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    Posted by Turky on Dec 2, 2019
    Episode 7: So that's it huh, no tail?

    The memes:

    The hardest I've laughed at an anime since Aggretsuko:

    The cool art gif:
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    Posted by Turky on Dec 2, 2019
    8: Beaseph Beastar

    Ouchie. I guess juno's story will go on for longer than a gag, she may be becoming really interesting, despite being so weird. Really is that confident though. Damn. Feels weird to think she was presented as timid before. Though i sincerely doubt she's going to become the beastar. Something about her whole character just screams "problem causer".
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    Reminds me of the lion in Zootopia. That said, I thought it was neat how he had his mane tied.
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    Spoilers, dude
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    Posted by Gens on Dec 4, 2019

    Man, this show just keeps getting more dark/disturbing and better and better as it goes along. Holy shit, what a goddamn episode......

    They're practically trying all the animation styles in this anime, everything. I absolutely LOVED how they portrayed Louis's dark backstory and gave some great context for his character's actions. Haru then gets fucking kidnapped by the lion mafia and fuck the mayor so hard, fuck him SO HARD. What a gigantic scumbag and tool. You can feel the extreme dramatic tension all over this episode. Not gonna lie, when Legosi punched Louis, that was really satisfying and I was shaking my head at Louis. Can't say he did not deserve that. It all finally exploded in a fist fight between them and you just knew this was going to happen with their personalities. It's funny because Legosi was so ready to let Louis have it all and support him with how pure he is, but not after this shit. Louis talks high and mighty about justice, but keeping the peace at the expense of someone else's life is terrible and he knows it deep down inside.

    The stakes could not be any higher right now.

    *screams at the top of my lungs* I NEED THE NEXT EPISODE RIGHT NOW. I can hardly wait and I am so excited.
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    Episode 9:

    Legosi is a CG wolf but somehow, sometimes he seems more human than most anime characters who are supposed to be humans do. Maybe it's just the quality of the animation? Maybe he's just a well written character and the good animation gives him all the small quirks and body language that makes him seem very human and relatable. Idk exactly what it is, but I love it.

    Oh, he did it. He told her that he likes her. The way she kept interrupting him was super cute lol.

    Fuck Louis! Go get your girl Legosi!!!

    I'm excited and hoping that we get to see Legosi totally wolf out and save the fuck out of Haru.

    My only regret with this show is that I didn't wait to watch it after it was done airing. Because I just want to sit and binge watch the whole thing. XD
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    Episode 9:

    The fuck do you mean the episode's over already???

    HAVE I NOT BEEN SAYING THERE WAS SOMETHING I DIDN'T LIKE ABOUT THE MAYOR?! Fuck this show's so good, so much nuance to pick up in even the smallest interactions. Sounds very like your typical politician, it's all about a very narrow personal brand at any cost.

    It's so hard to even put together coherent thoughts right now, it's all swirling through my head screeching "MOAR! GIVE ME THE NEXT EPISODE DAMMIT!"

    That Louis backstory... I'm not sure how I feel about giving him a dark backstory like that, but y'know what, fuck it I don't care, that shit was gorgeous and so well-told. Honestly, I feel like he shouldn't be trying to erase it, he should be wielding that dark past. Fuck the mayor's phony-ass "image" that everything is fine when it's clearly not, use that story with a bit of carefully considered framing as a weapon for change, show the reality together with a plan to fix it, and push to bring it closer to the ideal of a world where everyone, carnivore and herbivore alike, can live together in peace and harmony. Is it truly possible? Maybe not. But you can do better than this. Granted, you could also do worse and create a holocaust against carnivores in an ironic twist against nature, but... y'know, maybe don't go that direction... Though it would certainly make a hell of a talking point if we got to see deer Hitler... Wow this paragraph has spiraled way too deep into a tangent, abort abort!


    It's fascinating to watch Legosi and his feelings. Finally he's stopped pushing his emotions down and hiding them away, and damn it exploded on Louis there. It's also interesting to see that Louis clearly slipped from simply holding his image for a second there: he didn't try to be the bigger man and walk away after one self-defensive punch or pull some wild judo submission to just end it; he was ready to fucking go, bare-knuckle brawl in pure anger. And not just at Legosi, but at himself. It's become clear that they're like mirrors of each other in a way: they may be complete opposites in many ways, but both have stuffed down their feelings to be something not entirely genuine; when Louis chastises Legosi for doing it, in a way he's chastising himself without realizing it; he hates that part of Legosi because it reminds him of a part of himself he doesn't want to face. But now Legosi is facing that part of himself head-on because of Haru, whereas Louis tries to retreat further into that mindset even as he hates himself for it. Will seeing Legosi push past him in that regard spur him forward as well?

