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    Posted by chii on Jun 29, 2016
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    Posted by Etue on Jun 30, 2016
    Let me guess, every episode is a monster of the day episode with the same repeated jokes and an awkward monster with some internal dilemma that means nothing and the big joke being that fighting monsters is usually done by magical girls instead of magical boys and that somehow makes it funny because it's self aware and a parody and therefore it's shitty intentionally.

    Fite me.
  3. Karasune

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    Episode 1
    "In season two, your items and designs always change. That is the law of the universe." Thank youuuu.
    This entire episode was perfect. All the tsun, all the dere. All the nekkid and the butts and the blushing. And now we have twinsssss. This show makes me so happy.

    And the OP is great. I love it. Looking forward to see what the ED will be next week.
    En is still best boy.
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    Posted by Ailly on Jul 8, 2016
    Episode 1

    Yaaay for totally casual naked butts!


    Yaaay for casually talking about enemas!


    Yaaay for these dorks totally not knowing how to play shogi!


    Yaaay for cute flying squirrels! Look at him! He's adorable!


    And double yaaay for these handsome boys! Uuuurgghhh, they're so bishie.

    At the moment it's more of the same, which at this point is neither a good nor a bad thing. It's fun to see this silly group back, but last season suffered a bit in the middle and end where things got too much of the same. So hopefully they'll have something fresh prepared for this season. And if not, I'll just look forward to weekly doses of not-so-hidden fujoshi pandering and outrageous magical girl tropes.
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    Episode 10
    This is the dumbest show in the world and I love it.
    Nine episodes of the twins being madly in love with Gora. The reason is finally revealed, and it's stupid as all hell. I should have known. :laugh: I'd kind of like to see more of the twins' abilities, but I don't expect that to happen. This show doesn't take itself seriously at all.

    The twins have grown on me a lot. They're nothing more than jealous little dorks. I miss the student council, though. I was hoping they would show up for at least another episode or two.
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    Episodes 11 & 12
    Well, I got my wish.
    It was nice to see the student council back, even if they didn't really do anything. I mainly just wanted to see Kinshiro blushing over Atsushi. :laugh: I loved the whole "ominous feeling" act they pulled with Kinshiro, and then the phone in the toilet. I feel like they really upped the "I don't give a fuck" ridiculousness towards the end and just did whatever they wanted, which is what I really liked about this series.

    The whole battle between the Veppers and Battle Lovers was great, although I wish we had gotten a little bit more singing and dancing thrown in. Yumoto going "berserk" made up for it, however. It was super cheesy and cute. There was a lot of random "closeness" between the guys all of a sudden, too. It looked like Atsushi and En and Ryuu and Io were glued to each other. Not that I mind, but it looked hilarious to me.

    I kind of feel like there could have been a 13th episode, but hey, I wasn't even expecting a second season. I do like that they ended it with the twins in the bath with everyone, though. This show has taught me that the key to making friends with someone is to get naked and bathe together in a steamy bathhouse.

    Season three, pls.
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