Astra Lost in Space

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Zed60K, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Zed60K

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    Posted by Zed60K on Feb 4, 2019
  2. Zed60K

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  3. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Feb 22, 2019
    You see the curvature of her two moons? That's my shit son.
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  4. Franconator

    Franconator Well-Known Member

    I wonder if these little chucklefucks will be making their way to Planet McPa aboard FlurrySpacey McSpaceshipFace.
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  5. Zed60K

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    Posted by Zed60K on Jul 3, 2019
    Episode 01

    A bunch of silly teenagers having to work together to survive a trip through space with whatever limited amount of supplies they have and whatever food and water they can scrounge on planets that happen to be on their path. Sci fi space survival is an interesting concept and a pleasant change. It seems the show is also trying to be funny at times so it's not overly dramatic or bleak to the point it's hard to watch. Comedy is kinda predictable but it made me chuckle a couple of times so I'll give it a pass. The silly constant switching between 16:9 and 21:9 is my biggest complain basically.

    That said the cast is pretty damn annoying already.
  6. pandoraloz

    pandoraloz New Member

    *is in space*
    "hey it's hot in here can we open a window or something"
  7. ShinShini

    ShinShini Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't like anyone of these muppets.
    The only one that didn't got on my nerves was the shoehorned in loli that shouldn't be there anyway, and that's only because I was surprised by the smack-talking puppet.
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  8. Aldrich606

    Aldrich606 Member

    Holy sh1t, I'm hyped! That's something unique!
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  9. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    Ep. 1,
    the first episode was longer than I thought, but I also think it made sense considering the pacing with the manga. Although it may be slow at first, all of the characters will get their development eventually and that's what matters in the end. By the same author who made Sket Dance, so expect some good comedy. I feel pretty hyped that a sci-fi manga of mine got adapted, and I can already tell it'll be a faithful adaption.

    Unlike a certain Netflix anime that I keep thinking about. I'm reminded of how Ulgar kind of reminds me of Ray from TPN, in a good way.
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  10. MisterDapper

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    Aside from the violations of the laws of space and time, it’s a good show so far.
  11. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member

    I had no idea the creator of Sket Dance made this, but I sure was able to tell with just this episode. Fairly plain character designs, the comedy style is the same, and a couple of the interactions between characters reminded me of early Sket Dance.

    I'm pretty excited for more, their situation is interesting and I hope the character developments are good as of now the main cast each just seem to fit a certain niche like pretty boy and young genius. Seeing as how Sket Dance even gave smaller role characters great stories, I'm gonna keep faith that this will be good.
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  12. Zed60K

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    Posted by Zed60K on Jul 4, 2019
    Sket Dance was no masterpiece but it was a decent watch. I'm interested in seeing how he handles a more serious story like this one.

    Also apparently he was an assistant of Gintama's author. Seems he's taken a lot of inspiration from the dude.
  13. J1st

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    Posted by J1st on Jul 4, 2019
    Do you think Crunchyroll will be streaming this too? I know they streamed Kenja no Mago a little later than Funimation.
  14. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    The 47 minute length is making me hesitant to try this. That's a long ass first episode...
  15. ivoryline

    ivoryline New Member

    It's like two in one. That's a nice way to check out a new series. I was so surprised by this. Didn't know shait. Blew me away. Feels older in tone and animation. Not bad just seems like something from the early 00s.
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  16. lazyproblems

    lazyproblems Active Member

    Episode 1

    This wasn't really on my radar, but I'm glad I decided to give it a chance. Currently my favorite premiere of the season.

    I can see why they decided to start with a double length episode. The first half is pretty meh with some mild jokes, but the second half is where they really get into the hook for the series.

    I'm on board for a sci-fi, lost in space exploration series. Characters are fine. I was dreading the loli character, but she's not that bad. The fact that she has Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on her hand kinda sells her. Aries is probably the worst, but I don't mind the rest. They're mostly stereotypes right now, but there's some potential.
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  17. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    Opening scene, awesome.
    ... just floating in the void... panic!

    Then the real episode started. I suspect this will be 20min of content stretched to 40min for the "double episode".

    Ooh, a singularity. Mmm, spaghetti.

    ... don't tell me they're gonna hold hands instead of using the cable...

    That didn't turn out too bad.

    There's a gap at the end of the trip... and that's only if nothing goes wrong.
  18. OneCraftyLady

    OneCraftyLady Well-Known Member

    Episode 1:

    What an intense beginning!

    Wow, ok. I love all the characters so far. Especially Beego. XD

    Glad I picked this up, I'm 100% down for an epic space adventure.

    This looks like it's gearing up to be an intense ride and I'm so down for that. I really enjoyed this episode, it was funny and intense and sad in all the right measures.

    This is going to be one of those shows that I wish I could binge
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  19. Annalices

    Annalices Member

    Episode 1:
    Oh, so I actually do like this one, despite the obvious cliches and dumb jokes. The characters' personalities are pretty stereotypical ( especially Aries, whom I don't like :/), but I really like their designs! And someone did mention, on another site, that each character will get their own development. Well, I don't see how they can fit all that in and steer the plot, but maybe it'll work. We'll see..
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  20. crazyviking

    crazyviking New Member

    Pretty good first EP! See how it will flow!!

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