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    Now I am a big fan of the Anime and once I finished both season, I wanted to know more about it. So I decided to continue to story by reading the manga.

    Now the current arc is kinda long for one story, I think it up to 25 chapters. But it's very complex and political,
    not to mention roberta looking extremely hot, aswell with the mini version of the killer maid that loves lolipops.

    Anyone on the same page?
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  2. shortlex

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    Dude your missing out

    There's a maid loli with guns later in the manga
  3. samshadow999

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    Edit: You get bonus points for posting the Lagoon Company pic up ;) YUMMMMM
  4. Roman

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    Posted by Roman on Jan 24, 2010
    I have read three volumes of this manga and I don't like it. It's partially because It's not my kind of manga and also because it's premise is just silly. At first, Rokuro wanted to be nowhere near the Black Lagoon but then stuck to them like glue for ... some odd reason. I know he was betrayed but then he was offered a safe trip home. A sane person would gladly go along.
  5. azanimefan

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    the manga (and anime) are an escapist salaryman fantasy. Rock is the downtrodden corporate white collar grunt, who spends 90% of his day inside trains or offices getting kicked around by his bosses.

    he was offered a chance to live a life of his choosing rather then the life he was expected to live.

    he lept at the chance. Sure, it's not tokyo, and it's dangerous. but it's outside under the sun, doing and seeing strange things.

    I mean... i get you're not into that stuff.. but his motivations are pretty easy to figure out. How many people would say no to life inside a Hollywood action movie?
  6. Roman

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    Posted by Roman on Feb 15, 2010
    So, he chose hell over heaven and that's OK? Is that what you are trying to say? Ehm OK I guess everyone's different...

    Pardon me a few nervous chuckles :sweat:. I really doubt most salary-men would be OK with the deranged mindf-kery of this series.
  7. azanimefan

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    um... are we talking about the same manga?

    You know.. the giant action movie disguised as a manga? Sure.. there is some dark and twisted points.. but really. this is just an escapist salaryman fantasy (and i'm not saying that to put it down btw, i love black lagoon)

    maybe i got it wrong... but it seems to me to be targeted straight at Japanese salarymen. My god... Rock is direct avatar for them. I know this as someone who was formally an office drone working for crappy bosses and never seeing the sun, the appeal to traveling around on the Lagoon, with that cast even living in that shithole of a city, would have seemed an upgrade over my comfortable if boring life (that's changed but it took me 10 years since college to finally change that, and do something i enjoy)
  8. Roman

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    Posted by Roman on Feb 17, 2010
    Yes, of course we are.

    I disagree. I think that most escapist salarymen would fantasise about sipping martini on a tropical beach and watching pretty local girls. There might be some who fantasise about fighting for their dear life at every turn they take and witnessing messed up WTFery but I doubt they are such salarymen.
  9. CrimeOcean

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    There just isn't enough good manga these days that cater specifically to those who prefer to follow a protagonist who casts aside his out of the ordinary, phenomenal life for one slightly less impractical. Guess I'm forced to indulge in the less probable until such a manga arises. And as far as nonsensical and, quite frankly, amazing manga goes Black Lagoon certainly does hold it's own. Albeit a little unnecessarily long, I must say that Black Lagoon has become a manga/anime that I intend to stick to until the end, even if that end is taking a painstakingly egregious amount of time.
  10. leaded

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    And were baaaaack!!!
  11. JtkBasketball

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    This made my day. Finally the world is starting to make sense again.
  12. BrainBlow

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    I kinda forgot what this arc was about though.
    Something about some Vietnamese spy stuff or something.
  13. JtkBasketball

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    I hear the next chapter does not come out until June though :(
  14. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    How is this a "return" then?
    Seems this will be no different than with Hunter x Hunter.
  15. JtkBasketball

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    I know right?

    Apparantly this chapter has had a raw scan out since January and the translation just came out now at the end of march. I don't understand the process at all, but hopefully we get a decent end product and another anime season out of it.
  16. JtkBasketball

    JtkBasketball New Member

    Another chapter came out. It was cool, but the next one says it will be released in the August issue which is apparently in July??? So I don't know about this getting a chapter every 6-12 weeks, but at least it is something.
  17. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on May 22, 2017
    "return from hiatus"

    Hype intensifies

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