Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Mar 25, 2019.

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    Posted by Zed60K on Mar 26, 2019
    I don't remember anything from the previous seasons. Maybe the backstory arc at the start of the second season (which was amazing), but the rest of the show is incredibly meh.
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    I planned to watch the other seasons, so that I can follow the new one as a seasonal.. I gave up after 3 episodes. Not bad, but kinda boring. I tried to like it, but at least one less seasonal show to watch.
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  4. mdchan

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    Posted by mdchan on Apr 6, 2019
    Yesssss! I was starting to give up hope that they would animate the House of Rats arc!!
    The stuff past that arc kind of goes off the rails, but I'm really looking forward to this one at least.
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    MY BODY IS SO READY! I don't have enough irl friends who watch this. Curious to know more about this Fyodor Dostoevsky I keep seeing here and there, especially since I loved Crime and Punishment when I was younger.
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  6. KuraiYuutsu

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    AAAAAH! I'm so excited! I am so curious to get to know about Fyodor!
    I loved him in the movie and the end of season 2! He is a fascinating character!!
    So hype xD
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  8. Shidira

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    Episode 1:
    Damn that was a good start to season 3! I'm excited to see where this season goes, hopefully it won't disappoint.
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  9. Akishima

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    Ep. 1 - So, I love Dazai to pieces, but I have officially decided that Port Mafia Dazai is best Dazai. Last season's Dazai backstory arc was incredible- nothing with the Armed Detective Agency quite measures up to that. For one thing- it's just a much darker story, and it satisfies that void left in my heart by Baccano, 91 Days, Durarara, and other violent mob-themed anime. I just can't get enough of this stuff. Or seeing the new ways Dazai finds to die.

    The only thing I find unbelievable (in a show about superpowers, hah) is that Dazai doesn't seem to have a regenerative ability. Given how talented he is, all his efforts to die just seem rather unbelievable- I'd say he just isn't trying hard enough, but he seems like he is, and it's hard to argue that his lack of suicide success is due to ridiculously good? bad? luck. I know it's the running gag and part of his historical character, but still...
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  10. MythicalTurkey

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    1, No U

    I just love how that bullet got no, u'd. You know what I mean.
    Dazai is best Dazai, all the time. Him saying "what a child" at annoying orange haired anime #7 is me @ characters like him or karma from AC, every time. "imma beat dem up" yeah sure you are kid. Sure you are. Very cool. The rest of the episode was great too, I'm just glad to have this show back.

    Lessee where this goes...
  11. Tsundrea

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    I had high hopes for the third season and I'm not at all disappointed so far!! This was the best start I could hope for absolutely loved the first episode and can't wait for more!!
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  12. Shidira

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    Episode 2:
    Holy shit, this season isn't afraid to push the story and get right into the meat of the series while retaining the humor and character personalities. The reveal at the end of this episode was awesome too! I'm excited for what the story has in store for us!
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    Seems dazai was... working some shit out there.
  14. 2hands

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    I enjoy this series so much. That OP vs OP is excitement overload!
  15. mdchan

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    Episode 5

    As usual, I love the OP and ED (the ED especially). BSD never fails to disappoint when it comes to the choice of music.

    I'm trying to stay quiet as much as possible since I've read the manga...well, what exists in the manga at least. This episode might have felt like a filler due to the comedy (the manga version I read had the dude on the other end of the phone saying "You pissed off the Armed Detective Agency?! You're on your own!". I felt that was a little funnier than the line they used in the anime, but it was still hilarious), but those two incidents were in the manga, and I'm glad they kept them in.

    So far, they've done an excellent job with this season.

    Hoo-boy...super exited for next week's episode!
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  16. MythicalTurkey

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    did kunikida just... did he just ora ora? I am blessed.

    Also I totally thought that girl they were after was gonna be a dude. My trap senses are failing me at long last. But you can never be too careful.
  17. mdchan

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    Episode 6

    I don't know if I can properly express how disappointed I am with this episode.
    It glossed over SO MUCH regarding both Kyouka and Atsushi and what happened to them. Granted, it at least went into a little more regarding Kyouka, but Portrait of a Father was such a heartwrenching chapter of the manga; said chapter had me in tears by the end, and there was just so much more there of how Atsushi was treated and the conflict within him in it.

    This? This didn't even have HALF of those feelings; didn't convey even a portion of Kyouka's reconciliation with Demon Snow or Atsushi's agonizing over how he should feel about the headmaster's death (nor did it really go into the barbaric things done to him). Sure, the part with Dazai at the end was a little better than the manga (still pissed that he just walked off like that, but it was probably to give Atsushi time to himself to mourn), but the entire thing felt rushed and translated zero of the emotional impact that the manga had.

    I thought this week's episode was going to be full of "feelz"...but it wasn't. It was just...there. And it's not like it couldn't have made me cry if it was done properly. I've seen plenty of anime adaptions to manga I've read where a scene which made me cry in the manga had me absolutely bawling in the anime because of how well the production was. One of those "know it's coming, but I'm hit with the same impact".

    This failed to do that.

    I highly recommend people to go read these chapters in the manga; it's done so much more brilliantly and emotionally there than this slipshod job (and I can't believe I'm dissing a BSD episode, but they really did rush it to the point where it doesn't convey anything the manga did).

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