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    Mamoru Hosoda's new project for next year.
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    Posted by Anzion on Dec 15, 2020
    Wow! Looking forward to a new adventure with Mamoru Hosoda, it's bound to be great.

    And that picture looks so great. Aaaa, can't wait till summer just to be told I have to wait a year or so before I can watch it...
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    Posted by Nekus on Feb 18, 2021
    Synopsis: Suzu, a 17-year-old high school student living in a rural village with her father. For years she has only been a shadow of herself. One day, Suzu enters “U,” a virtual world of five billion online members, and she becomes Belle, a world-famous singer. Belle soon meets with a mysterious creature with whom she embarks on a journey of adventures and love in their quest of becoming who they truly are.

    Hosoda once again makes the same movie. Let's hope this one is at least better than Mirai
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    They released the teaser trailer on the 18th of February. I just found it and it has made me pretty excited. It looks very interesting.
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    Where can I watch it?
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    Posted by Guest on Oct 7, 2021
    Ep 1:
    Honestly, I am speechless. 9.5/10

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    Great art. Enjoyable to watch. But overall story is average (I really love the first half tho). The ending is not good enough.
    Actually, OP song leads me to watch movie. :)
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    Posted by Ebhen on Nov 12, 2021
    Hosoda-san is back! After the somewhat weak movie Mirai this is a clear statement that Hosoda-san still is one of the masters!
    It was not a perfect movie, I agree on that point but it will plant itself firmly in your memory and you probably will watch it again. There will probably never exist a "perfect" movie that everyone can agree on, but I at least really liked this one. It's classic Hosoda style and you feel comfortable that he will deliver in the end. Yes, there still are a lot of questions left unanswered but that is okey. It leaves a lot to your own fantasy and you could probably spend a lot of time wondering if this happened or that. You can continue the story in your own direction and that is perhaps not a bad thing. :)
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    Hosoda movies are hit or miss for me. And this was a miss. Somehow Hosoda manages to make the same movie but worse every time. While watching this I was reminded a lot of Summer Wars -- just replace Oz with the U and boom -- except Summer Wars was superior in almost everything. Light spoilers below, but big spoilers are marked within the spoiler!

    Plot = ???

    There was such a hodge podge of different plot lines that I couldn't really focus on the movie. We have Suzu who's mother passed away. And also her crush on her childhood friend. And also her social anxiety and difficulty expressing herself. Not to mention her relationship with her father. OH AND BY THE WAY this movie is also Beauty and the Beast in disguise.

    This is just me listing the plot lines, imagine them jumping through them in such a disconnected manner. Like did the childhood friend and beast have to exist as two different characters? (Or please, just ditch the childhood friend altogether.) It's fine if multiple things happen at once, but in that case they should all be thematically connected. So like, ok... We learn about how everyone has a different persona they put forth online... And how you should have more... confidence in your artistic abilities? And... how to cope with the death of your mother... who appeared to abandon you to save another person's child...? Not only are the plots disconnected, the themes/messages are so specific to the individual plotlines that I was wracking my brain trying to make connections between all of them. It might have made for a decent series, but as a movie it just did not work.

    The theme that I expected the movie to be about... with her acting under the persona of Belle, was potentially interesting. Especially relevant today with the meteoric rise of vtubers. And yet
    at the end of the movie she brazenly reveals her identity!! Without anyone even mentioning the fact that this could be extremely dangerous. They legit only care about how she might lose fame from revealing her true face.
    About the internet, I did think it did hit the nail on the head in some regards, but in the end was a bit tone deaf and saw internet culture a bit too... black and white. Which, I think worked for Summer Wars since it's actually a movie about family that extends out to the whole internet. Plus the villain as an AI was a much easier target. But here their painting of "bad guys" and "good guys" was just too much.

    The pacing was also way off. The film seemed to drag on forever.

    Extremely meh. I didn't really see much of a difference of Suzu from other Hosoda girls. Also her best friend was a clout chaser, she kinda sucked. Not even to mention
    how fucking useless the childhood friend was. Like I mentioned it before but it was so stupid. Just get rid of the guy, and change the Beast's age so he's in Suzu's strikezone. They had much better chemistry.

    Like I legit wouldn't care about the convenient coincidence, I just don't want this additional romantic interest carrying dead weight in the story.

    Surprisingly... not great? Like the songs were fine and the vocal performance was impressive. But I don't think I'd particularly go back to listen to them. And the soundtrack... I already forgot it. One thing about the sound... I got irritated after
    she changed from Belle to Suzu and sang with her "normal voice." Like supposedly her voice is enhanced as Belle because the U "takes people's strengths and makes them better." But once she's unveiled, her voice should sound different... right?

