Black Clover

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  1. DragonessLady24

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    Episode 94
    Omg. It took so long to get here and it's finally picking up. Now I can't wait the next episode.
  2. apoc9

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    It's still going without interruption from winter 2017. It's my Tuesday filler anime. :frustrat:

    Ep. 94
    So is Yuno going to be the child of Licht?
  3. Fluffs

    Fluffs Database Moderator


    I must say these past few episodes have been quite good, story is finally headed somewhere and it's interesting.
  4. yournotdrew

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    The animation for the last few episodes has been way more dynamic ><
  5. Epimondas

    Epimondas Member

    Any guesses who the new wizard king will be? I’m pretty sure it will be among these: Fuegoreon, Mereoleona, or Yami and it’s possible Leopold, Yuno, Asta, Noelle, or Kirsch will replace one or more of the vacant squad captain posts. At least two squads will need new captains.
  6. CallMeKaito

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    As the comment above, I think it might be Fuegoreon, Mereoleona, or Yami. Still, what an interesting development and rest in piece WK.
  7. Fluffs

    Fluffs Database Moderator

    I feel Yami and Mereoleona are too quirky, Fuegoreon is probably the best bet.

    Assuming something like a civil war doesn't happen because the king is a jerk
  8. MzDmntrx

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    Read the manga.
  9. Ebonyslayer

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    Ep. 96,
    And Patry has officially performed reincarnation magic for the Elves. The arc with the craziest fights in the series, this will be one of the highest points in the series. I'm hoping the part with Noelle will come out later this year, but it'll probably be early next year at the latest.
  10. Crabmain

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    This anime is just horrible, can't believe you could make an adapation so crushing. The production quality is equal to that of a Tuna, and a raw one at that.
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  11. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Aug 24, 2019
    Black clover looks like trash what feels like 80% of the time but you kind of get used to it. It's mostly shoddy or limited animation with some off-models regularly but at least the foreground characters stay on model more often than not... so yeah, you get used to it.

    I mean, Asta still feels ... well... basically a louder stupider Naruto clone... quite annoying.
    but I mean, Noel is one of the few times a love interest actually isn't only useless pandering for a main-stream long running shounen, so there's that.

    The series mostly leans into it's supporting characters for real strength I think. Asta and Yuno are kind of weak characters but other than that most characters have something going on in the story more so than a lot of other trashy battle shounen.
  12. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Ep. 100,
    Now Black Clover has finally hit 100 episodes! That was quite a fight Yuno and Asta had with Licht, seeing they tried making this fight extra special since they hit a milestone. But to be honest, when it shows at least, I can get sorta depressed seeing the limited animation. And I saw a color page of Nero not to long ago, so its a painful reminder of how different the art for the manga and anime is.
  13. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Since my brother has been watching the dub, I was impressed with the cast picks. Asta isn't as annoying as he is with his Japanese voice actor, so that's a plus, and it sounds like the English actors really enjoy playing the characters. As soon as the dub catches up with the subs, I'm probably going to switch over.

    I really like how Black Clover is self-aware with the shonen troupes, and for people who are fans of Noelle, they're going to be very pleased with one of her parts in the current story arc.

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