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  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    I just want them to nail the grotesque anatomy so I can get some disturbing avatars out of this.
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  3. glognorg

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    Do i need to watch both seasons of grappler baki before watching this new baki?
  4. ZetsubouKaiji

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    It doesn't look like it. Unfortunately, it looks like Netflix has this one hostage and no fansubbers are touching it, which means you'll have to wait until fall to watch it.
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  5. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 2, 2018
    As long as you're watching it for muscles flexing on muscles fighting muscles with muscles muscling on, then no.

    Dang, I was so psyched to watch the flex muscle action. This season just got sadder.
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  6. g3data

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    Posted by g3data on Jul 2, 2018
    You don't need subs for that.
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  7. LinkSword


    *flexes in Japanese*
  8. Shikiya

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    Posted by Shikiya on Jul 2, 2018
    Heh, this sounds like where I come in.
    Leave it to me!
    Shikiya disappeared into the sunset, full of dodecaceps and manly muscles pressing against each other...

    ep 1

    First off, the characters look CREEPY AS FUCK. What the literal limp dick.
    I don't know if Baki himself is supposed to look dashing with that mole, but he looking thicc and brutish at least.
    I suppose to the characters who escaped from the jail to fight 'Baki, the strongest dude' had their criminal quirks amplified more than any of their other aspects. They are creepy and weird, I mean just look at this dude.
    Damn look at that chin with 7 muscle lumps.

    Baki didn't legit fight the convicts this episode, he just got beat up without fighting back, so dunno.
    Onto a world of muscles and edge, from next ep.
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  9. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jul 2, 2018
    Thought they wouldn't post raws or subs if it was with Netflix.

    Now I need to watch this more than ever. But this Baki guy
    sounds like a total puss. Dude needs to flex it on those muscle tumors.
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  10. ZetsubouKaiji

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    A hero and a gentleman.

    The bizarre anatomy and creepy looking characters are one of the series' selling points.

    First episode doesn't sound like much to write home about, though. Was the animation and music at least decent?
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  11. Shikiya

    Shikiya Well-Known Member

    Why, thank you, good sir.
    Always willing to put my body on the line for this community. Shitposts must be preserved into the future generations, my sanity and time is a small price to ensure some degree of it.

    Animation and the music wasn't anything remarkable if I remember correctly, but it wasn't bad.
    The grotesquely thicc bodies and molesterizing faces though, I think they did justice to it. It was super creepy but interesting.
    Yeah, plotwise, not much development. Mostly intro of the settings.
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  12. Shikiya

    Shikiya Well-Known Member

    Stupid Shikiya, the one before I did review on was in fact, ep 2. I downloaded the wrong episode.

    So here's the episode before the first one

    Well, no wonder I felt that it lacked some introduction to what is going on, I missed a whole episode before it. Hahaha...

    Baki is introduced as having an unusual type of teenager, with an aura that gets everyone trembling. And then, there is some mention of nitroglycerine and synchronicity, which on the whole seemed unnecessary to me.
    Each of the prisoners are introduced with their escape episodes, which settles each of their characteristic and personality, before we start the whole shiznit.

    Well, they are taking the story slow, but so far I don't dislike it so far.
    Artstyle is decent and music is some rock that people here might enjoy.

    Man, this is such a contrast from Regenesis last season though. Their selling points maybe different, but at their core, they are both supposed to be supernatural martial arts with thicc fighters and gore.
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  13. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 1:

    Hey how you doin lil mama? lemme whisper in your ear

    This was one over the top violent and gory episodes. The gore level, beefy character designs and rock OST definitely reminded me of those hyper violent 90s OVAs. This was about as dumb over the top as one of those OVAs, but that's what I enjoyed about it. I didn't love it or anything, but it seems like it could be a fun watch.

    The first episode is basically just introducing the escaped prisoners by having them make modern execution and incarceration techniques look like completely worthless. Just remember if you're manly enough the electric chair is just some light massage therapy and being hung by the neck for ten minutes is just a way to have a nice little nap before murdering the shit out of everyone in the room. Then there were the two cages ripped off from Silence of the Lambs, those high tech things are just child's play for these hyper violent criminals to escape from. Although my favorite was the Russian guy Bane-ing his way out of that missile silo by clinging to the rust. These guys were only in prison because they had nothing better to do.

    The stuff with the nitroglycerin and synchronicity were a really inelegant way to get the plot started though. I wasn't expecting anything brilliant in this regard, but these five dudes all get the urge to go fight in Japan at the same time was dumb in a way that made me roll my eyes. It's not a huge deal, though.

    Yeah, I'll watch more.
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  14. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 2:

    I hate Netflix right now. We could all be having a ton of fun watching this. The second episode ups the ridiculous ante to 11. I was laughing outloud and taking screenshots the entire time. If Netflix weren't holding this one hostage, then we could all have ugly Baki avatars. This show is the goofy, edgy cheese we've been searching for. It so far outclasses Magical Girl Site and King's Game in the edge department without even trying. It's pure 90s gonzo excess and I'm now loving it.
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  15. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Jul 5, 2018

    This was actually the dopest shit, it's so goofy and over the top, you can't help but smile the whole time, especially with that dude Speck or whatever his name is. Holy cow man, was he gloriously HAMMING IT RIGHT THE FUCK UP. Thrawn would get all the boners from this.
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  16. Cherstal

    Cherstal Well-Known Member

    Episode 1:

    Well.. I think I've reached it... my gore limit. I don't think I could stand to sit through another episode honestly xD
    Don't get me wrong, I can tell that this anime is doing exactly what it set out to do (and is doing a great job of it), but it's not my cup of tea. And from what it sounds like, the over-the-top violence is a trademark of the series so I think I'm probably gonna pass on this one.
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  17. TurkeyGami

    TurkeyGami Well-Known Member

    I'm with this guy, I dont wanna pick it up at all since I'd risk dropping the show due to gore like Devilman Crybaby, which was also over my limit, and I don't like dropping things. But y'all have fun.
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  18. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Yeah, Speck made the second episode a blast to watch. With the Hannibal like cage he was kept in, I assume his name is a reference to mass murderer Richard Speck.


    This was way more gory than Devilman Crybaby and it's only going to get worse.
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  19. feorgegg

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    Given the rest of baki seasons and pretty much every fighting anime ever,bad guys are always presented as all-too powerful when first introduced,just to show how difficult it will be for the protagonist to overcome the challenge they present.I mean the old enemy used to tear the skin of his opponents and a few episodes later got smashed.Have pretty high hopes for this,it will balance out.
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  20. Shikiya

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    ep 3

    School physical examination bit was kinda boring. I got the point that Baki's strength could not be measured by common means/standards, but it was kinda hard to swallow, seeing how stupidly he failed each of them.

    That fight between the hulk and martial artists wasn't eccentric and gory enough, compared to the last 2 episodes.

    The set-up for next episode, does that mean this will be 5 vs 5?
    I have no idea where this is going.
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