    I don't have anything to complain about here. I was lucky to watch this in a theater, and it looked really beautiful. I also liked the differing aesthetic of the U and the real world... Although it's again something he recycled from Summer Wars. I'm also a sucker for his character animation of extremely awkward characters, with limbs goin all crazy and jerky movements. It makes certain scenes with even these flat-ass bland characters very endearing. I mean
    even the two minor characters' successful romance stole the show. Can we have a movie about sax girl and canoe boy instead please?
    Probably my least favorite Hosoda. By the end this was really hard to watch. 4/10
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    Mid story at best. Art and Sound are overall stunning. Disappointed.
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    Summer Wars.....2!

    Genuinely loved this. I pretty much love every Hosoda movie and really my only complaints are the cgi not being nicer or the fact Belle looks like she's a Frozen character. But I really enjoyed that as fantastical as Hosoda made this, it all came crashing back down to something real and tangible: abuse and love. It's far from the likes of Wolf Children, Boy and the Beast, or Girl Who Leapt Through Time. But, it's certainly on the same level as Summer Wars and Mirai. Great movie. See it in a theater if you can.
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    It was a good movie overall but some things would make anyone uncomfortable such as but not limited to pedophilia. The main character's best friend is in love with a teacher who is old enough to be her father or grandfather (impossible to tell ages in anime). then one of the women from the singing club says she wrote a song for the bad boy she fell in love with which is so sweet... only that it turned out that the kid was in 8th grade and she was around 17-21 maybe. she went there for college so she would be older. the music was great I am listening to it today. the internet aspect was very true.

    It makes the age gap between the beast and Suzu seem not so bad. She is 17 and he is 14 but still. Also like one of the other comments said this has so many plot lines all going on at once which would be fine except for the fact that nothing gets resolved from those plot lines.


    the only plot points that get resolved are the death of Suzu's mother and maybe her relationship with her father. You have no idea who she ends up with within the end. Also, she just leaves the beast and his brother there not changing anything in their situation, and it also didn't make sense why the abusive father stopped attacking Suzu and got scared. I also don't understand why the beast and his family were on the news. maybe it was explained but I don't think it was.

    Overall: I liked the movie despite the loose ends. There were a lot of great moments that I liked. The beauty and the Beast aspect was nice. It was also interesting to see some of the themes play out. though when it comes to those I wish they were even slightly resolved.
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    I enjoyed the film to a point - but the very last 1/3rd of the film is so bad that it kind of fucks with everything that came before.

    The way domestic abuse is handled in this film is SO bad. I was excited to see how it would be reckoned with at first, because it's a theme I like to see addressed.

    What Kei said is right though. People say they'll help, and don't.

    There are a number of things Suzu could've actually done that would've helped and didn't. Honestly, even being a supportive friend online after finding out about Kei's circumstance would've been better than what she did. Comitting to that friendship to be someone he could always turn to could be a real way to continue the theme here of people turning to the internet to deal with traumatic circumstances that was put forth at the beginning of the film.

    Instead, what does Suzu do? march up, yell at their dad. uh, what's that going to do? why ISN'T this dude just going to beat the shit out of his kids as soon as he leaves? This is such a terrible thing to advise people to do I'm just shaking my fucking head.

    Suzu also literally makes a boatload of fucking money. Ok, maybe she can use that to help the kids? Imo, that would be a way to close a fantasy story like this - you use your finances to help.

    "But maybe they wanted to tell audiences how they can help", is what you might say. Well, I'm here to tell everyone that yelling at someone's abusive parent is the absolutely most useless thing you can do for someone in that situation. Feels good for you to do, maybe, does NOT help the kids stuck in that situation.

    Anyway, another issue is the film actually does tease that maybe the beast is her childhood friend - and then at the last minute reveals no he isn't, it's this kid Kei! Now, we've met Kei himself as the beast so Kei stays an interesting and compelling character - we've seen him a lot even without actually 'seeing' him.

    But this childhood friend? Suddenly he's rendered even more useless than before! We know nothing about him by the end of this film, really, and he lacks the ability to be a compelling love interest due to the fact we know jack shit about him.

    A twist is only useful if there's a reason it's interesting - but this twist kind of succeeds to just make Shinobu a less interesting and compelling character.
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    Oh, it's Beauty and the Beast

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