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    Posted by jhelpme on Oct 8, 2004
    [sadht=BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad]Beck[/sadht][sadhl=851]beck[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    Ah, I was wating for this so much I just couldn't wait for I downloaded the raw(Which turned out ok as the first episode is EXACTLY like the first chapter in every way). The band they chose for Beck is still semi-unknown as, oddly, the OP and ED are sung by two different bands. The one that did the OP, Beat Crusaders, is probably the band whom will sing all of Beck's songs as the OP shows the band singing along to it. The opening theme is enjoyable and I'll most likely download the OST when it comes out. The animation matches the unique one the manga used and, thankfully, Ryusuke's voice actor doesn't have a japanese accent while speaking english(About 1/8 of the manga is in english and the anime shouldn't be much differnet). I say this is good because his character is Japanese but was brought up in america so, like in the manga, shouldn't have a japanese accent speaking in english nor sound any less fluent in japanese than someone whom lives there all their life. All in all, a decent first episode. They'll probably manage to compact the 19+ volume manga into 26 episodes by shortening the Grateful Sound arc(Which lasts for several volumes in the manga). Anyways, once A-E subs this, I reccomend checking it out even if you dislike the music basis, just to give it a chance.

    Edit: The fansub was just released
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  2. rsg_6100

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    i love the animation stlye blends cg and cel very well and looks purty. the cussing was golden i <3 enrish. im liking it.
  3. Alex_Liu

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    after watching the first 3 episode, I then read all 19 volumes of the manga.

    this is definitely a must watch for this season.
  4. Alex_Liu

    Alex_Liu Guest

    After watching 5 episodes I found that the pace are way to fast, at the point where it almost become unenjoyable.
  5. Kazeumi

    Kazeumi New Member

    i dont agree with that... Beck anime is at a pace that in the 5 eps they have they are at chapter 6.
    I realy dont think thats a "way to fast" pace.
  6. TenGuHikaru

    TenGuHikaru Guest

    if it moves wayyyy too slowly then i don't wanna watch it either...right now i'm already craving to see the next episode...
  7. TenGuHikaru

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    Hmm apparently...there's a problem with BECK...if BECK anime can't find and compose the song that sound that great compare to what they descriped in the manga. The anime will become a disappointement...and who's gonna sing for Dying Breed? that's a huge problem, but i'm excited to see if they can pull it off, if they could, it will be great!!!!
  8. Hakaisha

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    Anyone else who's read the manga notice that they changed the name of the song that Koyuki sings from "Sister" to "Face" in episode 10? Pretty curious myself as to why since the song is pretty important in the grand scheme of the series heh.

    sothis this is one of my favorite mangas so i'll try to get around to writing a description of the anime sometime if no one else has.
  9. gokuke28

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    Yea and the song "out of the whole" is changed to "I have a feeling" Well, the songs are tolerable but I still think that the singing doesn't make me feel blown away like it is made out to be in the manga. That's my only beef with the anime.
  10. xomikronx

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    Did A-E stop Beck?
  11. dragonlord

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    They released 19-20 recently
  12. Julianlivre

    Julianlivre Member

    anooo.... does anyone know if there'll be a second season of Beck????
  13. jethroskull

    jethroskull New Member

    Just to comment i really enjoyed this show although is far from my favourite genre. Im in love with Maho.
  14. Forfeit

    Forfeit Guest

    Yes its a great show, even if somewhat slow paced.

    I just cant believe Koyuki had the chance of banging three diferent nice girls and ended totaly alone.
  15. jethroskull

    jethroskull New Member

    Is there any difference between been gay and only love music?
  16. Forfeit

    Forfeit Guest


    Ask Michael Jackson.

    All I know is that if Maho ended in my bed I would not waste the night making songs but I would make her sing loud
  17. jethroskull

    jethroskull New Member

    That just confirmed he wasn´t a genuine rockstar.
  18. herokillerid

    herokillerid New Member

    I just finished this series and really enjoyed it. Now for the million dollar question. What can you guys tell me about the manga. Has it all been translated somewhere so I can read it. There were quite a few plot wholes at the end that I want to figure out. I do know that its licensed but Im not willing to wait 3 years to get to it by then Ill have most definatly lost interest.

    Anyway the show was great the music was great and that has to be the catchiest intro ive seen in a long time.

    anyway thanks for the help.
  19. vaiglor

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    Re: Beck *

    Beck is one of my favorite anime. Just a great show all the way around. I also love the OST, even if I had to look other places to find the title track. :mad:
  20. riseofanimal

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    Loved the anime, intrested in the manga. My bro and I started taking guitar lesson and want to start a band just because of this anime. Loved all the characters

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