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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by BrainBlow, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Schizm

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    Doesn't feel like it was in any way necessary to use the name for this then and mostly done for name recognition.
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  2. Ebonyslayer

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    Thoughts on Escape From Furnace, now that I've gotten to reading all 5 volumes of the series(There's the Night Children prequel but who knows when I'll read that):
    Escape from Furnace was quite an experience if I do say so myself. The author was inspired by his rough teenage years which I find interesting. If I had to describe it, it feels like a mix of Berserk and Deadman Wonderland.
    I appreciate that the author made it so that Alex was not a good person at first, since its partially his fault he ended up in Furnace. And the prison is not normal, with the warden experimenting on children so he could turn them into actual monsters of war. Alex himself had to become a black suit so he could help Zee, Simon and everybody escape from the prison.

    And even then the story was far from finished, since Alex did what Furnace wanted him to do by releasing all the monsters in the prison into Britain. Its cool that the story takes place in Britain actually, although the author is British. And the story did a really good job explaining that human nature aspect, since Alex was definitely becoming an anti-hero by the end. But in spite of all of that, he was still able to hold onto his humanity.

    Definitely felt like there were supernatural elements, since the black being was not human and never got its origins explained. But at least Alex stopped it from spreading its plague and carnage.
    If I had to make a criticism about the story, its probably that the author didn't have Lucy more actively involved in the story. I loved how supporting she was, but she didn't do more honestly. And that is a shame since I love females being involved in shounen stories. Which means I'm probably going to reread Deadman Wonderland for the nineteenth time after catching up on other manga/anime. Definitely recommend Escape from Furnace to fans of horror though.
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    Posted by zala on May 6, 2021
    This is a question post:
    I recently read half of a pictorial history about Imperial China. It was filled with pictures and descriptions of art from different periods
    of Chinese history. It was an informative read for me, who wanted a general history.
    I was surprised that there were no maps from any period. China is a massive country, and there were so many dynasties and groups
    who were fighting over China.
    Has anyone felt surprised about a book lacking someone so basic and important?

    Also, this was a thick hardcover book. It was so large that I could never find a comfortable position to read it.
    What is the worth of a book if it is so cumbersome that I felt that I had to constantly adjust to read it?
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    Guess what just airdropped into my life

    Gonna start reading it tomorrow!
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    That is a terrible way to print the title. Very "Don't Dead Open Inside" like.
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    Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer

    Very different from the movie in narrative, story, and just generally a lot of the weird shit. The movie was much more focused on the visually weird shit as it could be, basically discarding the book's more nuanced weird things. I think both the book and the movie have the same effect though, making you feel extremely uncomfortable, yet curious due to the beautiful nature of the strangeness afoot in "area x".

    I definitely got that feeling at the end of the book where I wanted so much more yet was also strangely satisfied by how weird, open ended, and disturbing the conclusion of the book was. Also a lot of the creepy stuff was very well thought out and well described in that it made me feel that sense of mystery and chaotic discoveries one after another that you want from a good creepy sci-fi story.

    The characters were different because they didn't have names but were essentially the same in personality from the film. But I especially liked the psychologist's role in the book as a sort of antagonist that made more sense than all the danger around her. The whole deal with the hypnosis made it really interesting to see things through the protagonist's eyes as the conspiracy and lies unraveled around her with her immunity to the hypnosis, allowing all the detail in these fictional accounts.

    I was flabbergasted at the description of that "crawler" though. What the hell. How would you even visualize something like that? It's one of those situations where the main threat is just more of a frightening concept than anything, which is really effective here.

    However the writing isn't perfect in this book, I noticed myself picking apart the author's style a few times, but I can't remember any specific grievances. I just feel like some elements of the story didn't make enough sense. But that didn't detract from the experience much.

    But just what the hell was that moaning creature in the reeds?! Hope we find more out about that in later books.
    9/10, definitely going to buy the consecutive books.
  7. Clotilde

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    My friend has been talking all about this book, Heartless. To give some context, she never cries so imagine my surprise when I receive 5 voice mails of her crying because of this book xDD It piqued my interest tbh, she told me its like a "retelling" of Alice in wonder land but told from the point of view of the queens of hearts. Has anyone read it?

    Anyways, I started the novel of Battle Royale, and I'm liking quite a bit it so far. I'm getting kind of lost with the names and characters, so maybe ill read the manga at the same time as the novel. Oh, I also started the novel of Another. I already watched the anime, so I know what happens, but I'm liking the light novel more than the anime tbh. I feel the story telling and dialogue is better.

