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    Posted by Crua9 on Nov 12, 2020
    Nope. I mean some, maybe. But I still don't see a point.

    To me if you forget them, then you're 100% a different person. Like unless if you're reliving the same situation over and over, you're going to be different. So that brings up the question of why. If it's about enlightenment, build up various experiences, until you gain a deep spiritual understanding of the world, etc. Then how can you get to these points if you don't remember?

    To me I would prefer to remember and that away you can at least adjust and hopefully see some pitfalls. But if you get transported to a world like what was in half of the shows. By bringing some of your knowledge you could have a much easier life. 90% of them don't even have indoor bathrooms or a good health system.

    Anyways, in real life if I have to start over without my memories. I prefer to just not exist vs that since unless if there is a end game you agree to. It's basically a type of torture.

    Note I don't really want to argue about real world religious stuff because there is no real hard evidence of the end game on that. Like we would be arguing all day with maybe only 2% of the info we need to actually know what is going on when it comes to that. As they mention, what happens after we die is the biggest secret from day 1.

    Ya the last ep wasn't that good.
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    The whole time Serge was staring at the Cleaner Slime, I could hear it say "Praise me More"

    They really didn't need CGI for this anime >w>, Just use normal animation for the horses and the cave mantis -w-,

    That slime's core trying to get away from Grissela.. x'D
    Sad that the whole "mind reader" "i'm no mind reader" comedy bit was cut.. and wasn't Saionji suppose to be there with Grissela? Did they cut him too?

    I love watching the slimes move things around. One of the things that was upsetting with the last episode, the slimes were suppose to pick up swords and spears that the goblins dropped and just went to town stabbing things like I do in my video games.. except we got still shots of slimes beating things to death with sticks.

    Looks like he won't get yelled at for over doing it while building the Bamboo Forest, seeing as most of the guard had helped and even Elia. Also seems like they also added the 2 adventurer parties in just for a conversation that was skipped over when they shortened the Mine Extermination to 1 day instead of the.. 5? 7? days it originally was.

    This episode wasn't too bad. Best parts of this episode. The slimes and their reactions to Serge and Grissela. Gain in the Idol Fan outfit. And the slimes helping build the shop. <3

    So, the spoiler/missing piece to the thing has been announced! His mind is regressing to match his body's age. Most of the hints that were suppose to happen along the way were left out or just flat out changed to be smashed into episode 7.
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    Anyone else feel like this anime is 100% iyashikei ?
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    Episode 8:

    They've really started to change stuff ever since the mine episode, and it's showing. More changes below.

    The laundry never leaves the bags unless its during a demonstration. It's one of the reasons Ryoma can tell people their clothes will never be torn.
    The metal slime and sticky slime have other jobs outside the laundry mat, so they CAN'T help there. It's nice that they try to give those slimes more screen time, but they get to shine elsewhere... There are people out there who cannot read, write or count, so Ryoma came up with a simple system to help those people have an easy time working the counter.
    This system is:
    Color coded boards. Small token like items. Each color represents a coin. Copper, Silver, Gold. Once so many of these tokens are placed on the peg, they get taken off, and a tally mark gets put down on a piece of paper.
    Another thing about the laundry bags. The customers are given a token. A matching token goes onto their bag which is tossed into the hole. The slimes swallow the whole bag and wash everything that way. The slimes then take the finished bags to a different room where the employee's get them and take them back out to the counter, calling up the customer via the tag.
    It wasn't just the twins who were given the tour, everyone at the party were suppose to be shown how this stuff works, after all they're his supporters and some of them future customers.

    Again, Ryoma did all the cooking himself, he does NOT get help from anyone. Most of the food he makes does not exist in Seilfall yet. Ryoma hardly ever asks for help, and often gets yelled at for over working and doing things alone.

    A majority of the neighbors that come, are told by Paula (the florist). The wife word of mouth network. They completely cut her, her kids, and her husband (a butcher) out. The adventurers tell other adventurers who didn't participate, and the guards come to Ryoma, he doesn't go to them.

    They're cutting out ALL of the kids Ryoma's age, leaving the only person his age to be Elia.

    The Tamer Guildmaster has been completely cut out as well it seems. He was suppose to be at the party, even though he only met Ryoma once, he was invited. He's one of the few of the tamer guild who doesn't view a tamers worth by the strength of their monsters, and that is something Ryoma respects. And how the Tamer Guildmaster is towards Ryoma, it causes issues later on which Ryoma deals with. Sure that guild's master isn't seen often, but he has important roles to play later on.

    They didn't even show the hiring process... They could be holding off on showing how these goes for the next episode, so I'll hold off on this part until next week. Though I won't be surprised if they change how this goes as well.
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