Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Aydan, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. Aydan

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    Posted by Aydan on Apr 10, 2005
    Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan[sadhl=1124]bokusatsu-tenshi-dokuro-chan[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    *Shakes head at this one with a smile.*
    IMO every harem show should have a Dokuro-chan character in it. Not that this is a harem show or is it?
    This show is just SO insane :D great to get rid of stress.

    Discuss, even if it's only the pattern of the blood splatter.
    (^_^) *splat* (~_ :/@) pi piru ripu pi (oh whatever) (^_^)
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  2. Mikademus

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    Ping Pong Club  +  Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu
    --------------------------------------------------  =  Dokuro-chan
    Also, the animation style is SO reminesent of Guu that it must've been made by the same people!
  3. servbot

    servbot Guest

    It has the same director
  4. YPaladin

    YPaladin New Member

    Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (mild spoilers)

    I'm only 2 episodes in, but I can honestly tell you...

    This must be the (prettier) South Park of Japan. It's simply ridiculous, over the top violence and toilet humor placed inside of what is supposed to be a children's world.

    I mean, the first minute involves someone (literally) losing their head. And later, we get two cases of explosive diarrhea in a pair of angels.

    Has anyone else seen this ridiculous (but hilarious) series?
  5. megalomania

    megalomania Guest

    Re: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (mild spoilers)

    yep, currently watching the new episodes (are there more than 1? :(), the show is hilarious anyway.
    the plot is that dokuro-chan, the angel, was sent back in time to prevent the main character, sakura-kan, from creating immortality and his dream world, where all the girls are 12 years old. (called pedophiles world in the series)
  6. Foop

    Foop New Member

    Posted by Foop on Dec 7, 2007
    Re: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (mild spoilers)

    It was a great show, but I don't think that you can call it the south park of Japan, there are many shows with more inappropriate things.
  7. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Re: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (mild spoilers)

    I don't like it. I'm not for this kind of comedy ecchi violence. And Dokuro went on my "characters I want to choke to death" list for her ear-grating voice. It's even worse than an Aya Hirano squeal.

    And for fanbois and girls who bristle at my Hirano comment, try listening to her squeal, and remember that EVERY SINGLE character she's ever voiced has a lower pitched voice than her normal.
  8. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Posted by Xennon on Dec 7, 2007
    Re: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (mild spoilers)

    I watched one episode and dropped it. It's definitely not the South Park of Japan, if anything Crayon Shin-chan would be like South Park but even that is not close.

    If I had to compare Dokuro chan it would have to be Ren and Stimpy. The "humor" is exactly the same.
  9. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Re: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (mild spoilers)

    *shakes fist at Xennon and speaks in old man American voice* Nobody speaks ill of Ren and Stimpy... nobody...

    As for Dokuro-chan. Next to Ouran High School, no other anime has made me laugh so hard. Didn't realise the second series was out.

    PS. YPaladin, hope you searched the forum for an already-existing Dokuro-chan thread before you posted. I think there might already have been one. Anyway, glad there's another fan.
  10. Mr. Stuff

    Mr. Stuff Guest

    Re: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (mild spoilers)

    For some reason though, the second season is just not doing for me what the first did. I greatly enjoyed the first series. Having seen the first four (well, 2-split) episodes of the second release, I have not laughed nearly as hard, and in fact found a large part of it to be just lame attempts at fanservice. For instance, there's a moment in episode three where Dokuro inexplicably walks up to a large lever on the wall and goes "Oh, is it OK for me to touch such a large, hard, long thing?". There is no context for a lot of this, and rather than seeming funny, it just sort of ticks me off. I want more random parodies of things, and I am not getting them. Pun-pun (boo).

    Still, if you like "utterly random" as a comedic style, you won't be disappointed by this.
  11. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Re: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (mild spoilers)

    No, don't like utterly random. I like parodies and morbid gags. I don't think random ecchii works for me. I'll wait to hear more opinions before going for second series.
  12. Skadad

    Skadad New Member

    First season made me laugh like an idiot. Blood, violence and a spiked club, can't get funnier than that:banana:
    Just wishes I can get my hands on the second season somehow:drink:
  13. Value1k

    Value1k Member

    I've seen the first ova of the second series and i like it so far.
  14. Erinaceus

    Erinaceus New Member

    I love this anime. It's really silly but funny.
    And it lasts. Even if you watch an episode three times in a row it's still funny!!
    And I wish they'll make an actuall anime about "the sensitive salaryman". I laugh my ass of everytime I see that guy, especially with the pigs :D (Aaaaah!)

    For some reason the voice-acting (japanese one) is awesome. Especially Sakara.

  15. doom-sama

    doom-sama Guest

    I always enjoyed this show cause it was short, sweet, random, funny, and gorey at the same time. I can't wait cause I heard that the 1st season is licenced for a US release. So do you think it's gonna be a dub or a sub? (FYI this detail hasn't been announced yet)
  16. Kyuzo

    Kyuzo Guest

    Posted by Kyuzo on Aug 13, 2008
    I liked this anime, its target audience(I believe) is more of a teen group(anywhere from 15 to 19) but it does have its random appeal, and when it ends you aren't as attached to the anime as some other animes get you completely attached to it(I.E. FMA)

    And out of my curiosity for those of you who have seen at least one episode of it, would you like an angel like Dokuro-chan (if she could do what she wanted like in the anime and resurrect you at will) to follow you as in the show? I personally would love it, I would have her kill me and bring me back to life in front of everyone I knew just to see their reaction.
  17. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Oh my God no! I would hate to have an angel like Dokuro-chan. However, I'm glad so many people are enjoying watching the first series at least. I never quite caught up with the second and probably never will.
  18. Sangokagome

    Sangokagome New Member

    I think this series has given me enough laughs to be considered good in my book ^)^

    Dokuro-chan and her strange antics bring a little sunshine to my day whenever I watch them.

    Also, has anyone ever noticed that her theme song is similar to that of the magical girl in the Welcome to the NHK series whose name escapes me? They're not identical, but you can hear some similarities...
  19. cinnabarhat74

    cinnabarhat74 New Member

    The randomness and morbid comedy is what kept me going on this one. I found this easier to watch than Excel Saga with all its randomness. Hare'+Guu is the only one comparable to this and I like that one too.
  20. zelos

    zelos New Member

    Posted by zelos on May 22, 2010
    That anime only had one bad chapter for me Ova 3 of the second part was really boring the others are really funny.

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