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    Posted by chii on May 1, 2017
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    Ep 1...........

    Seems interesting, but I must count the tropes as I watch....because quite a bit happened rather early.

    1... everyone met before the actual school scene turns out to be in the same class.
    2. Semi highlighted character randomly approaches main.
    3. MC sits in the rare left corner of the classroom, next to the window
    4. MC is seated next to girl who randomly confronted him

    Totally saw that ending coming. the teacher never said "every month, you get 100,000 points. For a bunch of "gifted" students, They were mostly pretty stupid to assume. MC even seemed to assume it was a given, though luckily he saved points by not giving a fuck about superficial stuff................I assume cold chick saved even more than he did as he tried to get her to spend more money.

    Her name is the same as the student council press, so it's possible she already knew how the system worked.

    Those 2 seemed to do their work, and not slack, and MC even picked up trash for the camera, but the entire class was given zero, So it looks like classes are awarded as a collective unit and not as individuals.

    The concept is interesting, and it's easy to see how the school achieved a high success rate. I wonder why no upperclassmen bothered to warn them. Makes me feel like the point awarding system is competitive, and having a higher collective average than other classes gets you more points. That would explain why no one said anything to these fools.

    as for the friendship setup, I'm totally on cold chick's side here. I usually don't mind the want to be friends with everyone characters, but this one here rubbed me the wrong way. I also get the feeling that she's after something, some ulterior motive, presumably something to do with her connection to the student council president or something. I mean, she's setting up plans to befriend the cold classmate, and never even tried to establish a friendship with the friendless MC.

    MC is interesting though, he could tell that the setup was going to go wrong. But it's in his established character to go along with it, he just has zero backbone. He certainly WILL have a rough time getting back on her good side.

    I like the show aside from the early tropes, real potential here.
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    EP 1

    I was trying to see how many students, including the ditzy blonde girl, are actually playing a part. I have a feeling that the way she keeps slamming her chest into him means she may have a diff personality. Not to mention the other chick is obviously the pres' little sister.

    Then we have the points. I'm sure There are three ppl that have points left. The MC, the girl next to him and that douche bag from the bus. However, I think the short haired girl may be playing idiot and have points as well. Only time will tell. That or the next ep.

    I have this feeling that this class will have ppl who aren't who they seem to be or will develop a hidden personality. Kind of like a trigger for survival or to see who's willing to do what they can to make it.
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    well the friendly girl does give off some obvious fake vibes.
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    Ep. 1 Question

    So question, for the students to receive their monthly money points, do they need to succeed as a class together or purely work on their own weakness individually?
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    She probably has a hidden agenda for popularity. It's unreal to be that nice.
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    to me it seems like the entire class has to do well at least, cause I'm sure the window duo at least did alright, they were never shown slacking off, but they didn't get any points......................
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    Hmm... this kind of reminds of Assassination Classroom. The class has to come together in order to succeed.
  9. Tokyo12

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    Ep. 2

    Suzune Horkita is now my favorite character, having saw another side to her. This show also has gotten me curious about Ayanokouji of his background, can't wait for more.

    I wonder what is considered a failing grade, because the teacher said if anyone fail they will be expelled. Looking at the midterms I saw some 60s and 50s, but Ayanokouji said everyone in D-class made high scores. Umm...what?:pokerface:
    I'm guessing these score are better than what they made in their entrance exams.

    Holy SHIT... the brother was really going to give it to her!
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    I wonder about the scores as could be a weird scoring system, but my bet was a subtitle translation issue. I assume he meant "passing" scores rather than "high" scores.

    anyways, I'm also fully invested now, both the mains are likable to me, I love how adamant Suzune was about not inviting happy girl. I saw it coming, I'm sure MC saw it coming, but he just went along with it as usual.....though it seems he will have less problems rekindling a bond with her everytime he crosses the line than I thought as she is naturally drawn to him. She claimed to have not forgiven him, yet seeked him out by the pool. She's quit to leave an unpleasant situation, but attentively stayed and listened to him tear apart her character.

