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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Apr 8, 2019.

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    Posted by sothis on Apr 8, 2019
    As a followup to the Badges 2.0 announcement, we've done some cleanup in preparation. For visibility, here's the badges we've removed (most already mentioned in the announcement). For most, it's because we want everyone to have the opportunity to try to earn these badges. Or, they're too complicated technically to manage easily in the new system.

    • Old "supporter" badges for donations. These only existed for a limited time and less than 100 people had them. We're looking into ways to automate these sorts of badges in the future, if it's possible, for donations.

    • Role-based badges that only moderators or selected people could have (character, people, or other types of moderators; "site reviewer" which is an old concept we don't have anymore; etc)

    • The small handful of "beta tester" badges we had. Under 20 people had these badges, they can't be earned by others, and we don't have a current replacement for this.

    • Bizarro: for reading a few weird manga one shots. All of these have since been changed into volume entries on A-P, so it doesn't make sense anymore.

    • Lobotomy: for having unbalanced ratings (ie, lots of 5 stars). Not useful for encouraging that behavior.

    • Stalker: for following lots of people. Not really a useful badge to encourage people's behavior.

    • Created 1** or 5 custom lists: there's a problem on the site right now with people assuming custom lists will help them read or watch something on A-P, and/or 95% of them are garbage lists (ie, they have a nonsensical one word name, have one anime in them, etc). We're working on how to address this in the redesign from a UX perspective, but regardless keeping these will mostly encourage creation of custom lists that don't have personal or community value. **the 1 badge still exists due to a bug, working on deletion

    • Signature: for adding a signature. Forum signatures aren't used as much anymore on the web in general (as not a lot of people use forums). So it doesn't make sense to have a badge for creating one, when not everyone will have a need to use one. This still exists technically due to a bug but we're working on deletion.

    • Blog badges: blogs feature hasn't existed for a long time.
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    heh, Would be fun to have access to those old dead badges... well, maybe not the Stalker one, that one was creepy AF.

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