Blue Period.

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    I really like the idea that frustration is the force for you to evolve. I love the fact that Yatora does not start immediately as a genius, but he is getting better and better with every episode. Yet another good episode.
  2. Big spoiler ep 3

    Yuka Ayukawa:
    Perfect execution, but IMO, rushed or very early, I would have liked the revelation like, if this is a 13 ep show, on episode 8, for more impact, but well, I only hope they are still keeping hidden more of their best fireworks for later.

    I like so far episode 2 and 3 pull well executed "feelings moments". I hope they can keep that with no rushing or making clumsy mistakes.
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    True. The manga's art is a lot from the anime, which is to be expected, so read that if you want after finishing it. Also it's quite comical that an anime that is dedicated to art doesn't have great animation.
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    I would say the pacing is either slow, or just right, because in the first two episodes they only adapted 2 chapters per episode
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    As I thought, the presentation was underwhelming and worse, the passion for art that most likely went into the manga really can't be seen in this adaptation. In the story, sure, but not anything else about this.

    I always feel shitty when I think about painting, drawing, or art so it's not really a feel-good kind of show for me either. But it ain't bad or anything.
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    This is probably my favourite from this season, I can't really explain why since I don't think it's anything specific. But I really like the way the creator's show his passion and exploration in art.
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    Episode 1-3:
    I don't know if I just expected too much or if it's really just.. lackluster? I really love art, so I was stoked for an art anime, but this feels like it's not fulfilling its potential.
    It's kinda stiff, a bit rushed at the wrong places and they tell us it's passionate without letting us feel that it is passionate. I love the characters. Especially the teachers, but everything else is kinda.. eh.

    I'll continue watching it for the characters. Or probably I'm gonna drop it after the next episode and start reading the manga.
  8. Episode 2
    This show gets me so inspired and pumped up to create. Just like Bakuman did for me a few years back. I love it.
    This episode was really inspiring as well as emotional. That scene with his mom near the end actually almost made me cry. I also ship Mori and Yaguchi now. They're so cuute.
    I can tell this is gonna be one of those anime where I read the manga when it's done airing. Hyped for more.
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  9. Episode 3
    I love seeing Yaguchi's art progression. It's so interesting and inspiring.
    How dare that asshole make Ryuji cry?! What do you mean "normal!" Glad that Ryuji bounced back though. Anyway, love how right alongside Yaguchi we are. How in his headspace we are. We can hear his thoughts and how he's struggling in finding his own style and I really feel his struggle. This was a great episode and gonna start Episode 4 right now.
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    I've watched the first 3 eps so far, and I can't wait to see how much Yaguchi's improved in art!!
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  11. EP 4

    Do you think you are learning art, or just how to have your art more accepted? food for thought.
    By the way, the last draw of Yatora in orange colors was very cool.
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  12. Episode 4
    Wow Yotasuke was a huge asshole this episode. Of course he doesn't understand Yaguchi's struggles but still. When he made Yaguchi cry, I was ready to throw down. Loved the art Yaguchi made from all those emotions though. It was beautiful and intense. Glad that he's starting to find his footing. Great episode and can't wait for the next episode.
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    Yeep. Doing what you love is fun only when you do it as a hobby. However, if you want to do it to earn a living, this changes everything; you can no longer treat as a fun pastime.

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