    At 1st I wondered why her brother didn't tell her what she was getting into, but by the end of that ordeal, it seems kind of obvious he's in his own way tried to talk to her, but she has a stubborn attitude about it all. she stands to make the most drastic character growth by the end of the show.

    Seems like she's likely the most academically gifted student in their entire year group, but her social short comings were so severe that she was put into the lowest class. Most applicants with grades similar to MC are probably promptly refused, but scoring exactly 50 makes it seem like he could easily score more, but didn't care as much about enrolling as he did just fucking around in his own unique way. Academically, he may even equal Suzune when you think about how confidant he had to be that half of his answers were unquestionably right and half unquestionably and purposely wrong.

    Though it's a theory So without certainty he's basically a wild card of a student, thus thrown into the lowest grade as well. The slackers passing shouldn't be surprising study group or not. the school is a big deal. to make it in they should all be capable of at the very least passing grades especially with the threat of expulsion hanging over their heads.....

    This is a high quality show, only thing I didn't like was that shounen style vibe that scene in the student council office gave off.
  11. Teophan

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    EP 2

    This is getting interesting.

    So we now know that Suzune is/was only thinking about herself to try and redeem her position with her brother and possible family. I'm still 50/50 about Kikyou. I just don't trust her. As for Kiyotaka, he's still a mystery.

    Let's remember one thing. This is a special school, from the Gov't, to make future leaders. That means that all of these people had to pass some test to get into this school. They aren't stupid by any means. So I'm pretty sure they are all holding back something.

    Moving along, Suzune mentioned how toned Kiyotaka was. He brushed that aside with some meh comment. Later, when her brother was about to split Suzune in half, Kiyotaka came out and went toe to toe with him. Something tells me that this guy is a lot more powerful and her brother and Class A will do all they can to take him down.

    Finally, it appears that Kiyotaka is bringing Suzune out of her dark world and into something else. Whatever Suzune sees in Kiyotaka, it's allowing him to get close to her. I'm sure he'll eventually break character and risk something major for her.

    That and well see the class turn on each other when the pressure builds as we haven't see the last of what messed up things this school has to offer. Which I think is done on purpose to bring the worst out in people to weed them out or to move them up faster.
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  12. Tokyo12

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    Ep. 3

    We finally get to see the true side of Kushida, although I was kind of surprised of how dark she could be to get what she wants, but the darker the flavorful the show. So Ayanokoji's brilliance revealed that the students can use their points to buy or boost their grade, and as a refresher classes earn a certain amount depending on their merit in test scores. I wonder if the teachers are affected as well by this, because when Ayanokouji asked the teacher about if equality existed in Japan, she stated to where "she sat" that there was none. Maybe D-class teachers are just as discriminated as D-class students. Hmm...
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    Interesting thought................I wonder.............I doubt there will be much focus on that though as she's basically the only teacher who has been given screen time in 3 episodes, if they planned to dig deep into the the teacher's perspectives, I think they would have established a few others.................though another reason I have my doubts is that if she could benefit from her student's placement, she may have been more compelled to fill the students in on elements of the ecosystem earlier......................though again, that might be a method she tried and failed with previous classes, and is now attempting the tough love/ learn from losing method of teaching.

    In any case should the class move up a rank, I think she will be generally proud.

    The pricks mentioned a stand out student in class C that is closing the gap between C and B, so catching C is probably going to be a bitch of a task as it is.....and they have class A aspirations.

    Everyone outside of the main class always seems to be scheming something, and as much of a douche as the student council press is, I get the feeling he's gonna end up the most trust worthy of the mysterious characters. Thankfully, our main 2 are hard to fool, so I don't see them walking into the traps that are certainly going to be set for them in the future.

