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    I have a genuine soft spot for Bleach. Its far from perfect, dont get me wrong and im happy to complain about some of the choices that were made through the series progression (like what was mentioned previously about aizen being final boss material literally so prematurely but i digress) but regardless of how much i really hated the blood war arc im getting excited to see it get animated. I don't have much hope about there being any alterations to the story to make it more appealing, and im going to absolutely get annoyed when the anime reaches specific points but i am terribly excited to see ichigo and the gang again. I really wanna see ichigo's twin sword fit so bad?? the drip. god i honestly cant wait. going to watch the trailer for like the sixth time lmao
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    Posted by Rascal on Jan 7, 2022
    Same here, it's just the music and the vibe of it is so good even though it messes up the tone with bad comic relief a lot, and some less than stellar arcs. I got so excited for this when it was announced that I surprised myself.
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    I just wonder if they're going to try to flesh out the rushed ending. It would be nice to see some follow through on some things like what exactly does
    Unohana Bankai do?
    Also, I feel like the
    true story behind Ichigo's parents could make for a great episode. Those couple chapters of manga were the best in the last arc.

    That being said it is Studio Clownshoes still.
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  4. Rascal

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    Director of Akudama Drive though. Big difference there.

    Well I actually don't think you saw that. But you should have.
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    As much as I've stated my apprehension for the continuation of the anime, I keep coming back to the idea that I'm going to watch it. And I know that a part of that is due to nostalgia. But I'm also convinced that the Bleach anime is not going to stop with the TYBW. The reason is that Tite Kubo released that 20th anniversary oneshot, which created potential for a new plot line. But I guess we should wait and see what happens with that.
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    They can also make anime arcs out of the light novel content like they did with Naruto Shippudden. Most importantly, Can't Fear Your Own World since it has the most substantial lore-expansions for the extended universe on top of taking place after the final arc. There is also we do knot always love you, which isn't as important, but could make a good bridge to the final chapter
    since it's about the days leading up to the marriage ceremony between Rukia and Renji
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  7. Sinamuna

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    I'm kind of nervous, holding reservations and not getting my hopes up too high about the potential for this one.
    I feel the same way I felt when I got so excited over Higurashi's "Gou" and "Sotsu", as well as Inuyasha's sequel, Yashahime. I was so excited because of nostalgia making me hope for more from the shows. But I was kind of let down with "Sotsu" and most of Yashahime because it was just... not the same series anymore. It didn't feel like they were being true to anything, only wanting to build off of the shows halfheartedly and try and create something in a newer format.

    Plus, I'm worried the English dub (if there will be one) won't have the same voice actors as Bleach has had in all of the 300+ episodes up to now. I happen to really like the dub, so I'm also kinda holding back on my excitement because who knows what the show will look like, what direction it'll take. Meh.
  8. ZetsubouKaiji

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    @Sinamuna I definitely think its best to go into this with low or no expectations. That's true of most things though. Getting too hype is almost always going to be a let down. The trailer for the new season didn't show much, but it was nice to see the characters again because Kubo always did have a knack for designing cool looking characters.

    It really did bum me out when they changed Kenpachi's dub voice actor in the middle of the series. The first guy was so perfect that the second guy never could make the character his own.
  9. g3data

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    I don't think it's right to compare this to Higurashi Goutsu or Yashahime, as those two are both largely unneeded follow ups to storylines that were completed over a decade ago. You should think of it more like Higurashi Kai or Inu Yasha: the Final Act instead, since it is the necessary conclusion to the story with payoffs that took the whole series to build up to coming into fruition.

    I wouldn't worry about this not feeling like the same series either. I mean, it's adapting an arc from the manga that began right after the one the anime ended on (OK Kubo took a month off before starting this arc but let's not split hairs, OK?). The art direction will inevitably be different but the characters will still feel the same as they did in 2012.
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