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    Made a thread because the buddy group starts tomorrow. Hopefully it's more discussion worthy than I remember.
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    Episode 1:

    Ah yes, the distant future. We've successfully colonized the moon. Humanity has come to it's senses and decided that the 80s were boss as fuck. Everyone dresses in 80s fashion and the economy has turned into a Reagan-esque hellscape that has left an impossible gap between the haves and have nots living on the moon. Also, the flying cars come equipped with chicken legs because that's so much more stable than stupid wheels.

    The first episode is all standard setup. This being the first OVA you can see where it set a lot of the standards for future OVAs from the 80s. The opening exposition dump text crawl feels so dated when it pops up. The characters are all archetypes and the plot is all taken from the big book of science fiction cliches. Big authoritarian businesses are exploiting workers on the moon to enrich the Earth. The scruffy miners have to rise up to fight against injustice. The most unique thing about the setup is the mention of Dallos a strange HR Giger inspired structure that the miners worship as a god.

    The animation and designs are nice though. The world has personality. The characters are expressive. The expressive animation makes more of an impact because the voice acting flat as hell. One my favorite parts of the first episode was how Alex would occasionally make a quip, but nothing about his inflection would change to indicate he was being sarcastic. The first time it caught me off guard and I thought the subtitles had borked up.

    The pacing for this is a bit odd. Characters seem to teleport all over the place or just end up places. The bearded rebel guy just happens to always be in the right place at the right time always running into Shun. It's amazing that he takes Shun's idea to use mining equipment as weapons then five minutes later is able to use it to beat military grade equipment.

    On the one hand everything on the moon has to be extra tough to survive the harsh conditions of the moon on the other mining mechs can tear through just about anything like it's made of cardboard. It was nice of Alex to have one pink spacesuit aboard for his girlfriend.

    The first episode sets up the stakes. Alex's girlfriend is captured and Shun makes the decision to join the rebels without much deliberation. Alex is going to wreck his revenge next episode.

    A not terrible exciting first episode. The action is a little underwhelming. The plot and characters are fine, but not strong enough to carry the episode when the action is weaksauce.
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    Who names their kid Dog?

    This futuristic society has mini, flying AT-AT walkers.

    Is that Char? (I checked and it is Char's VA).
    It's another Char clone.

    The circlets make them look like they're royalty or in a religious cult.

    Old man has some rad glasses.

    Tatsuya is probably a terrorist.

    It shounds like Shun was hissing at the dog.

    I guess it's a dog eat dog world after all.
    Excuse my lame joke
    The way she runs... *SIGHES*

    I hear Char clone more than I can hear "Alex." I mean, both are assholes.

    Not surprised that Shun joined the terrorists.

    Melinda has no clue.
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    Episode 2:

    This was a better episode than the first. There's a bit more meat to the plot to chew on even if the characters stick to their archetypes and none of the developments are particularly fresh even at the time when this was released. There's plenty of whiz bang action with some legitimate Guerilla tactics being used by the rebels. The episode gets a little daft when the cyborg dogs get involved. Apparently mecha dogs even beat mining equipment.

    Alex is on a mad power trip trying to crush the rebels when everyone else is suggesting working with them. He's angry Melinda was kidnapped. That combined with his disdain for the workers on the moon is making the situation even worse as more and more are joining the riots. It looks like the action is finally being taken to the titular Dallos even if we still don't know anything about the mysterious structure. Dallos does start to move on its own when it's attacked this episode. An interesting development even if it's not unexpected.

    I'm not digging the weird love quadrangel going on though. I would say it's out of place, but the 80s did love forced romantic situations in action media for some reason. At least it didn't take up too much of the episode. I still didn't need to see Shun mooning over Melinda even if part of the attraction is her knowledge of Earth.

    There's some weird quirks in the animation this time around. Generally the production is still well done, but there's some occasional jank that looks unintentionally funny. At the start of the episode when the rebels were attacking there are some characters doing weird flailing in the background. It's kind of amusing to notice, but it's not distracting.

    I usually love this sort of 80s OST, but I find this one kind of bland. All of the tracks sound like something I've heard somewhere else.
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    Slow start but not unenjoyable.

