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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by Jamie, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. daisicles

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    I'm just alternating between Funi subscriptions and CR subscriptions any more because they both feel like they're seesawing in terms of what interesting-looking stuff ends up where. I got Funi for Kageki Shojo, now I'm getting CR for Tricornered Window... if I'm lucky, I'll end up with another show I want to watch to help justify my subscription.
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  3. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Maybe they could both team up to beat down Baki's creepy elephant eating dad.

    New season of Baki is still Baki.
    My favorite part is when Baki kidnaps the president of the United States. Baki does this so he can be sent to prison so he can fight a dude.

    It's really just the next step in his training after shadow boxing a preying mantis for an entire episode.
  4. Claptrap

    Claptrap Database Moderator

    looked through the last 10 anime announcements or so.
    only one really striking me is Ame wo Tsugeru, but that's basically a kid's film
    and it got me thinking on, as I get older, I get more and more tired of the subjects marketed to adults
    which isn't to say I like to retreat into the innocence and purity of childhood or any of that dreck. childhood is an awful fucking place full of much more danger than people realize and that's why I find dark children's films especially inspiring.
    I just mean that children's films are often removed of a desire to prove maturity through kind of shit dialogue, and usually are centered around either a piece of emotional drama or genuine adventure when they aren't made for the pre-child age groups (toddlers, etc). so that's GOOD.
    See, of course I want things that appeal to me as an adult - I wish we got more of that. odd taxi is the most recent example i can think of, and it made its characters talking animals. a decision that was both fun and visually appealing.
    I guess what I mean is the more squarely adult content is so much isekai and harem and generic waifu shit and sometimes it's like? do people love this? they must, because it sells. but it's driving me nuts here. Sorry I try to be positive about the anime scene, but on top of other things right now it's making me a little stir crazy, allow me my one grouchy moment. Ftr, I also have this issue with western animation in the sense that all adult western animation tends to either go for shock factor or gross out humour over actual serious mature content. But there's just less adult-oriented animation made in the western market, so it's hard to fully compare
    I just mean the only distinction half the time between whether something is for kids or adults is some tits and ass and harem themes, rarely is it actually 'more mature content'. you could say maybe this is partially because if there isn't some serious tits and ass to censor, it might be better to sand down the edges and give it to all audiences
    but this means certains themes and topics will never be addressed head on in a lot of works, instead going for Implications

    of course, in manga you do see more content that does address serious themes, it's just that it'll never make enough waves to get animated most of the time.
  5. LordAinz

    LordAinz Well-Known Member

    Yang loses the big battle (and presumably the entire series) right as he's about to kill Reinhard for following a random order to quit for no real reason. Its so contrived, and makes him seem like a total idiot to the point where its infuriating. I know its going to lead to a really annoying "rebellion" plot, because they're not going to just have Reinhard win and be in control for the next 50+ episodes, so I just have no reason to keep watching, since I now hate both the characters and whoever wrote the story. I didn't expect Reinhard to die here, but Yang needed a win, instead the bad guys just won because Yang is written as a spineless idiot. I don't need to deal with episode after episode of the bad guys taking over until Yang inevitably starts/joins a rebellion.

    Also, I'm getting really sick of the "both sides are bad" argument of the show. The Empire fairly recently in the show's universe's history used to kill babies for being even slightly disabled, and they have more then a passing resemblance to Nazis. They're the damn bad guys regardless of the corruption of the Alliance, but the show is obsessed with pretending that both sides are equally bad and I'm quite frankly sick of it.This is apparently because the writer of the books the show is based on had his own stupid "everyone is bad" philosophy which he definitely put into the story, and its grown to really irritate me.

    Also, I got spoiled to Yang dying, and I really don't need the extremely bland Julian vs Reinhard for 20+ episodes.

    You're right about limited time, and not being able to watch everything. I watched over 100 episodes of Dragon ball Super, but it had just enough to keep me going until the end. Legend of the Galactic Heroes doesn't, so it makes sense to just switch to something I'm more interested in.
  6. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    The whole "both sides are equally bad" thing isn't necessarily a problem. Both sides get their lumps, but there's no open proselytising on behalf of one side or the other because you are trusted to understand which side you fall closer towards. Just because the empire is obviously much more frightening doesn't make the time spent on criticizing democracy in the FPA is wasted, and spending equal amounts of time portraying both sides negatively doesn't somehow suggest that any moral equivalence is even implied. They could do worse, but can also stand to do much better.

    Granted I myself stopped watching the series about halfway in as well some time ago, so maybe I am missing something but I doubt I would have gotten that far if the anime's political commentary is any where near as ridiculous as you seem to be suggesting.
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  7. Claptrap

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    well honestly I really liked how the show presented both sides as having their complexities
    I mean the thing is, we're talking about nations, empires, etc, and it's simply true that in any nation (a body of people) there will be good and bad ones, even if the history and politics behind the country are awful. I mean, when we speak of nations, well... if you live in a nation. you're going to be hard pressed to find a nation that hasn't committed crimes against humanity in recent history. any country has blood on their hands or sins, but this doesn't make the citizens themselves unilaterally bad.