    I love this subtle background detail in the crime boss lion's... well, den. A sword rack made from antlers would seem par for the course if he were human, but in this world of animals, it takes on extra significance without a word spoken of it or even being the focus of a shot. You could argue that "hey, deer shed their antlers every so often," but look: there's the top part of the skull there too as the base. Some poor victim got eaten, and all that's left of him is a decorative piece on display in the office of the one who ate him.

    Which lion is most cruel: the one who threatens Haru directly with violence and shame, the one who uses words to strip her of both hope and dignity, or the one who refuses to use his power to help her?
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    That lion mayor doing all that to fit in has so many racial undertones to it, I swear.

    Of course, this episode had to drop just when I said I'd been dying to know more about Louis-senpai. Key takeaway here has to be that Louis has some very good reasons for wanting to be Beastar, otherwise he wouldn't have been making all those faces when he was talking about leaving Haru behind. Makes me wonder now if Legosi stepping in to be Louis' bodyguard - even if only inadvertently - will come into play in a much more serious situation later on. This fight could be the start of a beautiful friendship - you could have Louis keep being the perfect stag stud he is in public, while Legosi gets his hands dirty for him in the shadows. Maybe achieving peace and justice by hook or by crook, no matter the stakes.

    Of course, if only stupid things like love didn't get in the way like so.

    Speaking of playing bodyguard... the most underrated moment of the episode has to be when Legosi gets so lost in all his thoughts, that he forgets he's supposed to be pinning that leopard boy down.

    Which then leads to the second most underrated moment of the episode, when Legosi finds a whole new way to talk to Haru.


    Mans is clearly trying his best, but imagine if this was an actual dude doing this to talk to his super short crush.
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    Posted by Gens on Dec 6, 2019
    Aaww yeeeeh, my favourite thing ever in stories, rivals ending up having a big beautiful friendship despite their differences! Honestly with the way stuff has been mirrored in this show. I'm almost pretty sure of myself that Louis is going to end up hooking up with Juno to Legosi's Carnivore - Herbivore pairing to complete the romance mixing, but that's just me. :laugh:
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    I can't get a hang on Juno just yet. I don't trust her! Well, sure she wants to be Beastar too someday, but there's gotta be something more. They did say everyone in the drama club is all really dramatic is hiding something.
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    Posted by Gens on Dec 6, 2019
    Damn that's true, it really hasn't been obvious so far who the murderer is. I wonder if they're even going to get to that by the end of this season or just cockblock us all on that because this is a long running manga lol
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  12. Franconator

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    Honestly, they could drag this show out forever and I wouldn't even get mad. There's so much to explore in this world and I want to take a peek inside every goddamn corner.
  13. OneCraftyLady

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    Please tell me they're going to give us the whole story and not some half assed ending because it doesn't deserve that.
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    IX - And I'm not lion

    Louis is edgier than we thought, which is actually really edgy, but you know, now he's even edgier. Because that's one dark backstory, being in the black market as a prime cut of potential venison, then "rescued" by one of his own kind. That whole sequence was pretty hard to look away from, very inticing and monogatari-esque.

    Bruh I know this is a "psychological" anime and all but get a hold of your inner monologues until after you're done holding down a vicious predator. That's just silly!

    Wow he's going for it. Haru's reaction is funny.

    ...he ain't going to get to tell her, is he.

    Yeah knew it.

    Ooh, I can really say, I am super intrigued by the lion mafioso's. What a neat idea for a part of the world. Lions are at the top of the food chain of course, so their dealings in the dark market will be the most sophisticated. Makes sense.

    Yeah... I don't really understand why louis would want to cover that up if he wants to be a beastar. IF he has that much influence over the public because of that role he should be able to use that past to his advantage if anything.

    I guess it would be too easy if he did. Louis is super turbulent so I guess it makes sense he's psyched himself out to not want anyone to know that. He doesn't want to be the beastar for the right reasons yet, it seems. His whole ramble about peace just proves that.

    Legosi's not off the hook either though, he's also really up in his own head, but in his case he hasn't experienced much but his own much simpler life.
    Quick thing, I wanna see how many people here realized that this zebra guy is actually digital. As in, not CGI, he's a 2D-animated character. Seemed just off enough to replay the scene, to me. But he's like the only non CGI character here.

    gens no. this show has got you shipping different animal characters of different species and you don't even feel bad.

    doukanda gensan.
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  15. MistLiigh

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    Wait, really? I can honestly say "no, no I did not notice..." fascinating, I couldn't even tell until you pointed it out. Damn Orange, you good, and sly.
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    X - Start the Overtime

    I don't think that lizard could have pretended not to know anything in an any more conspicuous way. And then those two guys laughing at each other when he asked. Man the ghetto must strip your subtlety away before your morality.

