Brave Witches

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    Posted by chii on Sep 22, 2016
  2. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Sep 22, 2016
    Strike Witches, Brave witches fighting for the right to wear only pantsu.
  3. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Oct 5, 2016
    Episode 1

    Fairly solid for a setup episode for this set of witches. It's just as cheesy as the first season of the original Strike Witches anime. It very much is just another Strike Witches and that is fine. Production quality is consistent for the most part. Some scenes were a bit blurry for some reason but that was barely a minute of that blurriness. Overall the animation even with the 3D CGI was fine and it retains some of the charm of the original series despite having new characters that we hardly know.
  4. AdmiralMuffin

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    Can I enjoy this as a stand-alone show? I haven't touch Strike Witches yet.
  5. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Oct 6, 2016
    They sort of reintroduce the mechanics so I guess you could start with this. Though there's already a cameo from the original Strike Witches so it might be a bit confusing if they keep referencing them. I forgot the mention this but this show still has a lot of crotch shots and wearing pants is for the devil as long as you are a witch.

    Chronologically I think it might actually eventually spoil the first Strike Witches series too so it's perhaps for the best to just watch the original series and maybe even the Movie.
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  6. captaincrunch

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    Only 1 ep in and I already miss the 1st season cast (probably because the new ones look pretty similar). At least we got a cameo... ... kinda. Hopefully the rest of the witches are more fun.

    They used cgi in the movie too. I think it looks bad.
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  7. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Dec 29, 2016
    Episode 2~12 [final]

    What can I say, It's more strike witches with less aggressive pantyshots and a bit more fighting overall. Eitherway it was enjoyable and was pretty formulaic as far as a Strike Witches spin-off goes, very solid despite a different cast but having three cameo's was pretty nice as well just to see part of the old cast back even if only shortly.

    Now, can this be watched on it's own? I'd say certainly that watching the first series of Strike Witches is very much recommended despite that having more aggressively framed pantyshots just for the background detailing being more thorough than the recap of background information in Brave Witches.

    But I enjoyed it at least so if you want more Strike Witches and can forgive it having a different cast then you can't really go wrong here.

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    Posted by emsamm on Apr 8, 2018
    Suomus mainittu

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