    No surprises with split personality chick, she set everyone's radars off from the 1st episode...........but seriously, she should just go die.
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    Episode 3
    well no shocker on Kushida, i mean, everyone knew there was something off about her, the overly friendly trait was weird but constantly in everyone's business and all was just a trigger for us to see, i grant her that i didn't see her being so dark though, i mean that was extreme, the whole rape threat was a bit much though, effective i guess as that would shut most peoples mouths (which i guess is one of few ways on Ayanokoji considering he is the top of the class, smarter than he lets on and not one to loose a fight either, good thing he practises calligraphy and piano!). Seriously though, i liked her dark side but i felt the rape threat was an over the top way to silence him. What i am more curious on though is why does she hate Horikita, i know she said her 'pretty' comment but surely there is more to that? Was it because she thinks Korikita saved Sudo and disliked the attention shift in people seeing another side to Horikita? I would also normally throw the chance she was interested in Ayanokoji but i don't think that is it, don't think threats like that would work too well in a romantic future, honestly I'm just putting it on she doesn't like Horikita having attention over her or something? Hope the reason pans out as i will be let down if it is for something minor

    Sudo bugs me the most though, so his time in this school teaches him he must do well or he is expelled, so he refuses to study to play basketball? knowing this will reflect on his grade and fail him? I'm sorry but this guy is an idiot, if he didn't care then fair enough but he was looking pretty shocked and distraught when it was announced he failed to gain a passing grade... which leads us to believe he assumed he wouldn't get the boot? this guy is surely the epitome of stupid.

    I do like how Ayanokoji gets around things though, purchase old tests (for such a prestiges school, their intelligence as teachers isn't clearly so high to re-use tests and not think such information wont be passed on... or notice it is being so) and buys a grade for Sudo, nicely done. I would admit though, i would want people to know i wasted points on saving the idiot that is Sudo, 10,000 on that guy? i would of let him go, it will up your class average right away and help avoid the stress next test of if he will fail again.
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  15. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member never know, in the future, having him feeling indebted to me for that amount might come in handy, same with the previous test. He spent a lot on saving people's ass, I'd want to feel like everyone will have my back would the time come when I'm the one in need.
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    Episode 3
    Kushida, I already thought something was going to be up with her. I mean she's not an idiot, so why would she end up in Class D right? Now we know. She's a split personality and her ugly side is pretty out there. Also, as some have mentioned, spending 10k on points for an idiot like Sudo is pretty much a waste of time. Axe that guy already.
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  17. Madoka

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    That is the thing, you could make use of ringing in the favours later, maybe he wont treat you so bad as well in the mean time. Thing is, i do get why he doesn't want the credit in a way, basically he doesn't want the attention on him, i get that, i am the same actually, i don't have an issue passing credit on to others but i feel in this case, as a smart person he should of seen chances to use these things he is wasting points on and how they might one day benefit him, clearly he is smarter than most around him so it would be good to have them debts and as you say, they might come handy in returning the favour, and having everyone's favour is never a bad thing ;)

    Good observation, whilst we assume class D would appear a 'stupid' level, the main cast prove this doesn't apply, difference is they all had personality quirks of some kind which made their positions obvious but she did well to hide this, making her new found quirk explain her true side (chances are, this means teachers realise her true colours already, else she would be hiding that side of her in another class).
    As for Sudo, i do agree to axe him, i just see him as a dead weight, he didn't seem to realise he would be kicked out even when told to his face and figured basketball would get him through school, if he is good at sports that is fine but it doesn't change the academy seems focused on academics, he ignored this and acts like a punk, i wouldn't waste time on him. One reason i suppose i feel he should of made it known he used his points on this oath of a guy, at least let him realise what he owes you if nothing else.
  18. tootalls

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    As for Sudo, I wonder................

    If he really would have gotten expelled whether they bought the point or not. In the 1st episode, it was mentioned that the school boast a 100% college entry and employment rate. Expelling a student as soon as he fell 1 point below the curve would have fucked that up......would it not?

    Unless they were only referring to students that graduated from there...........though it seemed to me that it was referring to every student accepted there.

    Or perhaps something like this happens everytime a student is on the verge of being expelled............

