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Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by Jamie, Aug 31, 2010.

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    Comically serious characters are always the absolute best:


    Nothing gets me more than a stone cold/straight faced character saying something completely ridiculous.
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    DAT: I've been watching a bit of naruto Shippuden recently, because several years ago I read the Naruto manga up until the big zombie war arc and enjoyed it but dropped off for reasons I can't remember now. So I've kind of been watching the show (through Hulu) to get back into the series because I did like naruto fairly well as a manga. It seemed a bit daunting even though I am definitely using a filler list and have no timetable to finish it (just watching an episode or two when I'm in the mood).

    The thing that's been on my mind since I started this is that I swear these episodes are only about 10 minutes long when you skip the opening, ending and preview for the next episode. Seriously, even for a long running anime its hilarious how much of the episodes (so far, at least) are literally just wastes of time. The last long running Shonen I watched all the way through, Dragonball Super, was nowhere near this bad when it came to purposefully wasting screentime. Also, since these are the opening episodes of Shippuden, we're getting a lot of flashbacks to old naruto stuff, but I don't really mind since its been a long time since I read the older stuff anyway. Between the time wasting and ridiculous amount of filler, this show must have been hell to have to watch week to week for so long, its probably better as a binge (where you can also skip the filler).
  4. Ebonyslayer

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    A Kai version would be quite nice.
  5. Rascal

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    I see no reason why not. They could only make more money off making the series better paced now that it's over.
  6. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Though I only heard about, I would imagine the studio must have learned something from their production. I truly believe that spectacular failures have far more value than mediocre successes.
  7. 31stCrusade

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    I absolutely hate what the industry has done to shonen series like naruto and one piece. Some of these manga are quite good but the horrendous pacing and excessive filler of their anime absolutely tarnishes their reputation. I don't like MHA or Kimetsu no Yaiba that much, but there's no question that they have vastly superior anime. Long-running shonen series should follow the short season by season format like every other anime.
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    In this case, I doubt it. W'z was the unfortunate sequel to Hand Shakers, which was already a disaster but somehow must have been popular enough for a sequel. GoHands should have just stuck with what they did in K Project. I know not everyone was a fan, but at least K didn't over-saturate everything with filters to the point of meaninglessness.
  9. BrainBlow

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    Wave is AOTY: It pointed out that fax machines are for old people. Hell yeah. An anime finally said it.
  10. Franconator

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    You losers, of all the shonen anime series in all the world, it's Shaman King I was hoping would get a remake. I got strangely attached to that show when I was a kid, so when it ended the way it did, I was just mostly okay with it. But then, I saw how the manga did a lot of things different and I felt so unbelievably cheated afterwards. It was too much for my little pre-teen heart to take, really. Of course, I still hadn't seen Bleach at that point, so I wouldn't know what true anime heartbreak would feel like until I got much older.

    Is it weird that I'm not on board with a Slam Dunk remake? That series has always been strictly 90's for me, so I think seeing it with updated visuals and hearing younger voice actors would take a lot away from the grit and attitude the OG anime had.

    On the other hand, cutting the game lengths doesn't sound so bad. And who am I kidding, of course I'm going to watch the remake no matter what I say about it now.


    Of course, that would mean I'd have to watch the first Ace season first like I've always been meaning to do. But that's fine! I'll get on with it! As soon as I get my ass off the bed.

    The amount of disgusting flashbacks that title gives me. I didn't even get that as a lottery pick, I just picked that up for the funsies. And look where that landed me, in Anime PTSD-ville.
  11. Gens

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    It's literally the only good girls sports anime I've watched.


    I've been watching a few episodes of the Big Wind-up since to be honest, I haven't really watched much baseball anime at all. I was thinking Major, but that franchise is just waaaaaaaaaaaay too long for me to consider at the moment so I went with this.

    The first few episodes were pretty good. Also Momoe is like love at first sight to me. She's too cool.
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  12. Franconator

    Franconator Well-Known Member

    Big Wind-Up's one of the better baseball anime out there for me. I don't remember much about the characters, but I did enjoy the series for its analytical baseball sense, its animation, and how it was able to build up real chemistry for all the teams. It took me a while to get used to the frog-faced pitcher, though.
  13. g3data

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    Getting rid of the miserable pacing so we don't end up with a whole episode dedicated to Sakuragi being a fuck up at the free throw line and actually animating the Nationals is worth losing a bit of retro "soul" in my opinion.
  14. Rascal

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    I thought you were loyal to the Keijo church?
  15. thor123

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    Iirc there's a fan cut comoarable to the one pace project
  16. Hayane

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    DAT: I am glad I didn't give domestic girlfriend a single chance after the first 5min of episode 1...This video summed up the manga lmao I didn't expect such a messed up ending.
  17. Gens

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    I'm not watching Listeners at all but I heard it apparently referenced Einst├╝rzende Neubauten. Damn bruh, that's about as non-mainstream as it gets. I wouldn't expect such an obscure reference like that.
  18. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    I didn't think well of season one but holy cow did the story get out of control. I predicted it would become a trainwreck but I didn't know it would be that bad. Really glad I didn't give the manga a chance. Seems like Sasuga Kei had some previous works and worked under the author of Ahiru no Sora. https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=8928&orderby=year

    Mangakas of course have to learn stuff on their own that can't be taught. I think the sad truth is that some series don't get better over time, and this feels like one of those cases. I feel sorry for the readers who invested so much into the series. You live and learn I guess, just like that Crush 40 song.
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  19. Gens

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    I think the best thing about the person subbing the Great Pretender is the random movie names they come up with for each subbed episode: Die Hotter, Hot Gun, Incliner 8, Shisogapo Royale.

  20. Claptrap

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    Big Windup is great. As far as baseball anime go, it's one of the better character studies. The slowburn development of Abe and Mihashi's super codependent relationship is interesting, mostly because it actually does continuously develop over time and change unlike some series where character relationships remain entirely stagnant. But it also does heavily explore the topic.

    I wish it had a s3 very badly...

    Also s2 does a big quality jump just because they were made years apart and after the initial season's success (more popular in Japan than in the West)
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