Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Zed60K, Apr 19, 2019.

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    Posted by Zed60K on Apr 19, 2019
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    Until you get to episode 3 and find out his one skill is stupidly overpowered. He'll still be treated like a runt for a while for no reason, but eventually he'll have his own harem.
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    Oh, so they decided medics weren't wussy enough and decided shitting on the blacksmiths would make a more compelling story. Alright, cool.
  4. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Apr 20, 2019
    I read a lot of this and I'mma be serious for once this minute: the tag "Overpowered Main Character" is underestimating it. He goes from puss to Big Chungus, from sissy bitch boy to Ricardo. He becomes the most OP ass mofo in like, 5 chapters of the manga.
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    I’m not trying to be rude but in case you haven’t noticed the title says from commonplace to the worlds strongest so naturally just because he got a new arm an eyepatch and a hair color change he wouldn’t be stronger but as it turns out he people would only naturally assume because they don’t know what transpired in the dungeon/laberinth that since he is a synergist he isn’t that strong. But if you don’t like that then go watch some thing else. Be warned though every other iskai is exactly like that because if people didn’t doubt him there would be no surprised faces when he show cases his power and therefore a lot of the funny part would be lost.
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    I have recently accepted that I am a sucker for isekai, so I will watch this (although luckily if its bad I won't mind dropping it, I'm not far enough down the isekai trash road that I'll put up with everything in the genre).
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    That was literally his point. The entire genre is suffused with cheap power fantasies that only copy whatever is trendy, with no originality besides title complexity.
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    Warning: this is long as f***

    I would argue that isekai has originality besides title complexity except you have to accept isekai for what it is.It is about a person being transported to another world which is a more narrow theme compared to other manga themes so naturally it won’t be as original and revolutional but I think isekai has its own uniqueness.But in order to understand that uniqueness you have to understand isekai a targeted audience(this doesn’t mean other people can’t like it;it just means it’s most popular age range)are 7-14/15 year old boys I don’t care much about it’s originality but just care about a freakishly overpowered and cool character who is a badass.Plus you have to look at what I said before you quoted I said if you don’t like isekai watch something else . And also I would say arifureta is very original no other isekai character has had something detrimental happen and then not had it immediately fixed. Nagumo lost his arm and it is still not healed instead he improvised like a badass and built himself a new one so arifureta is not as much just being lucky and having to much power it is about Nagumo overcoming the odds and becoming powerful by relying on himself rather than his inborn power.
  9. BrainBlow

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    No it absolutely is not. The isekai of the 80's, 90's and early 00's have practically nothing in common with modern isekai other than the "in another world" part. Spirited Away, Inuyasha, Escaflowne
    Hell, The Wizard of Oz and Amphibia is strictly speaking isekai!

    The amount of actual possible narrative variety you can actually have in isekai is ENORMOUS!

    Now you generally get this:

    - Loser/generic nobody falls into a portal or dies.
    - Is greeted by a summoner/god that either tasks them with some objective or wants to give them some damn reward for their unremarkable lives. Usually then granted some OP power.
    - Is given a gimmick/limitation that they then overcome/learn to exploit practically by the end of the first chapter.
    - "Oh, you're reborn as a talking mushroom in another world? Well you get your human body back by episode three anyways. And then you get to also be super OP with no weaknesses for no reason."
    - Generic Dragon Quest-esque western fantasy world.
    - LETS BUY A SLAVE/Set up an exploitative relationship with someone in a servant role in a feudal society. They will never (be able to) reject you!
    - Actual fucking video game mechanics!
    - Harem giiiiirls~
    - Conspicuously basically never tries to actually get home, nor do they seem to have anyone they actually miss. (Gods, I hope "Goblin is very strong" gets an anime)
    - "I was reborn in another world with a set of skills that will let me PROVE THAT JAPAN IS SUPERIOR AND I AM HERE TO SAVE YOU FROM YOUR PRIMITIVE WAYS!!"

    - MORE harem girls!
    - Not overpowered enough yet? Here's even MORE powers, or yet another reveal of how your gimmick is completely broken from the start.
    - No proper villains even if the world is at stake, with baddies only serving to show how cool you are when you fodderize them, or to be hilariously and unrealistically evil to make it more satisfying when you eventually take them down with ease.

    Alternatively you get isekai that "plays" with that formula specifically, with "subversion" of it being its main goal. But they can only do so because of how dominant the formula is. The formula is so dominant they you get points for "originality" by intentionally trying to go for subversions rather than come up with your own shit. And if your light novel catches on you'll have two fucking dozen copy-cats by the end of the fiscal quarter! Several of them will themselves obtain success by doing the aforementioned "subversion" thing on top of your "original" premise. Right now it's the otome game theme. More specifically about being reborn as the generic villainess of such games and "trying to avoid the fate of your character at the end of the game."
    And then you get isekai like Knights & Magic where there's no reason for it to even be isekai in the first place! It actually would have been better had it not been. They hamstrung their own story just to try to ride the isekai wave.

