Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by vernanonix, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. vernanonix

    vernanonix Galvantula Rancher

    Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

    Synopsis, screenshots, recommendations

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    I saw the preview for this a while back. Now the first episode is up. I know what I'm watching tonight. :megusta:
  2. vernanonix

    vernanonix Galvantula Rancher

    Hot dang, that was creepy as mess! I'm ready for the next episode. o3o

    Apparently all 4 episodes are out. But only the first one has a sub up atm. *waiting*
  3. vernanonix

    vernanonix Galvantula Rancher

  4. LizardLaw974

    LizardLaw974 Well-Known Member

    Oh my gawd that freaked the hell out of me!!
    I should have never come here before signing off for bed...

    That said, I think I may have to watch this ASAP.
  5. hoffstyle

    hoffstyle New Member


    What was the point of Lost Footage?

    Damn that was creepy as hell. Great start.
  6. hoffstyle

    hoffstyle New Member

    I just mean LF was pointless Imho, unnecessary setup if TS was going to do the introduction without all the character exposition at the beginning.

    This was really, really good.
  7. LinkSword


    Geez, I didn't even see this thread before.

    Anyway, I'm waiting for the four episodes to be released to watch everything at once. Memories of Fear will probably do that and their version should be the best, being also fan translators for the games and all.

    Good thing that this is getting good impressions all 'round the Net, though. I'm looking forward to the gore.

    *sneaks random link in*
  8. vernanonix

    vernanonix Galvantula Rancher

    So, I'm sitting here waiting for a version of episodes 2 and 3 that aren't crap quality with a black box in the corner.

  9. hoffstyle

    hoffstyle New Member

    Yes, I was waiting for them all to come out and I cannot find 4 anywhere so I watched 2 and the quality was HORRID. Plus annoying black box.

    Episode 2 was exceptional, but for a couple minutes the pacing got weird and then it settled back.

    I was genuinely creeped out by the time
    Morishige gets his throat stabbed
    This is great stuff.
  10. hoffstyle

    hoffstyle New Member

    I must be going there a 4th episode or what?
  11. vernanonix

    vernanonix Galvantula Rancher

    I finally gave in and just watched 3 in crappy SD. It wasn't terrible but dark scenes are almost impossible to see. I need to rewatch this one for the gore. :megusta:

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