    This episode has all the hallmarks of an 80s anime. The style, the "future" tech, and - most importantly - the music. The music is obviously the best part, and I appreciate that every chase scene has an obligatory high-octane score to pair with it.

    Dog McCoy is so named because he eats dogs. No one can convince me otherwise.

    Imagine living in a civilization where visiting the airport is considered a recreational activity. Monstrous.

    The way Melinda runs is comically bad, and of course she has a pink spacesuit to change into. Though her not knowing anything about the conditions on the Moon is forgivable since I assume most Terrans wouldn't.

    The action sequences leave quite a bit to be desired, but I did enjoy the miner attack overall. It was the best part of an episode filled with forgettable characters and exposition. I want to hear more about Dallos (and we better since it's the title); it's the most interesting nugget of lore this show has offered up thus far.
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    Episode 1
    I miss rolling text infodumps. Bring them back! Anything but Fate-type expobabbling for episodes on end.

    That moon structure seems to have been more than a little inspired by some Ridley Scott film. Maybe something about an alien life form.

    Everyone looks like a fucking yuppie scumbag in the future, but at least we'll have plenty of late '70s sci-fi-style buildings on the moon.

    Oshii likes conflicts based on political tensions, but this is pretty lukewarm so far. The characters are cardboard cutouts, and really help nail the early eighties vibe.
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    Gunther looks like he's flamin'

    I thought the other terrorist was sleep, not 2 hours from being being brain dead. Rip

    Too late, Char clone, one's already dead

    Explosion Time

    Whelp, both are dead

    The citizens are surprisingly brutal

    Of course, it's going to be over a girl.

    Shun mentions terrorist brother and runs off. What tact

    Cyborg dogs are hunting Dog. Basically, they're Terminator dogs

    That howl though

    Char clone knows the name of his greatest rival. Shun, why did ya leave something that has your name on it? That sounds like Big brain move.

    Rachel's fall...

    Another name drop of the title. Roll the credits, folks!

    It's interesting that Dallos has such an effect on the colonists.

    Uh, oh, it's a Terminator doggo.

    It's an X-Wing

    Drum roll, please. Dallos is on the move

    Don't call out to Shun. He'll hear you.. And she trips
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    Where do y'all watch this?! I had to stoop to the lowest of the low. I need eyebleach now...
    The only thing I have to say about the plot and stuff is: it's a pilot that completely fails to intrigue me for the rest...
    Bartholomeu, what a name though.
    Also, that white haired dude has really tight pants.
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    If someone says that you can't kill them, they're probably gonna die.

    Ah okay, slow gun loading, that's... a new concept....
    Why do bullets need a polish? Aren't they gonna end up in other peoples bodies later?

    The mouths start to talk before the lines come... Kind of disappointing...

    Why didn't he shoot AT the police in stead of random shooting? He probably could've taken some of them out.

    Wait, but weren't you already using force against them? Arresting, torturing etc. Those don't sound too good already.

    How would that spread more unrest if you're talking privately to these men in a confidential setting? He could just choose not to tell anyone afterwards.

    That's a lot of questions, also, I'm not sure if falling in love with/crushing on someone elses fiancé is going to work out, but good luck to Shun.

    Damn son, she gonna manipulate you!

    Look at that, it's Mr. Tight Pants coming to save his fiancé and maybe kill some aliens(?)/ moon people on the way.

    That's... the best disguise I've ever seen... Jeez, even a blind person could probably still notice him

    Yeah sure, tell your life story to this random person that saved you.

    Boring action... Really boring...

    Wow... Dallos isn't just some random building huh, it's probably a super weapon. Who could've seen that one coming?...

    And of course they fall for the dramatic effect.

    Lemme guess, they're probably going to end up working together or something.

    Wait, did that robot jump on it's own? Does it have a soul or something?(kudos to who gets the reference)

    Oh thank god that was all
    See y'all tomorrow for another episode of boring.
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    Posted by Taek on Feb 14, 2020
    Episode 1

    OVAs really make you accept a few things with pacing. Good or bad, they all seem to jump around a lot and time frames can become quite confused quite quickly. That is certainly the deal here, they get the exposition out the way quickly with some scrolling text stuff, and then we're pretty much straight into it.

