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    @flyingmouth interesting that we both say the anime doesn't really need to be anything other than what it is and others here say it does. It just tells me that they're not into this type of show. Carole & Tuesday is an anime about two girls who love music in a world that is subjected to its corporate overlords' auto-generated twisted visions of music. Directed by someone who's goal was to make that type of story happen.

    So, what does that require, if the focus of the entire anime is music?

    It requires music. Watanabe could have framed it any way he wanted, really. He could have gone more abstract, with a story whose message wasn't so clear cut, or he could have gone for a super in depth story with the deepest most down to earth characters ever with existential and societal struggles portrayed perfectly to reality and really went into what makes them tick and explored the nuances of their psychology.

    But that would have been completely unnecessary for the purposes of: MUSIC.

    The story beats are very good to this purpose. I don't see what anyone's talking about there, everything seems to happen naturally and it's structured well for the story. Everything besides the main theme if explored well is just a bonus. For example the little robot thing writing a music video- that was a shitty one, because it completely distracted from the reason the show is entertaining and places it all on a couple of one-off characters that will never be important in the long run. Besides the one thing good about it I could say which is, it gives us more insight on mars technology culture.

    The rest of it was very good because it all focuses on the connection between the characters, the world, music, and the directions they're all going in. C&T get a manager who is a former part of a now very different music industry who wants to bring back what he loves about music, and to that end he wants to help these girls who get it to succeed and win out over the tops of the roboticized mars music industry.

    Now I can't imagine what part of that needs much more than what it already has. It would just be unnecessary to add anything else. What we do have to supplant the theme of it is the idea that the "magic" of music can come from anywhere, from either of these two characters carole, a girl living in that high tech/retro slums world who wants to survive long enough for her music to be heard and tuesday, a girl living in the upper class who runs away from her aristocratic family to be free to write her music. The two meet and obviously are made for each other, one writes lyrics, one writes tunes. Everything Watanabe needs to make this theme fully explored in-world is there and they're handling it well. Dude even leaves a lot of clues around and subtle visual storytelling as to how the girls both feel about it, the situations they're in, even developing their adversaries pretty well.

    As for them being generic characters, again, that's a criticism that's hard for people to grasp when they haven't been in a medium oversaturated with the kind of characters that are being called generic, so it's a criticism that I couldn't give less of a shit about. Having hardly seen any characters like these two, it's like, okay you can think that but this explanation of your problem with the show does nothing for me. The two have distinct personalities. They're both pretty humorous and their chemistry is sweet, Carole being the more weighed down by reality one of the two (slightly) in that tuesday shows more impulsiveness and ambition. Tuesday's excitable at times but reasonably, but they're both pretty chill all things considered. Callbacks to tuesday fucking fainting that one time? Carole is more sassy, and less emotional. So using that short description of their contrasts as characters, along with their designs, I can't think of many other characters I've seen who are like them, they have a lot of uniqueness. They aren't typical protagonists from what I've seen of anime. Their roles can't be filled with another character that already exists and have the same feel. Plus we have a whole other cour to explore these girls.

    Now that's all well and good if your only goal is to judge a car by what's under the hood, and since we know this car runs well now we can look at the fuckin' chassis. The anime is presented brilliantly. It's emotional, it looks dazzlingly beautiful, the music is great, character designs are unique and stylish, the world is really pretty and creative with its marsy mix of outer space cowboy bebop style slums and high tech futuristic metropolis, just as I would expect to see on a fully populated mars with a thriving music industry- and it all comes together in a way that's, and forgive me for stealing another catchphrase, but: pretty wizard.

    Lots wrong with that. And you're misinterpreting flying's point. Saying that because something that's the type of thing you aren't into, the director could have done better. No. The director could have done it differently. It would have been worse any other way.
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    I actually cringed at this less than I usually do watching american idol auditions, so they're NOT DOING GOOD ENOUGH. It needs to be enough to make me fall out my seat, the cringe needs to be THROUGH THE ROOF WATANABE

    Some backstory for carole, I see. A refugee camp back on earth. That sequence with the auditions told us more about this world actually, than we knew in the past 6 eps. A real life martian performance. Wow, and I am blessed.

    Tuesday talking to carole under that bridge was sort of the show's aware waking-up moment. The characters need to be more personal now. And carole's tragic past that she sees as normal also tells us more about the world. The weird culture mixing here on mars is bizarre and we don't know yet why humanity moved to mars. Given that carole was a refugee, that means there was probably a war...

    Tuesday slowly but surely winning my heart with her awkward improv. And that guy showing them how to secret handshake.

