Demon Lord Dante

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    [sadht=Maou Dante]Demon Lord Dante[/sadht][sadhl=2323]demon-lord-dante[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    After looking through rightstuff I saw this and got curious, since it doesn't appear to be in the database I would like to know if its any good. I think I read its by the same people/person who made devil man which I also heard was crap. But anyways this sounds interesting....
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    It initially starts on a sinister note. It definitely has some unusal story concepts involved, although the deeply religious my be offended. I for one enjoyed the story, although I thought the episodes involving the origins were a bit "rushed" and a bit far out even for this. If you want somethign unusual this is definitely a keeper

    Edit: Yea its by Go Nagai, mastermind behind many old giant/super robot anime, Devilman and Cutie Honey.
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