Attack on Titan

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  1. amirmatar

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    how do i watch anything its letting me only watch boruto and naruto thats all
  2. Adaxioo

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    Hange death was horrible i cired hardly
  3. Thisisformemes

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    EREN dies
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  4. Yudesei

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    ~ Chapter 138 ~

    And with that, Mikasa's character is canonically ruined. I had my hopes up until the very end, but alas. It's just Naruto all over again. First Sakura, now Mikasa, and for the exact same reason.
    it's unfortunate that I have to change AOT from 5-star to 4-star. Ass-pulls everywhere, dragged out ending (The manga could've ended last year, and was supposed to end then, but was dragged out until now) and the incest main pairing confirmation was the final nail in the coffin. I don't mind Eren dying in the end despite him being my second favorite character in AOT, but the road to getting there has been painfully frustrating for the past months. Just kill him already and let the manga end.
    So disappointed. But I'm right at the end. Might as well just finish it. Not that I could drop it anyway.
  5. Adaxioo

    Adaxioo New Member

    Chap 138
    Does eren really dies?
  6. kellywii

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    so how can I read the manga
  7. g3data

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    They were raised in the same house together in the few years inbetween the murder of Mikasa's parents and the destruction of Wall Maria. They're also never once referred to as siblings even once. Calling this an incest pairing is stretching the word far beyond it's intended use.
  8. Yudesei

    Yudesei Well-Known Member

    The official handbook has listed Eren and his parents as Mikasa's adoptive family and Grisha outright, canonically, refers to her as "my daughter", as well as both her and Eren "my children", in the manga (Chapter 121). But sure, whatever floats your boat.
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  9. Ebonyslayer

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    Guys, its quite possible that Isayama has set up something for a long time now regarding the story:

    So there have been alternate timeline loops in the story, like with Higurashi and Evangelion. Except Eren has been constantly repeating the timeloops, and trying different paths, but not getting anywhere. Which is why Eren forced his friends to kill him pretty much, to end the timeloop for good. How depressingly tragic.
    If this happens to be the case, then I'll be quite pleased.
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  10. Avokiddo

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    I absolutely LOVED the series. Up until chapter 138 that is. The ending just left me severely unsatisfied. Idk about anyone else. Maybe its because I expected a tragic wild ending like we all thought Isayama was gonna throw at us. Of course I don't wanna say it was predictable, maybe just. Too happy? But also kind of predictable. Maybe I'm just a sucker for crazy, sad, messed up endings idk. (Trust me I still LOVED the manga) Maybe other people have the same opinions??? Or maybe I'm just insane :D

    I have no idea where I wanted this to go I just wanted to rant. Also this is definitely my first comment on anything animeplanet related :p sorry if its weird and random
  11. g3data

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  12. Clotilde

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    it really ended it feels like a fever dream
  13. Oceanwithwaves

    Oceanwithwaves Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I thought that was a beautiful ending. I'm not denying that it could have been so much more, it could have fucked with our brains, but it didn't, and I think we readers deserve that after so much pain and disaster.
    From what I read online, I thought that Eren didn't actually die, which I would have found disappointing. The fact that everyone found their peace (including Levi and Mikasa) was pretty satisfiying as well. I'm glad Annie and Reiner finally will be able to live good lives.
    It's very strange that the thing I looked forward to every month has ended, my life feels empty somehow. Thank you Isayama for this wild ride!
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  14. Oceanwithwaves

    Oceanwithwaves Well-Known Member

    My heart aches for Eren, he tried so hard to do the right thing.
  15. 31stCrusade

    31stCrusade Well-Known Member

    Well that ending was a colossal shit show but with the direction the series was going in, I'm not surprised.

    Ymir being in love with King Fritz? Are you kidding me? Also, all the other countries still want to destroy the Eldians, which makes you wonder why Eren didn't just genocide everyone instead of leaving 20% still alive. If this was how it was going to turn out, he should've stuck to the original plan of defending Paradis with his titan powers to buy Paradis time. At least that way, he wouldn't have had to exterminate most of the human race.

    Overall, I think AoT is a good series. If nothing else, it's creative and interesting, and the first half is solid. The second half was just a mess though with the pace first being way too slow, and then the ending rushing through things ridiculously fast. It's pretty clear the author just wanted to get it over with by the end.
  16. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    And I read chapter 139. Its not perfect, but I still enjoyed the series nevertheless. Though I don't think I'd put it at the level of my other favorite dark fantasy series.
  17. Starra

    Starra Database Moderator

    The ending isn't that bad, people are just being mean. I definitely prefer this over a bad ending tbh. But that's just me.

    Disliking it is one thing, but I've seen some call it the worst manga ending ever. Y'all... haven't read that many manga, have you?

    Also, Eren did nothing wrong.

    Neither did Zeke.
  18. hisignalize

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    Expected: heartfelt goodbye to the cast.
    Got: biggest shitpost ever in manga form.

    Basically, we have, among others: siscon Eren (who also turned himself into a bird), sniffing pervert Reiner, Jean is a horse. I can't...

    In all seriousness: AoT was always kind of intentionally goofy here and there, and perhaps Isayama did it to lighten the mood after all of this grimdark content.

    Reiner being back to his usual form probably means he's no longer being haunted by the ghosts of war. Who knows, perhaps there's even a chance of peace after all of those pointless deaths. But I'm not sure whether killing off 80% of humanity and making most of the land permanently uninhabitable was worth it. And Eren said it himself he would have done it anyway because he felt like it. But hey, at least there are no more titans.

    I'm glad this is over. I'm finally free.
  19. hisignalize

    hisignalize Member

    Deleted the previous message, reread some parts of the last chapter again and now it clicked with me: nope, it's a shitshow through and through.
    I mean, how can you take the part of "thank you for becoming a genocial maniac for our sake" seriously? What the hell was he thinking when he wrote that line?

    Still not regretting reading it, it was a fun ride (sometimes unintentionally), but boy, Isayama had us. Now I feel embarrassed writing that post.
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  20. howtoprocrastinate

    howtoprocrastinate Well-Known Member

    I really don't know what to say about the ending. Endings ate always hard to write and usually unfulfilling. I enjoyed AOT and the journey it was. Defintely gonna miss it.
    The part between Levi and Erwin and Hange was a good scene. I wasn't expecting Falco and Gabi to be with Levi.

    Ngl Armin's line was a... phrased weirdly?
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