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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by Jamie, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Starletka

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    DAT: There are a lot of shows on my WtW list this season, but nothing that can't wait. And with stuff like Log Horizon I think it's safer to wait for reactions from others to find out if it's even worth it or if it's shit like S2.
  2. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    Great! That must be why I expected it to be 24-episodes, but I totally forgot it was split-cour. They're doing more shows that way these days. I just didn't feel motivated to go do research on it, so my bad.
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  3. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Starting with a great Reiwa romance! A romance where the leads start out as a couple! No willtheywontthey shit, and no idiotic, forced relationship drama.

    Can often be an issue with adaptations since the source material does not care to pace itself with the idea of an anime adaptation.
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  4. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    You know, you're right, I never thought of that. However, the anime director should be able to choose how much material to cover in a season so the story reaches a natural stopping point. As the person in charge of the adaptation, they should be able to control the script and how much material is adapted. Too many anime feel like they went along from week to week with no plan as to how to wrap things up, and I know that can't be the case, so it shouldn't feel like it either.
  5. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    To be fair, I've seen a multitude of anime adaptations cripple their pacing and the story itself in order to get to a "good end point."
    Worst case, story stuff and characterization and even whole plot points can be cut, rushed, or rearranged in poor ways.
    Meanwhile, an anime that "just ends" tends to make for a superior product when you then binge seasons, and makes it the superior version for all future watchers.

    Funnily, I think shounen manga are the easiest to adapt pacing-wise since, depending on magazine of origin, authors and editors are actually conscious of the "2:1" rule of thumb of anime adaptations, and are far more certain that a successful manga will get an anime eventually.
    Moderb manga is generally also faster paced, so sn anime director gets more bang for their buck per chapter, which makes the rule of thumb flexible.
    Action shounen can be even easier, as action chapters defy the 2:1 formula but can be as quick or as long as the director could want. That gives the director considerable power over the pacing of the season as a whole.

    I find that really amusing since action shounen literlly was the origin of the "horribly paced anime nexttimeondbz" stereotype, yet modern conventions has flipped the script.

    LN anime adaptations often have bad pacing, but the manga adaptations of LNs tend to have great pacing. I rarely bother with anime adaptation of an LN if I already read the manga adaptation.
    Seriously, 9/10 the manga adaptation will be better than the anime by a wide margin, and often better than the LN, too.
  6. ShoumaTaka

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    D A T :

    So trying to start 2021 off with a good start so I’ve FINALLY started to watch HunterXHunter ( always have heard of it all my friends enjoyed it ) I just never started it. It’s good so far
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    Was talking to a friend of mine when I brought up the fact that Nico Robin and Boa Hancock look identical save for their outfits and my friend (who hasn't seen a whole lot of One Piece) was surprised to learn they were, in fact, two different characters which I think proves my point.
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  8. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    You make a fair point there. Trying to rush to a stopping point does sacrifice the story. However, an anime adaptation is just that- an adaptation. There is rarely any way to adapt 1 for 1 the source material and I honestly don't think they should anyway, because manga/novels/games flow differently than anime does. Of course it's frustrating when awesome things are left out of the story, and sometimes they're even really plot relevant, especially if the story is one of those wonderful things where every little detail is significant to the plot. But, it's just impractical for animation, and since anime will always be on some level an advertisement for the source material, it should just try to do that advertising well.

    I'm actually ok with having the anime be a different take on the same basic premise- films do that all of the time and succeed on their own merits. I'm one of those people who rarely reads the source material, so all I'm interested in is a coherent story. With anime rarely getting long enough runs to truly do justice to the over-arching plot, you have to just make due with a teaser of sorts- but that teaser can be well-done. It just isn't, most of the time. And yeah, I was actually thinking of modern action shonen as well when it comes to decent pacing (with the exception of Black Clover, ugh), but there again, they have another advantage in that they generally tend to at least get the 24 episode treatment and also have a higher chance of future seasons. We don't get that for most other genres other than the most popular isekai.

    That's a weird thing- you'd think the LN's would have the best pacing, but I've heard this fact before. Regardless, not everyone will read the source material, no matter how good it is. You're never going to make the diehard fans happy, but most people are going to enjoy the anime on their own merits, and a well-paced story goes a long way to make up for other deficiencies. And, I'm not opposed to anime-original endings, if they make sense, although I think that trend has passed.

    DAT: The new year has motivated me to try to clean up my watching list a bit. We'll see how far I get, but so far, I've finished three shows that were hanging out there in limbo. Thank the cosmos I never have to watch another episode of Fate/Last Encore.
  9. LamiaNymph

    LamiaNymph Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I honestly never get tired of watching this series, and that won’t be changing anytime soon.
    Glad to see you have great taste as well!
    I have several friends that think that too (Most of my friends are not familiar with OP).
    Whenever they see anything Hancock related, they always refer to her as Robin without a second thought. They don’t know how I can even tell them apart (Specifically with Post timekip Robin and Hancock).
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    DAT: I'm a bit more interested in Vladlove now that I've heard the creator's thoughts on it. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/in...t-can-also-serve-as-a-strong-medicine/.168023

    Extra: I did not know that Jun Mayuzuki, the author of After the Rain, has been working on a new series. A work-life romance, Kowloon Generic Romance. Liking it a lot, plus I think the author wanted to do an older, sexier female protagonist. But that's my impression so far anyway.

    Another extra: I feel like pacing for a shounen series is subjective for the most part. Finding the right pacing that can appeal to everyone feels incredibly hard, cause everyone has different expectations. Its like trying to find the right flavor of ice cream if that's the right example to use. But when you find that right flavor, it sure feels good. :love:
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    "Alright, welcome to 'Who can make a better opening to Akudama Drive!' Looks like black clover is stepping up to the stage!"

    And this was the opening to a fucking joke spinoff of the show. Come on Akudama Drive. How can studio Pierrot make banger after banger for black clover but not a single one for akudama, leaving us with that earrape shit?

    Edit: Also let me take this post as an opportunity to remind everyone that black clover is inexplicably the best modern battle shounen now, and is no longer bad. Just throwing that out there again
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  12. Ebonyslayer

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    At least the ending song to Akudama Drive is pretty enjoyable.

    But I think it has more to do with licensing issues, with advertising the artist as the main goal. For any anime, film, video game etc. the song is licensed to the artist, but the production has been given permission to do so, usually by a contract with royalties. Putting them into monetized YouTube videos or corporate productions is the same thing. Its kind of confusing I know.
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  13. Hayane

    Hayane Well-Known Member

    I am still trying to pick up black clover again.....one day....I am only not ready to add another long ongoing shounen with boruto and conan.
    Talking about Pierrot, finally, they freaking decided to adapt the actual manga chapters for boruto.
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    After suffering some anime burnout from the lack of new stuff I was interested in (and the general effects of the current world situation), I go to check on the upcoming season, and see four new seasons of shows I really like, including Log Horizon, which I never thought would get another season. It feels like I'm getting a nice present in the new year. Hopefully its a sign of a good year, at least when it comes to anime.
  15. Hayane

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    DAT: Started Haikyuu marathon (from start to finish) and now I remember why I love sports anime so much....damn the thrill.
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    I too enjoy a hearty ball slapping
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    One of my half-assed new year's resolutions was to try and get back more into anime again. After a long internal debate about what to pick I think it's gonna be Yū Yū Hakusho. Never watched it but 90s shounen stuff is usually great unless a big chunk of it is filler (*cough* Kenshin *cough*) and I still have a soft spot for tournament arcs, tonal shifts and big bads and YYH seems to have all that in spades.
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