Overlord does not have pedophilic bullshit. Not even counting the underage "Sister" (yes, Japan, 16 is underage), in this show the demon Lord now has a female minion who is specifically "into" young boys. THAT IS PEDOPHILIA, ANIME INDUSTRY. Gender swapping both parties doesn't make it better.

    I am beyond done with this shit. The show would have been perfectly decent without this BS, but apparently it just had the uncontrollable need to appeal to people who probably shouldn't be allowed in the general population. So, for me, another show bites the dust, and good riddance.
  12. RobinRenee

    RobinRenee New Member

    Dropped for the pedophilia, homophobia and trap character. This should never had been made.
  13. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    don't you just hate it when you're type cast as a pervert because you spank in the hopes of distracting... when they like your alter ego more than they do you... let's just hope he doesn't smoke too much that he gives his real body smoker's voice/cough or anything. I'm so blessed they finally brought the bunnies in! I saw the intro, I wanted to see those bunnies! however isn't that a bit racist that they are harvesting carrots? either way, it's a decent show, overly done, but still it's going cute all the same. I'm slightly concerned about the girly boy and that doctor's obsession with them, I hope he's kept safe...
  14. Crua9

    Crua9 Active Member

    Posted by Crua9 on Aug 7, 2019
    Comparing him to rl people a number of years back when I was growing up. No he isn't smoking all that often. And even if you're a 6 pack a day, most people don't cough or have the smoker voice until decades after, that or when they are first starting. Watch old movies/TV shows like the twilight zone. They were smoking on set not as a prop, but because they were smoking 3 to 10 packs a day at points. Notice how they aren't coughing or have a smokers voice.

    Not really. Keep in mind they don't eat meat, and carrots don't take as much water. Plus since it's a root crop, it requires them to be in the field to see if they have a worthwhile harvest. Otherwise they could stand on the side and not.

    Plus who cares? Show me outside of feelings, who got hurt in rl. So even if it is. So....
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Aug 7, 2019
    This is a decent anime. I don't know why people hate it so much. I mean the mc is cool and the story is not bad.

    This show is pretty funny as well especially when he spanked the pink haired princess lmao
  16. logan235

    logan235 Member

    As someone who's read both the web novel and manga, this show majorly downgrades the characters, interesting interactions and jokes. And it's only getting more painful to watch as the show goes on.

    (BTW the web novel and manga aren't anywhere near masterpieces, yet this show is still leagues below them.)
  17. Cidiantoby

    Cidiantoby New Member

    It started off okay but ad time goes on with the series it is evident that animation shortcuts have been taken. The acting gets cringe worthy. Lastly the sound/background music is off the mark alot on what's happening.

    I would not recommend this for anyone.
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  18. Jakounezumi

    Jakounezumi Active Member

    This show doesn't have an original bone in its body, lending from all over the place. I wouldn't call it GOOD by any stretch, but manages to be entertaining, it holds my interest and would not at all mind a second season.
  19. QueenSkull

    QueenSkull Well-Known Member

    I was interested in it in the beginning, and then I ended up having a break from it. The fact that I don't really miss watching it basically means that I am most probably not gonna pick it up.
    Dropped, in my case. Lemme know if I am wrong
  20. codeMan82

    codeMan82 New Member

    Loved this show! Most of the reviews of this show complain about this being a knock off of overlord or other similar shows... I happen to like overload, slime, and the rest of this type of anime. So, with that being said, I found this to be quite entertaining. It is a comedy and I certainly laughed in every episode. The art is beautiful and so are the ladies. I watched this as the episodes aired and I've rewatched it a few times. Really wish there was a season 2.
    If you want your spirit lifted with some light hearted humor, I definitely recommend this show!
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