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    Posted by Etue on Apr 4, 2016
    Re: Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalite

    Based on a video-game...

    My body is not ready...

    Episode 1

    [7:51:22] Etue: Mages.
    [7:51:32 | Edited 7:52:17] Etue: Standing around a sorceress
    [7:51:42 | Edited 7:52:23] Etue: a sorceress of big oppainess
    [7:53:31] Etue: Now we have neon-light dragon
    [7:53:39] Etue: named such for having neon light head and wings.
    [7:54:22] Etue: ah, she turned into a swordwoman....
    [7:54:25] Etue: okay...
    [7:55:11] Etue: and then that happened
    [7:55:18] Etue: ah, swordwoman is his wife.
    [7:55:34] Etue: nice choice, her oppai were great..
    [7:56:54] Etue: and then he attacked their son, who probably is the next protagonist....
    [7:57:05] Etue: the son was a kid at the time.
    [7:57:09] Etue: and then giant explosion
    [7:57:26] Etue: and now cloaked swordsmen
    [7:57:43] Etue: with big sword
    [7:57:45] Etue: in the rain
    [7:57:49] Etue: now in the desert
    [7:58:07] Etue: now in a desert town
    [7:58:42] Etue: looks like a girl, probably is the boy
    [7:58:51] Etue: flying loli
    [7:59:03] Etue: with dog ears and dog tail
    [7:59:50] Etue: bastard prince type character appears.
    [8:00:16] Etue: main character really looks like a girl.
    [8:03:05] Etue: well, stuff happened and now pig man stabbing with big sword.
    [8:04:45] Etue: ah, femboy has the scar
    [8:04:51] Etue: so he is the boy who got hurt.
    [8:06:07] Etue: he gets his thing back.
    [8:06:16] Etue: now mercenary like folks show up
    [8:07:15] Etue: asshole prince does asshole prince things.
    [8:09:03] Etue: magical crystal bullshit happens.
    [8:09:27] Etue: magical lady floats above lava for reasons.
    [8:10:04] Etue: touches it.
    [8:10:07] Etue: turns into ice
    [8:10:09] Etue: of course
    [8:10:20] Etue: is now nude
    [8:10:37] Etue: aaand back to femboy
    [8:14:02] Etue: well brats chased after him for his thing but one of their brats got caught
    [8:14:16] Etue: and now femboy spews that he will do good because he is a wandering swordsman
    [8:14:31] Etue: to save the brat that got caught stealing magical crystal
    [8:14:45] Etue: Loli wants brat to die though
    [8:14:53] Etue: for loli's lord, of course.
    [8:14:58] Etue: the asshole prince.
    [8:15:47] Etue: and now he is beating them without using his sword much against a couple of peons
    [8:16:18] Etue: loli casts magic while giving an asshot.
    [8:16:42] Etue: femboy draws his blade.
    [8:16:44] Etue: finally.
    [8:17:17] Etue: it turns into a knife.
    [8:17:39] Etue: mercs show up and save his ass
    [8:18:05] Etue: mercs call him sama whatever
    [8:18:45] Etue: mercs talk with femboy calling him a fake because he is.
    [8:19:24] Etue: loli wants to kill even more
    [8:19:39] Etue: femboy wants magical crystal because it was part of his fathers whatever
    [8:21:44] Etue: Loli attacks
    [8:21:55] Etue: with Crystals power
    [8:22:01] Etue: attack is reflected
    [8:22:43] Etue: neon dragon appears again
    [8:23:40] Etue: to be continued

    Well, that made more sense than Divine Gate did, but this is only the first episode and Divine Gate wasn't utter shite yet in episode 1...
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    Posted by Etue on Apr 11, 2016
    Episode 2

    I believe in oppai neko-mimi!

    Still impressively mediocre otherwise.
    The story is rather strangely assembled and the pacing seems to emphasize it. It feels rather uneven and not in a good way.