    It's also partially fishy how the teacher handled the decision. After deciding that a student is to be expelled for failing, She broadcasted the news to the class. In regular circumstances, he'd be called to the staff office without any notice given to the other students regarding why.

    She then leaves the class and instead of going straight to the pressing paper work, she went to the roof.................

    To me it's came off as....tell the class.....and see if anyone does anything.......wait on the roof for one person with the information I just gave to do something about it before the decision becomes final.

    Along with her in class hint "rules are rules". I think it's fairly obvious she expected SOMEBODY to act. I just wonder what actually would have happened if nobody did.

    This may have all been a ploy for the teacher to scam some extra cash out of the kids...........points are like money, it's a sure thing anyone student or not can benefit from. Or maybe it's just another test to see what you have in students. I doubt the ONLY thing this school grades you on is raw classroom academics, if that was the case, main girl would have been in class A to begin with.

    I like the latter motive, cause I don't see the teacher as THAT low of a character to constantly scam money out of her failing class.

    So all in all I'm leaning on doubt that Sudo was going to get expelled either way.

    Hope I'm not giving the show too much credit in expecting it to remember details it has already given out.
  19. Madoka

    Madoka Well-Known Member

    interesting theory...
    to be fair, i imagine the 100% employment thing is based around students graduating, it would be odd to boast about failing students who got the boot, besides, the school does have reason to remove students who are failing to achieve passing grades, considering the points process value in actual currency (yen), it is hardly a cheap program the school runs, it wouldn't surprise me they had these things in mind to simmer away the not too bright students and pave way for the 'future winners' of the school. Just my thoughts but i kind of imagine this system was something in mind from the start.

    As for the teacher testing them, i kind of agree, the announcing his expulsion publicly didn't shock me much, she could be making an example of what is to come and simply using him as a point maker to others to scare them into taking school serious, it would be effective after all, and the threat was issued prior to the exams, I doubt they would cover it up with no explanation when they was already warned what was to come. I however agree the rest seems to be a bit... off, as you say she conveniently went to the roof, normally she would go to the staff room, but lets give her the benefit of a doubt, maybe she really needed a smoke, her handling of selling the point seems like it didn't shock her, i think she was to be fair taken back that they figured a way around saving him so effortlessly (i think she knew they would try and she probably was curious to see how). But i like your test theory, this did cross my mind as i read your post and then you put it there as i was thinking it, i doubt it was a way to scam money, it seems the money value in only really a gimmick for students to work harder to actually gain the nice life style and essentially punish them who don't earn such rewards, but class D seem to be an exception class in all years so testing them does seem something quite likely.

    I do agree the school isn't likely based on academics alone, i don't mean such as abilities in say sports (sorry sudo) but as you say, the main guy & girl would both be class A or B at worse, after all, the main dude did slap a 100 without issue and seems pretty intelligent (at least with regards to his peers, and im speaking of the smarter ones here), the class D students who are smart are still class D but all lack or lets say have personality quirks, Main guy is unsociable and would rather stick to himself avoiding drawing much attention to himself, the main girl is smart and second to him but she has a unsociable personality making her unapproachable and rather... lets say 'harsh' way of putting things and Kushida clearly is obviously sporting two personalities, nice on the outside and dark on the inside. Seems a lot of D have issues, which would make sense to me why they are there. Though i can't deny my theory here isn't likely to be correct, i mean main girls brother clearly is nothing to brag about, smart, yes but he obviously has a violent side (and abusive) and is easy baited to anger - making him ideal for D but he is A if i remember correctly.

    If nothing else, this series does well on making you think about things i guess
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    Episode 3
    If you have the questions from previous tests and some are guaranteed to be one the midterm, how the fuck do you still fail? You have the fucking cheat code; use it, you dense motherfucker!

    Oh, but no, the class decides to save your stupid ass! *throws hands in the air* If it were me, I'd do you like Rose did Jack and let you drown! *smoothes hair back down* Honestly, how did he even get into the school?

    This better not turn out to be another The Lost Village scenario where I keep hoping they thin the cast but never do.
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