    I mean, even when we consider real human history, ww2 isn't that long ago in our history, but hey it's been a few decades now and it would be hard to say germany is an 'evil' country. and honestly, even when you listen to people who HAVE done horrible, awful, unforgivable things, they often have a logic to them imo, they aren't the embodiments of evil - people BELIEVE in what they do, generally speaking.

    but, yeah, logh isn't really about who's right or wrong (i actually think it leaves it a bit to the viewer to take some of their own conclusions away and make them think about govt systems in a new way). it's about politics

    like the whole thing with yang and reinhardt is a bit of a philosophical debate of
    'but is democracy worth it even if what democracy brings in is corrupt politicians?'
    and yang thinks so, yang is the biggest advocate for democracy. he thinks even with all its flaws, even when working in a flawed system and in a flawed time, it's something worth striving for. honestly I find that pretty optimistic

    versus a monarchy where you can occasionally have a good leader, but it's not by the will of the people and there is little they can do to change it without pulling some big shit like reinhard is
    and the empire members we see can't really be called bad guys because a lot of them are working to change that system - after all it's not like the nation they're born into is Their fault.
    oberstein himself would've died if he was born in the wrong time because of the fact they killed disabled children, but he is on the side of changing the empire etc and one of the most 'debatable' characters ethically.

    but I do think if you find it frustrating, it's probably better to drop it

    different people like different angles in storytelling. sometimes if the way a story is being told annoys me I also drop it, it's a matter of taste a lot of the time
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  8. Rascal

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    LOGH's political commentary is the best I've seen in any fiction, probably the best and most accurate there is, because it's based on real life history. If you dont like how its presented it's more likely that political stuff just as a whole isnt for you.

    It's a fact that both sides have flaws in anything. That's how it works.
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  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    "In every time, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same..."

    LOGH first and foremost was inspired by history; there are far too many parallels and it is one of these shows when you are to analyze what you are seeing, or you might hate the series. LOGH is that kind of an anime that will take you many tries to watch completely and when you do, you might understand that it is one of a kind series.

    Even in 2021, this still is THE best comedy:
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  10. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    tbh, I think this stuff sells to ultimately a limited audience of young men who still aren't necessarily old enough to fully appreciate actual mature themes, which is an audience that company execs understand because they're basically all men too. Would something else sell? It's entirely possible that it might if it were properly supported, but not enough companies are willing to try actually supporting different things bc it's easiest just to cater to the same bunch of people as always.

    You'd think some of those guys might feel a bit condescended to, like all they're good for is stupid power fantasies and titty shit, but apparently not.

    I'm fine with anime missing out on some of the really powerful stories to be had in manga bc I do think a lot of those stories are very difficult to adapt, but I do very much mind that the stupid power fantasies and titty shit mentality carries over into English manga licensing bc then I can't access those stories. I'm spitting mad all the time that josei gets such short shrift.
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  11. Starletka

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    DAT: I've been sneakily trying to continue with my "watch all GL" challenge by watching the music videos and shorts with the tag (waddling through shit, basically), and then this funny thing happened...



    Have you ever seen a more depressing sight in your life?
    Yeah, I think I'm done.
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  13. Claptrap

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    tbh if I have no choice I'd prefer this kind of isekai taking over

    (honestly although I know villainess stuff is super popular manga wise, I don't really see it ever becoming the powerhouse other isekai is. I mean... BL is a huge market in manga but that sure doesn't float across to animation)
  14. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Slightly delayed from what I was expecting.
    Too bad that the most important and influential (and BEST) of the villainess isekai series will probably not be animated since it chose to actually tell a contained and interesting story instead of dragging out and running out of ideas, and also was not a cheap power fantasy.
    Unfortunately a lot of the worst genre-specific clich├ęs actually originated from that series being poorly imitated, too. Such as "guys, what if--- the hero character is now the insufferable baddie! Brilliant, right!? What do you mean it ruins the entire point of the MC being the villainess character?" and of course they don't tie it thematically into the story at all, unlike Observation Log.
    Fuck, I just really like Observation Log, okay? I thought I could be excited by an interesting change in the isekai genre to freshen things up, but then I realized that like 80% of the isekai villainess series literally just did bad copies of Observation Log. Fuck.

    The only other series of the general genre that interested me is the one where the MC is the heroine, but she's trying to seduce the villainess while dodging the hetero flags. That one stopped getting translations last I checked, unfortunately...
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  15. daisicles

    daisicles Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure exactly which title you mean, but it might've gotten licensed - Seven Seas has at least one title that sounds like that.

    If there must be isekai, I will accept lesbian villain isekai. For now.
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  16. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    It was I'm In Love With The Villainess.
    The protag kinda annoyed me at first, but then is started to become obvious that she's...
    got a few issues she sweeps under the rug.

    I guess I was being a bit unfair to the genre.
    Skipping Story Routes surprised me with how seriously it decided to take the story from just being the "this otome game setting sucked" gimmick and actually turning into a serious story where other characters than the MC actually feel competent and autonomous once the story develops. The MC even takes the backseat a lot.

    Villainess Wants To Marry a Commoner is just really cute, even if the villainess premise feels tacked-on due to how unimportant it is to the focus of the story.

    I'll be happy with this sub-genre if the three of those get anime. Just keep this colorist bullshit far away from me. That one was one of the worst Observation Log ripoffs.
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  17. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    That was the one where the the english release was altered in a way that stirred up some complaints that the author responded to
  18. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    That's some infuriating shit when LGBT media in Japan is finally in a phase where it actually lampshades and criticizes Japanese society's attitudes of the subject, and then the English release tries to diminish it.
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  19. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I understand that. It also erases a part of the heroine's character that doesn't really shine through in the manga adaptation considering how visually intensive adaptations of novels tend to cut down inner monologues by default.
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