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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by Jamie, Aug 31, 2010.

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    Sorry, I went to sleep. Since it has been answered already, cheers!
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    Just noticed Star Wars Visions is out, time to see what that's all about with dat sexy animation.

    I liked the Mandalorian a lot from Disney as of late so I hope this is good.
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    Shin Araki's Eiyū Kyōshitsu Fantasy Light Novels Listed With TV Anime
    Yet another garbo gets an anime adaptation. WOO-HOO, hype. Really, it is like 5th pedo bullshit I stumbled upon this week. Why does such garbage even get an anime adaptation in the first place? What the fuck is wrong with people?!
    She even calls him 'papa' in the manga, jeeeesh.
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    Get ready to see it in second place in the rankings for the season it comes out, and literally nobody talking about it at the same time.

    Gotta admit, people with trash taste are pretty good at hiding in plain sight, except for shounen fans who can't but be loud as fuck all the time
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    Watching Sonny Boy ep 11 be like:

    I swear to God, I am going to drink some whiskey, if it does not get a happy, or kinda a happy ending.
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    I'm actually currently about halfway through my first viewing of LOGH (the original series, not the remake). Its pretty great, and its the longest anime series I've watched that isn't a shonen. Its the kind of sci fi anime I'd always wanted to see, but didn't know was really out there until a few months ago. It was a bit daunted to start a 110 episode series, but I've seen longer, and its nice to watch a long series at my own pace and not having to wait week to week.

    I absolutely can't stand Akira, I watched the movie and thought it was probably the most overrated anime project I've ever seen (with the original Ghost in the Shell being a close second).
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    That is why people do not like Sonny Boy. ‘I do not get it, hence it is bad.’ Anime fans today are way too spoiled, most of the time, they get all the needed explanations spoon-fed to them, because who likes thinking these days? No one. Anime creators are too afraid to risk and leave questions that only anime watchers will be able to answer during their watch. E.g. Yoshitoshi Abe; you never get most of the answers, you are to think to get them and the series’ message.

    Why risk, when you can just hide your shitty writing behind some fanservice, which is totally fine to use, but it becomes a problem when it is overused and it becomes even more of a problem when it starts lewding kids to attract more viewership. And people eat this crap. The fact that Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is so loved just proves my point. It is just so sad. Obviously, this is not the only example. Most of the time, these degenerate pedo baits and turn your brain off completely types of series become over-hyped mainstream garbage. And the problem is, the industry tries to please ‘these fans.’ Like, yes, tastes differ and stuff, but you cannot just like that brain fart.


    It used to be a funny meme, but now you realize that it is not funny anymore. Seriously, I have been very close to the point of giving up on anime completely, but I only watch it because sometimes you stumble upon such gems like Sonny Boy.
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    Quite right, although I do believe that during most seasons there are more than just one good show out, this was just one of those summer anime drought situations.
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    Ah shit it gets worse? I am still on ep8 and I had slight hopes.
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    I've seen old anime.
    Old anime fucking loved exposition, mate. And the overly stilted kind, too. We just don't culturally remember the ones that were overly bad about it, which was a lot of them. And even then we just have selective nostalgic memories of many that still did.

    These days the problem is just the seasonal grind culture that has formed in an oversaturated market. Everyone trying- and weighing in on every show, regardless of their own preferences. And then the discourse immediately moves on forever with the next season. Pride and "anime fan cred" is weighed in how many shows you watched in a season, not how much your chosen selection meant to you.
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    I'll admit that I don't "get" Sonny Boy. It just hasn't made me want to get it, and thus I stopped caring around the point where people were talking about invisible baseball playing monkeys or something. There's no particular reason why. It just doesn't jive with me. I'll still probably finish if the deluge of new shows doesn't catch my attention first.

    The stricter a series sets it's rules of engagement, you'll inevitably filter out a lot of the people who just want to have fun first and foremost when they realize they have to make homework out of simply understanding what's going on. The silent majority cares more about immediate fun over trying to impress people with pretty sounding words over the internet about underrated masterpieces that they won't talk about ever gain once the next season rolls by.
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    See I think that means something is wrong with you, that's the exact thing that would make me interested in something.