    I want to read more but its already reading manga for me so reading novels thru a screen It's kinda hard on my shitty eyesight @[email protected]
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    I would love to read that book because I am getting bored at home.
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    my favorite manga dragon ball
  10. Starletka

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    I picked up my old Edgar Alan Poe collection, because I only read like 1/4 of it. I doubt I'll find a better story than Berenice in there, though.
  11. BrainBlow

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    I finished the Queen of Tearling trilogy and... ugh...
    It's... good... aside from how for some goddamn reason each audio book had a different narrator, each less good than the last, it was enjoyable and mysterious. And I appreciate a lot of the mysteries it left.
    But the ending of the last book... it's not HORRIBLE, but just disappointing. In large part because the story had drawn attention to something not working as a solution, and then basically ended with that solution anyways, which kinda undermined the thematic point of the story, which for reasons I can't explain even with implication without spoiling has that rare effect of reflecting on all the good that came before.

    Well, no interest in the prequel book now. I'll need to move on to something else good. Got that audible subscription that gives 24 credits a year. It does save money long-term compared to the normal subscription
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  12. randomredneck

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    I found this great webcomic called The Last Human In A Crowded Galaxy by reference of a Discord acquaintance. But then I reached the last page currently up. Well, I wanted more. And lo there is a book. So...
    Pretty good so far.
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  13. NaokiS

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    Finished reading "Dune" (more than 1 book) last week. For those who dont know, there is a movie based on this and will come out during October.
    During the past 2 months i also read "The dragon Keeper" and "The garden of the purple dragon". Both written by Carole Wilkinson, didnt read the other books yet bcs i cant find them on near places and maybe ill order them online someday.
  14. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    I just realized that the pandemic has made some books better. I no longer roll my eyes at how "unrealistic" characters are for being overly obtuse about the reality of some impending or ongoing threat.
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  15. Starletka

    Starletka Silver Supporter

    I'm reading The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (very happy I managed to buy it in English), and while I wouldn't call it bad, I can't seem to get into it as much as I did with The Hunger Games trilogy.
  16. NaokiS

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    Currently reading "A vida secreta das Árvores" by Peter wohlleben, which would translate to " The secret lofe of trees" but i have 2 more books in my room waiting. I couldnt read that much these past few days, if i had the chance i usually read them faster and by this time i would be reading one of those.
    As for those book, their name in english would be: "Portugal from a blink of an eye "(Old book written by a well known french lady that decided to show her love and interest for my country, portugal by writting this interesting book) & "A piano for tall horses" ( This book is on the opposite side of the previous 2 and goes by a more fantastic and comedy path but still realistic)

    Edit: Im already reading the Last one i mentioned
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    Posted by Vega on Sep 12, 2021
    Started rereading Dune to get ready for the movie. I forgot how absorbing even the early parts are. Read around the first 100 pages in one sitting and I'm actually a bit disoriented cause of how absorbed I got.

    Hoping to maybe read through 100 pages each sitting as a sort of personal goal on days when I feel the need to take breaks from other things. Hoping I'll be able to keep at it, I'd like to actually finish rereading this for once! Or at least the first half before I go see the movie (since the movie is only covering half of the book)
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  18. NaokiS

    NaokiS Active Member

    Hell yeah, Dune is great from the beginning. One of my best readings this year. And im hyped for the movie too.
    Dont know how the book works in english but our version is divided in several books. Sometimes sold separatly but also all together like in a box/set. Take Tolkien main series as an example.
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  19. Sammy00

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    I’ve read a book called "Little Women" by Louise May Alcott. The novel is about four sisters, their life, friendship, growing up. In short, for me it’s a one-time book. Of course, today the book will seem very boring for modern young girls. There is not even a storyline here. Description of their boring measured life, their worries, children's desires. Although it would be useful for them to read, because children's selfishness is still relevant today. This book is also suitable for a more adult female audience, there is something to think about child-rearing. The story is not modern at all, and the book is not very exciting, but I do not regret having read it. A recommendation only for lovers of women's classics.
  20. NaokiS

    NaokiS Active Member

    Currently reading a book by Miguel Torga, named "Portugal". And have another book by Fernando Pessoa, named "The Portuguese Language" to read after that one. But im also reading a big Enciclopédia about our history, speacially the earlier times, centuries BC

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