    The characters are mostly fine, as everyone else says, they're cardboard cutouts that are designed only to tell Oshii's political conflict. Though maybe political isn't quite the right word, this is definitely about class and social status, those guys on the moon with the headbands that they're not allowed to take off that can ID them through pretty much any camera. It's a dystopia I wouldn't want to live in that's for sure.

    The flying police cars were almost cool, until they walked.

    The guys dying on the ship was the gore you never expect but always get in an OVA.

    Otherwise this feels pretty shallow right now, it has an interesting premise and some threads which could turn out to be exciting. Let's see what can be achieved in the next 3 episodes.
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    Episode 3:

    This was a much slower paced episode. It tried to go a little deeper into the conflict between Earth and the virtual slaves on the moon. It brought up a lot of potentially interesting issues, but with just one episode left I don't see many of them getting resolved or more fleshed out. There are enough ideas here that could be explored in a full series rather than four standard sized episodes.

    On the political/class struggle side of things there really aren't any new ideas presented. The people living on the moon feel oppressed and have begun to wonder what their obligation to the Earth really should be. The moon colony has become more self sufficient and in a lot of ways the Earth needs them more than they need the Earth. On the other hand the Earth has invested a lot of time and money into colonizing the moon. They want a return on that investment, which does seem logical. There does need to be some discourse between the two sides, but Earth is unwilling to budge.

    To further complicate issues there seems to be some gamesmanship going on with Melinda's father wanting Alex to make a mess and take a fall. Unfortunately, this part is all pretty nebulous. Alex isn't that fleshed out as a character mostly acting as just the antagonist and Melinda is barely ever around.

    The destruction and subsequent revitalization of Dallos allowed the older moon colonists to discuss the importance of tradition. I still don't really know what Dallos is or what it means to them, but their point was the young whippersnappers don't seem to understand either. Dallos was an important part of the early colonists identity as they struggled to survive the harsh conditions on the moon.

    The first generation moon dwellers want their freedom as much as the younger generation, but after seeing the death of struggle it took to colonize the moon they don't want to resort to escalating violence. This episode has an explosion occurring that kills many colonists including Shun's mother. To compound matters the security bureau's mishandling of the situation leads to further riots forcing a shutdown of all mining operations.

    Now Alex is in control a of some actual military might, which leaves the rebels in a bad situation.

    As underdeveloped as it might be this was still a good episode. I'm surprisingly mildly enjoying re-watching this.
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    I've been watching on Crunchyroll.

    The stop and frisk scene was initially on the laughable side, but I did enjoy them pulling out some actual guerrilla tactics with the purse bomb.

    Rachel, girl, you need to confess to Shun if you want him to pay attention to you. That boy is dense as concrete blocks.

    Dallos gives me giant robot vibes. I would very much like them to not go the doomsday super weapon route.

    It's bizarre that the Moon has enough resources to support Earth.

    I found the post-explosion riot scene quite impactful despite not caring about the characters whatsoever. The crate spilling hundreds of identification bands represented loss in the most poignant way possible.

    I'm still hoping Dallos is something more meaningful than a giant, self-healing weapon. At this point, I don't expect a satisfying conclusion to the mystery.
  14. Oceanwithwaves

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    My Crunchyroll isn't working with Dallos, it could be regional though.
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    Episode 4:

    As expected this last episode didn't resolve much. There's an end to the immediate conflict, but it leaves the fate of the rebels in an uncertain place. Dog vows to keep fighting. He even thinks that the recent conflict has had a positive impact on Earth recognizing the rights of the colonists. However, the status quo has been resolved all the old timers have went back to work. Even worse there's an ominous speech from Earth suggesting that the government there is going to be even more hostile to the colonists in the future. The conflict seems like it's going to get worse before it gets better.

    The show doesn't answer anything about Dallos. It mostly ends up a deus ex machina that ends the battle before the rebels can be completely wiped out. It's disappointing because the structure was one of the most intriguing things about the show. Dallos serves as a symbol for the older miners. That's about it.