    The art isn't exactly strong either with the fanservice characters obviously suffering less than our main hero and crew...
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    Posted by Etue on Apr 26, 2016

    Episode 4

    I have the feeling that this anime just can't make characters have any appeal.

    I swear.
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    I watched the first episode then completely forgot about this show. I didn't think the first episode was all that bad, mostly generic, but I appreciated
    the Kirito Mary Sue type turned out to be an incompetent ass with a fake giant sword.
    It's possible to build a series off that premise, but the writing in the first episode didn't seem clever enough to pull it off.
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    Posted by chii on Apr 28, 2016
    this show puts me to sleep every week :|
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    Posted by Etue on May 2, 2016
    Episode 5


    Hur dur dur dur.

    Cerberus cannot, just cannot.

    Endride has a serious contender with this show, seriously.
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    Posted by Etue on May 23, 2016
    Episode 8

    What is wrong with this series;
    Core concept ( Part of the Story Concept )
    Execution ( Pacing, Episodic Plotting, Timing, Dialogue cuts )
    Animation ( Art consistency, Artistic Direction and Animation quality )
    Character establishment ( Character writing, Character motivations )
    Character expansion ( or lack thereof )
    World establishment ( Lack of significant backdrop depth where needed, Repetitive information )

    i.e. everything.
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    Posted by Etue on Jun 13, 2016
    Episode 11

    This was the first episode were I wasn't compeltely miserable in a long time.
    That said the first half is so forced that and the pacing was terribly pathetic with the character actions making little sense.

    Also the main villain is nuts and anyone who's following him that has any interest in self survival is an idiot.
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    Posted by chii on Jun 13, 2016
    main villain is hilarious because he just wants the war so people will spend money!! XD
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    Posted by Etue on Jun 13, 2016
    Which doesn't make sense since he's out for genocide in the end and only people give value to money.
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    Posted by Etue on Jun 20, 2016
    Episode 12

    Oh, It didn't end.
    Fuck my life.

    though honestly I'd love to see delusioned freak beat the shit out of main antagonist it won't happen, sadly. I supposed we are supposed to feel sad for her death in the next episode..... eh.
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    Posted by Etue on Jun 28, 2016
    Episode 13 [Final]

    Well, one could say that this is the best episode in the entire show and that even that would mean nothing. The animation is better but still bad in places with lot's of panning and still shots there is more stuff happening and it's more exciting then the entire series has been so far. But it's convenient. The masterplan or final goal of the antagonist after all of this was stupid and he acted stupid as well. Like I said it's convenient and that of course refers to sudden power-ups as well as the obvious ending the cast gets.

    So basically, while it was technically the best episode it still was bad, I am not a fan.

  14. Epimondas

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    Hiiro is a common atypical anime archetype hero that I have seen in MANY MANY MANY anime. One difference is, his antics are at least a bit humorous and though he is at times pissy, arrogant, and sensitive about insults, he never actually takes action against his friends for making jabs at him like it was all an act and he instead focuses on the quest or mission. I can see this type of idiot, reckless, aggressive, hero in many anime such as: Attack on Titan (though not quite as bad but he still fits the mold a bit); Fairy Tail; Black Clover; Gonna Be Twintails (though at times he shows some tactical skills despite his stupidity and insensitive behaviors);Outkast (sorry but anyone dumb enough to tolerate that beast of a woman, is an idiot); Zero No Tsukaima (same reason as before); Seraph of the End (this is a great example of the idiot hero type); and Full Metal Panic.

    I could add a lot more shows and characters to the idiot hero archetype list though. I see such a character too often, but Hiiro is somewhat refreshing because it is slightly different from the more common idiot hero archetypes I usually see. Still that does not excuse making him such a character or a bad character. He is not the worst but not perfect and not one I would like nor expect to see as a lead in this type of story with that kind of power. I simply don't see average people often enough which would make more sense than perfect or way below average or bad despicable quality hero types we most often see in anime. He isn't alone in the show and there are some good characters that give it a decent balance and we always have the hope he will eventually change or grow in to a half way decent human being yet.

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