    You greatly underestimate my ability to never shut up about the stuff I consider masterpieces for years :D
  14. 31stCrusade

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    I get where you're coming from. I too wish anime had less fan service. It doesn't add much value. But at the same time I don't think the majority of anime should be trying to communicate some deep message that the viewer needs to carefully decipher. Most of the time I just want a fun comedy, a flashy action show, or a show with a suspenseful story. Anime should be entertaining first and foremost. Whether it's communicating an important point is secondary. If it also does that, that's great, but not essential. Plus a lot of the time when anime tries to be all deep, it just comes off as incredibly pretentious. They just dress up common sense points that everyone already knows in flowery language. I love anime but I definitely can't say I've learned a whole lot of useful life wisdom from it.
  15. Rascal

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    It should actually be the opposite, it should be trying to communicate a point or explore a certain theme first, and then make that entertaining. That makes it art. Anime that don't do that are just diversions at best.
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    It's always interesting to see the wildly different opinions about every season. Personally, it's one of the best summer seasons I've ever had- and yes, I AM watching Sonny Boy, partially out of stubbornness, since I don't think I'm enjoying it as much as some other people seem to be. I'm also watching a bunch of shows that I get the feeling people think are trash, and am probably enjoying them more. It's entertainment after all- I like it when shows are thought-provoking, and honestly prefer that, but first and foremost, I need to be able to enjoy them. If a show is too preachy or arthouse, I am very likely to find it a slog, no matter how much I intellectually appreciate what it's trying to do.

    I agree with @31stCrusade that anime doesn't really handle philosophical stuff all that well- it tends to be hamfisted, pretentious, overly simplistic or all three. As I've gotten older, I think I've relaxed more and don't feel the need to have everything I watch be somehow "useful." I understand more every year why iyashikei anime and slice-of-life are so popular with Japanese salarymen- when you come home after a long day at work, you want to turn your brain off and just watch something that makes you happy. And that's just fine. Anime can do both things, and that's great, but there's nothing wrong with mindless entertainment either.
  17. Rascal

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    See I used to be in the same mindset as you guys, thinking more thematic stuff was just shallow because I preferred good animation above all else but I came to realize overtime, that anime that are "entertaining" and nothing else, incubate an insufferable side of the anime community. When a popular show is undercut with a fanbase infected with "hype culture", the anime starts revealing itself to be so much more vapid and shallow than I ever would have thought because how people react to it doesn't match the actual substance of it. The only way an Anime actually has value is if it has emotional, intellectual, or cultural significance. Same with anything, really, films, books, tv, ect. If it doesn't have those things, then no amount of "entertaining" content matters in the least.
  18. g3data

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    I don't really see the point. If a story doesn't grab you with something that's interesting on surface level, than you won't want to bother digging any deeper than that. That's why a series like Evangelion could get away with starting a series with cool giant robot vs kaiju battles and then end on 2 whole episodes of the main characters being interrogated in the center of a room about their psychological hang-ups and dissecting their unhealthy copes. You have to make sure you're audience isn't bored before you challenge them, otherwise no one will care.
  19. Gens

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    I'm squarely in the middle with my opinion, I think mindless entertainment is great and surreal arthouse thinky pieces is also good and has it's place as well. It depends on my particular mood honestly in what I want to watch and keeping an open mind about everything. There's nothing wrong with either.

    As long as you don't belittle someone directly just because they may enjoy that high art stuff as hipsters or whatever and vice versa if they like popular mainstream shows as lower class plebs, we're all peachy. This is just a simple matter of I respect you, and you respect me.
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    Well the idea is you have to present your ideas in an entertaining way. But if you don't have those good ideas and substance in the first place the presentation just doesn't matter. You can have it the other way around though. If something isn't necessarily entertaining but still has something to say, then it still has value even if it doesn't have popularity. Like say Texhnolyze for example. Boring as shit, yes, but it has something to say. And I respect that way more than something with tons of flash but absolutely nothing going on under the hood like jujutsu kaisen.

    It doesn't matter if "people" care, it matters if the people you're intending to get the message to care. That's what art is to me, something that may speak to certain people, but isn't intended for everyone. Even if it's just one other person. Even if it's just the creator himself who understands it.

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