Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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    Just discovered this; I guess it's been out for a little while now but I wasn't really aware. Of course, with all the shame of Shippuden, I was a little excited to read this, especially since there were 5 chapters. Unfortunately, it looks like the manga is adapting the Boruto Movie first, and then new content afterwards. The good news is that in a couple more chapters it should be fully past the movie, especially since each chapter is essentially a double chapter. The other bad news though is that this is monthly, and it's not drawn by Kishimoto, although he does "oversee" it, and so it's recognized as an official sequel. So, once we get into original content, I will definitely be keeping up with this. For the most part though, I just plan to let a few more chapters to come out before I start following it, especially since I already watched the Boruto Movie.

    I did read the 1st Chapter and the main thing that concerns me is that (plot spoilers)
    it seems like there was an implication that Naruto was killed? What kind of? No, bad sequel! Also, how the hell? Whatever... I expected Naruto to die of old age, so I'm mostly hoping that was just a bullshit foreshadowing for the sake of pulling in readers.
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    I'll probably start on this soon.
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