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    I apologise if i've submitted this to the wrong place I couldn't find a specific character tag suggestion thread but there are a couple of tags me and another user would love to see added the next time you think about adding some character tags

    plant body [or just plant] - these characters bodies are either entirely or partially made up of plant or plant like materials this may include bark, leaves, fungai, or even be proven to have cells closer related to plant cells. they may have nature powers but its not their defining feature. i have made a small list with some characters I think would qualify for the tag:

    Leaf hair - these characters have literal leaves in place of hair seen on many characters including: , ,

    sound powers - these character use sound as a mean of attack or as some form of ability, this shouldn't include language based abilities like autotranslation but could include things like echolocation. characters that use sound powers include: Rou | Anime-Planet who uses echolocation to understand his surroundings, Salinger | Anime-Planet who uses blasts of sound magic as an offensive power to attack people, Kyoka JIRO | Anime-Planet who can input her earphone jacks into a speaker to produce an amplified heartbeat sound as an attack, Kyouka | Anime-Planet who uses sound attacks via a flute, Veldorbell | Anime-Planet who conducts mechanised musical golems to attack with sound [the golems are controlled with his power], Hamel | Anime-Planet uses his violin's music to attack, Exploud | Anime-Planet uses sound based pokemon moves suck as uproar and echoed voice

    thank you for your time and the service you provide ^^
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