    35 lions?!

    They must have a lot of pride. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Man when you get a taste for rabbit you never really go back I guess. Which is just a dumb way for me to say, legosi sure is single-minded in a relatable way that I can both respect as something I would probably do and say, you idiot, at least think that out a bit first.

    There has to be some kind of middle ground between "I'm not even going to try to save my girlfriend because mah status" and "i will walk directly into mordor to save my crush from the clutches of villainy forsooth i daresay, death i fearen't! en garde rapscallions!"

    "You got rabbit on you". he's hulking out from the rabbit fumes, here it comes.

    Holy shit legosi almost just killed a man!

    "My prey-" i mean, you know. whatever does it for you man. Kinda yiffy of you tho.

    Thunkity thunk thunk the man is dead

    That panda is really going far for our boy. I'm surprised. But you know what I wouldn't be surprised about? If he died. I hope that won't happen because it's kinda obvious right now. With all the inner turmoil stuff this show has the panda guy dying would be a pretty easy and cheap way to raise stakes but...

    This action though. Damn, this show's usually more keen on the dialogue so when the action or more emotional stuff does happen it's pretty hard-hitting.

    Take notes, most shounen.

    So, is legosi mistaking this blood high for love? Or could it be both?

    Kinda the question of the whole anime. The reason carnivores get high from the smell of blood in this society is the same reason us humans want to mate perhaps to some degree, i mean we don't know how their "evolution" works at all but, I assume that if they evolve to coexist, that kind of feeling will have to change overtime into something else.

    Ah, that's my theory. Legosi here is actually some kind of link to a future generation of carnivores which will get along with herbivores better due to changing the way their instincts work from hunting to protecting, and from bloodlust to just normal lust. Makes sense.

    Now haru I just don't understand at all. She felt like she was being babied so she just started having a lot of sex? I get that it's her side of the parallel from humans to animals but. I dunno. No clue. Seems kinda dumb. Maybe that's the point?

    Guess it makes it more charming their relationship though how legosi is a much more straightforward guy.

    Predictable rescue is predictable but everything leading up to it was exciting enough that I don't mind.
  17. Gens

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    Panda-kun was the biggest fucking BRO. Round of applause for panda-kun here folks and how cool was that crossbow he had? Also the power of drugs boners love can do real wonders can't it? It can make you strong enough to storm right through a building of lion mafia members. It's kind of funny he's just literally getting repeatedly high through scents while battling through. Lion gangster wielding a gun man, scariest thing I've seen. Although you have to wonder why only one guy had a gun but I have heard owning a gun is pretty hard in Japan. I wonder if at some point in this story Legosi will be forced to extreme violence and rip out someone's throat though with his teeth. I'm probably fucked up for part of me wanting to see that lol

    We get context for Haru shown here, which was confirming more or less what I was thinking to myself, BINGO. This show's got a ton of inner monologues, and as everyone knows. That is my fucking SHIT right there.

    Ravishing episode, got chills all over my body and as always, framed so beautifully too.
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  18. Turky

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    Oh yeah, I was gonna mention.
    I think that when we see legosi get that whiff, or any carnivore for that matter, it's less like it makes them stronger and more like it kind of suppresses their personality. You know, those two that caught him in the alley might have been able to gut him themselves, he's strong enough to fight back he just won't because of his personality, but if they had smelled like white rabbit, it woulda been over before they could say "the other white meat"
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    Episode 10:

    Alright, I won't lie, the action didn't do as much for me as the rest of this show has... which is fucking weird to me. But I still enjoyed it. That little "don't die/you too" exchange basically doomed Gouhin, which sucks, he's a cool character even if his being a jacked badass on only bamboo schtick makes no sense lol. Love his bamboo crossbow (and hey, it could also double as a portable snack, win/win).

    That really said a lot when Legosi called Haru "my prey." His feelings for her sound dangerously possessive, and at the same time he seems to be slipping into Haru's heart. At this point I'd be very dissatisfied if they just happily got together without the show clearly presenting that there are problems here.

    I've heard it's so hard and the penalties for illegal ownership or use so severe that even most real life Yakuza don't bother, which says a lot. And by my foggy understanding, I don't think a handgun would be generally legal for a citizen outside the police, SDF, etc to own; I believe it's basically only things like hunting rifles that are damn near impossible to conceal that you can get a license for in Japan. The statistics for gun violence in Japan are insanely low, much lower than some anime would have you think, and I once heard that even the police barely use their guns in the field... Of course, all of this came from the Internet, sooooo...
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    I want what ever John Woo music they had playing over Gouhin's entrance on that bridge and just play that on loop every time I'm walking out in the rain, thanks.
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