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    Episode 9:
    When Natsume finds out the truth about her world, it sort of reminded me of how Eren reacted in AOT. Speaking of which I feel like Natsume as a character kind of feels like a blend between Emma from TPN and Eren from AOT. But obviously she reminds me more of Emma. Curious to see where the anime will go now, considering that there's only 3 episodes left to the season.

    I'm a little worried about the ending, since that's probably the part I care about a lot.
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    episode 2
    well that opening sure threw a lot of my expectations and beliefs of the world around lmao. what a completely different world than what I was expecting. compleeeetely different genre of story than I thought.

    this is fun and interesting too though

    kaburagi has layers. a cute oyaji and a cute little ai. but on a serious level, a really interesting character in a no-win situation. admittedly suicidal characters ae also. a weak spot for me. so kaburagi finding the will to live was emotional...
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    Lots of reveals about kaburagi in words this time for how he feels about natsume and why he did what he did. But then that gut-punch literally, at the end... I guess he's just going to use a different avatar now.

    That blood sucking thing is so damn creepy though.
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    Episode 12 and overall thoughts:
    Due to the united efforts of everybody, Kaburagi was finally able to use Deca-Dence to put an end to the abnormal Gadoll. It was sort of funny how Donatello's men thought he made a heroic sacrifice, but nope, he went right back to being an avatar. And then it was shown how Deca-Dence society evolved during the three year time skip. That and the happy ending with Natsume and Kaburagi, which was predictable but not a bad thing. There were times where Deca-Dence felt a bit shounen-y but it still has some good themes. It is okay to be different in the eyes of a system, cause being who you are matters the most.

    Besides the individuality theme, I had fun with the series, though a few more episodes would have been nice regarding the world/characters. But Anime of the Season is probably Great Pretender for me though, unless Aggretsuko season 3 somehow manages to surprise me. So overall, 3.5/5.
  6. It was only after episode 10 or 11 that I finally understood what the story was about.
    It was fun, but not to the capacity I believe they could go. 6/10
  7. Kataphraktoi

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    Overall not as good as I was hoping from the first two amazing episodes, but not the train wreck it could have been. Bottom line is 12 episodes are just not enough to flesh out and deliver on this concepts properly, and the last two episodes were pretty terrible with the ending forced into way too small a package. Still my favorite of the year, with nothing interesting showing up in the fall season chart. If nothing else, the dual art style along with the very tasty digital world style made it quite enjoyable.
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    Posted by Xnub on Sep 24, 2020
    Show had two great MCs with a great relationship and growth between them, but all side characters kind of sucked. The cyborg art style was unique but not really for me. Although the idea for a dual art style is interesting. Main story was good but had holes that bugged me.

    The ending with the cyborgs and humans being happy go lucky with each other at end seems just, wow. Like the cyborgs were uncaring and complicit in using their deaths and lives for entertainment. No way they would just forget or forgive that kind of shit so easy. Also what happened with the system at the end ? Did it just completely give up on controlling everything and forget its whole motivation ? If they fixed or explained those two thing i would be fine with everything else to do with the ending. Loved the drill, the long hair Natsume and the reunion at the end ... but wanted a full episode for it.

    Overall wasn't a bad show, but not great. If they spent more time explaining some things to do with the world, like how humans were chipped and why they were so dense about everything going on around them. Just overall spent more time flushing things out and world building, it would have been much better show overall for me.

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    OXXxPERSONxXXO New Member

    I haven't even watched it but I rate it a 10/10 just for the studio name
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    Overall an enjoyable watch, but nothing outstanding imo.
    Biggest issue was that after reading the synopsis here on AP, i went into the show expecting a post-apocalyptic survival show. But after episode 2 with the cyborgs & "it's just a big simulation" that whole survival flair is gone, leaving a sour aftertaste...
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    This is very sci-fi, and is absolutely not fantasy. But I'm not sure how far you watched. If you watched just ep 1 I could see thinking it's fantasy, but after ep 2 it's 'definite sci-fi', all the way.

    anyway just finished ep 6
    I do love the Kaburagi breaking the narrative, ready for death bit. I do love the 'against all odds' storyline merging two world. I do love AI as people and the weird feeling of these two stories melded together.
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    episode 7
    fei's complacency is a natural plot block but it actually pissed me off lol. it's weird because I rarely feel so annoyed with a character, I'm pretty understanding
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    I really don't have anything smart to say, except this is some kind of weird combination of Mortal Engines, Mad Max, Shingeki no Kyojin, Promised Neverland, and Matrix, and I'm ... kinda enjoying it, I guess. I only wish they would tune down all the shouting. I get it, if it's in the middle of a battle, but the MC is shouting constantly and her voice is incredibly annoying.
  14. Starletka

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    Why does every single cool female character that can fight and lead others and stuff always have to have an obsession with some weird rando. I would have liked Kurenai, but why is she pulling a Mikasa on me?
  15. Starletka

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    10-12 and overall thoughts
    And so Attack on Titan turned into Stardew Valley.

    It all felt very rushed and superficial. If it had twice the length it would have been for the better. But it was okay. I wasn't really bored or anything. My only big complaint is the MC who I honestly started to hate as time progressed, because instead of evolving she regresses into a screaming ragdoll (if you shout out "Boss" one more time istg). If she was a guy, the old mentor would have died and she'd be the hero of the story. Or they would have worked together. As it is, it doesn't even matter at all whether she's a bug or if she learned how to fight or if she actually does anything even remotely useful. Literally her only purpose in the story is to give the mentor motivation. You can't grow anything from that. It's like the dead wife trope.
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    It was interesting, but once I got over the original twist it really wasn't anything too great for myself. Still worth watching for the twist, it's original enough.
  17. RedShadow

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    I liked that anime a lot. Life lessons to be had here.
    Fuck the world and everything in it! Its your life. You do you and carve a place for yourself in this world! For better or worse follow your own convictions. Life's a shitty adventure to have to play by someone else's rules. :yunoguy:
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    E1: It was a really hillarious and simple anime.
    E2: Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?Confused...
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    Alright now that i finished it, i can say that it was unique and very well made. Watching E1 and E2 i got a little confused but after the E3 i started understanding what is going on. Also i really liked the ending.
    The happy ending is always nice
    I think that i would like to watch it again some time in the future.

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