    This was a great episode.
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    Ep. 7,
    the talent audition probably could've been a bit more wackier, but it was still wacky nevertheless. Seeing Carole being a refugee from earth was an interesting detail. Love how Tuesday is developing, realizing how she is dependent on others. They even learn a secret handshake by the end of the episode.
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    Episode 7:

    We learn more about Angela's relationship with her mother, and Carole and Tuesday learn more about each other. With notable restraint, the story is gradually revealing, layer by layer, the souls of the characters. I've yet to feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed by information. I can't wait to see what happens when Carole and Tuesday inevitably meet Angela. And that contest was... just... lol...

    Loved it.
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    I sure as hell ain't here for the music, and the main characters just have everything handed to them (where the fuck are the stakes? What is on the line, exactly? I thought
    Tuesday's brother was going to become an obstacle but he literally just walked away.

    I felt sorry for the audience that overpaid for a moshpit only to sit through a shitty cutesy song that uses a laundry metaphor to reference the 'craziness of life.'
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    Episode 7:
    Holy shit! Development! Consequences? Native Martian singing! And chilAF laundromat guy makes a return, just casually strolling by like, "the hell is this weak shit? I gotta educate these fools!"
    Mars seems fun.
    I enjoyed this episode.
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    Ep. 9,
    those Mermaid guys were hilarious! Their song completely caught me off guard and then I was laughing till I had tears in my eyes. I sort of felt bad for Cybele since it seemed she had one-sided feelings for Tuesday. Seems like Carol and Tuesday need to get their game on with Angela.
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    Episode 9:

    Cybelle needs to get hit by a truck.
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    Episode 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 :

    I'm behind so it's time to binge watch these until I catch up! :D

    Yay they got a gig! I love the new song. So far I've liked all of their songs.

    Besides Fruits Basket, the opening and ending songs for Carole and Tuesday are my favorites for this season so far.


    They were throwing trash at my girls D:< I'll fight this whole crowd.

    Joshua seems interesting dude....O.O wtf lol.

    Ertegun is such a tool XD But I kind of love him.


    And this is the moment where our two story lines meet. I've been wondering when that was going to happen.

    Oh god it's like the bad auditions on American Idol XD


    I love that some stranger just popped out of nowhere like "Wtf is that handshake?!" and teaches them a handshake that doesn't suck XD who does that.


    Why do I suddenly love Pyotr? That dance though! lol I loved that so much.

    I knew thee was going to be some twist to OG Bulldog. Opera rap? 10/10 did not expect it to be THAT lol.

    I honestly wish angela didn't exist in this show. It would be fine if they just cut her parts out of the show right? She brings nothing to the story except a distraction I don't care about. she just pulls away from the story I actually care about but who knows....maybe it'll get better? I still hate her though.


    I don't like cybelle or angela but I think I hate Angela less than Cybelle. Cybelle is a creeper who needs to be kept away from Tuesday. You don't just mark people by biting them and claiming they're yours. D:< Weirdo.

    I like this talent show that's going on, it's been very interesting. I appreciate that they show us all the performances and don't just gloss over them.

    Can't wait for the next one.
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    I for one will be singing along to the mermaids sisters' song for days to come! Other than that, I'm curious to see how things will end. I'm not sure Carole and Tuesday will win the competition, it seems like it would be too convenient to end the anime on that note, but who knows!
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    Wow. Where to begin. Those last 2 episodes were the shit. That mermaids song was fantabulous. And you know what.

    Cybelle sucks but

    I kinda like her style. Aesthetically. She's not a good person but damn she cute.
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    Episode 11:

    At episode 6, I joked that I'd never forgive Shinichiro Watanabe if this had a needlessly tragic ending with one of the leads dying. This was supposed to be an absurd thought, but now it seems entirely possible.
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    Ep. 11,
    this episode was relentless on both of the protagonists. On top of having Tuesday perform with an injured, it seems at least for part of the episode the protagonists were at conflict with each other. And now with Tuesday being taken back to her mom, it seems Tuesday will have to confront her mom now. Since the intro is easy to remember, I'm under this impression that things will somehow work out.

    The director is good at giving me the feels nevertheless.
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    I hope best girl come back.
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    Episode 10:

    10/10 Will always be unhappy that the line in the opening of C&T isn't "My love found a place To stay and rest my face."


    Cybelle is fucking weird.

    These fucking dances YES BITCH

    Pyotr is a diva as always and I love him and his dances <3



    *slams the "next episode" button*
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    Episode 11:

    Oh no Tuesday's hand! D:

    Ok so. Their performance was great.


    Tuesday gets a suspicious package that burns her AND she got straight up taken by some men in a weird car.

    Someone better get sued.

    I feel sorry for Angela's assistant girl...manager thing person. Whatever she is, poor thing.

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