    The battle was gory. I enjoyed the skiing paratroopers whizzing around the moon. Character wise I never cared much for the characters, but the show does resolve some of the arcs. Alex shows regret for losing for being so unwavering in his treatment of the colonists. He treated them as beneath him. It's no coincidence that the security force were called debuggers. It wasn't until he was saved by colonist that he decided to change. Shun and Rachel both decide to join the rebels. Funny enough Rachel is waay more gungho about it. Hopefully, she can take some fashion tips from the other badass super 80s rebel lady.

    It's not a great finale. The only bit I really thought worked well is Shun taking grandpa to visit the ruins. That had some nice thematic resonance. It explained a lot about the mindset of the first generation colonists that had already seen so much death and destruction just trying to tame the moon enough to make it livable. They didn't want the additional bloodshed and conflict with Earth even if they did want their respect and freedom.

    Overall, the series is surprisingly decent. It's better than I remembered. It might be because I watched it subtitled this time. The dub is terrible. The story has some ambition unlike a lot of modern fanservice OVAs. There is an attempt to inject some thoughtful themes even if none of them get fleshed out beyond the obvious. The art and animation are both good. The soundtrack will tickle your fancy if you like 80s synth. The action is good enough with some gore for those that like it a bit more visceral. 6 out of 10
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    Episode 2
    The not-Spacenoid rebellion continues. And they have bullpup assault rifles! Bet those will work against those chicken leg cop cars.

    That bullet casing scene was all sorts of boners. Full of fascistic shock and awe, scaring the rubes and making sure they know who's in charge. Or it'll lead to further uprisings, since the populace is starting to feel for the guerilla fighters and hating the Debuggers' tactics. Also, what a great authoritarian name that is. It shows they're not here to police or protect and serve, but to serve the calculations of the computer that is society. We're all bits and bytes, and they're here to make sure it all plays nice.

    However, I'm not playing nice with some of the story beats here. The love crap is, as @ZetsubouKaiji noted, the prerequisite paean to heterosexuality that marred so many works back then, and still does (see s3 of Stranger Things, because I haven't yet). Also, giving Shun a gun? Crap move, Dog. Maybe don't trust his puppy love to keep her there.

    Cool as fuck backgrounds as usual.
  17. Thelann

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    Skiing paratroopers are nifty. This is one of the better action sequences. I'm not shocked it ends with Dallos weaponizing. Who would've thunk?

    I see that the mystery of Dallos will stay a mystery. That's honestly for the best. No explanation is better than a poor explanation.

    There's no clear resolution overall, which is to be expected. There were too many plot threads to manage in too short of time. The world is interesting enough that I would've liked a full series.

    3/5 stars

    While the show suffers from poor pacing and uncompelling characters, it makes up for it with interesting world-building, sweet 80s tunes, and pretty animation. It doesn't have the time to deep dive into its more unique concepts, which is a shame, but it's an enjoyable ride nonetheless.
  18. Oceanwithwaves

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    I realize this is much too late, but I'm pretty busy..

    Everything was fine with the show. My one requirement had even been achieved: good 80's music. And then came the plot. The plot was kind of... 'meh' and completely failed to intruige me whatsoever. I ended up giving it a 2.5 in stead of a 1 star rating, which the show was heading towards in the first 2 episodes. I apologise for being late to the group watch once more!
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    Well, I started and finished it, you proud @HasseRovdjur . Few of us did a group watch on the discord yesterday and today being I fell behind on this buddy group as a whole, but hey it's done.

    Episodes 1-4
    Well I'll start with the good, episode one although not the best did a decent job at setting up. The music and animation were the best parts of the show overall and sorta pulled the score up a bit more than what I was going to rate it.

    Now the bad, the story sucked. Like, the basic premise was pretty interesting even if it was a standard plot but oh god that execution, the pacing was so weird having like 2 eps of build-up, a bit of an ep to introduce the war, another small part for the war and then a complete U-turn where it felt like nothing happened. Like what. The ending was super anticlimactic and I'm not entirely sure where it was supposed to go. Maybe I'm just too dumb to understand the logic as I see some pretty high scores in here.

    The characters were alright just kinda bland and some probably just didn't need to be there for the story to take the route it did.

    Overall it wasn't the most impressive OVA I've seen but not the worse, 4/10

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