    The entire modern genre (in Japan) still revolves around the formula, even when it is "subverting" it. As seen before, it absolutely does not need to, but they all try to play within the current boundaries in order to chase the same golden goose.
    And many of these clichés come from one simple thing: Most of these authors are not good writers. As in, they're literally just some schmuck between 18-28 with passable grades in Japanese. They then submit to huge LN websites that have practically no real regulations for who can enter. Thus you compete by coming up with the whackiest and biggest title possible in order to grab people's attention. And for a whacky title you need a whacky premise.
    And that's where their creativity runs out. So the reborn mushroom man gets his (now way stronger) body back, the cellphone dude is actually given superpowers practically unrelated to the phone. "I Was Naked When I Reached the Other World". That's the level it is at. Dude's naked, gets his fucking clothes back, and then it's just some generic harem fantasy where people are throwing themselves at his feet because of his superior nippon knowledge. The premise ONLY exists to grab your attention long enough for the sad power fantasy to set in.
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    I had to read this multiple times, just because it's such a complete and vicious beatdown of the entire genre. This is everything that people annoyed about the isekai genre dislike about the trope, brought down on the page in one fell swoop. Kudos to that, even though I still like to read these silly power fantasy manga.

    That being said, the cover alone looks like I'll drop it at episode 1.
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  11. BrainBlow

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    Man, I don't even mind the power fantasy. That's literally what the mecha genre was, but this genre has no "era ender" like NGE yet, Now and Then, Here and There was way ahead of its time,
    and the idea to just make a damn fantasy story has not fully caught on yet, and I fear most of the above formula will still persist anyways, which is not an improvement. You just get Goblin Slayer.

    At this point the best isekai are the primarily comedy-focused series that typically do not lean much into the power fantasy even when they have powerful protagonists.
    Man, I just want Goblin Is Very Strong to get animated.
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  12. ShinShini

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    Most isekai die when they take themselves too seriously. The trope is more often than not already inherently ridiculous when you take it apart.

    But I guess I have to take a look at Goblin is very Strong when you sing its praises so often. I dismissed it as yet another loli isekai.
  13. Justiceknight

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    When I said isekai have originality of course I don’t mean every isekai because there are manga that are generic and repetitive in every manga theme. Here are some examples of good isekai that are original
    -re:monster:character was badass before he got transferred,he has evolutions which drive the story and a lot of the plot and he has a huge harem by the end.
    -fantasy of ash and grimgar: the main characters aren’t disgustingly overpowered,someone dies and it actually affects them and the main character doesn’t have just one or any overpowered skill or ability
    -arifureta:the main character is overpowered because of his own hard work, the main character is kind of cruel and he doesn’t give a shit.
    -Tate no yuusha:main character has an overpowered skill but it has limits, main character was the least blessed of the heroes, main character doesn’t give a shit

    These are only a few of the good original isekai
    BTW brainblow thanks for having this debate it is really fun
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    It's not revolutionary, but it has surprisingly good internal consistency, and it plays straight many of the tropes of the genre rather than doing the dishonest "isn't this convenient winkwinknudgenudge" half-assed pandering postmodernist shit. So it actually does world building, which is completely lacking in most isekai, and is then so far consistent about presented details. It doesn't just exist for the convenience of the power fantasy.
    Like, for example,
    why does the protagonist never get hunted by top-level advenurers? Well, because she's just ganking a noob region without being a "threat to the realm" deal, and she basically just drops a couple gold if you manage to kill her, so the value proposition of trying to take her down is just not worth the literal cost of respawning. And since parties with "heroes" are basically guaranteed to respawn, there's no one that would end up with some serious Goblin Slayer type personal vendetta. It just makes sense in-world, and that's all stuff I mostly inferred easily from presented details rather than being some big single character monologue. And it's like that regarding many other aspects as well, which in turn makes those aspects interesting. Even the dying mechanic is really interesting due to the consistency, where in other series it would be just a gimmick. It helps that it's practically an all-female cast, and the "isekai" individual isn't even the protagonist, nor does she fit the typical isekai protagonist mold other than in the way it is long-term teased and setting up actual interesting future expectations. And the isekai aspect is built into the world setting itself in a way that makes it easily understandable why a yoinked individual is generally seen as valuable even if they kinda suck. Dramatic moments then often feel way more dramatic than they would otherwise when they happen, and the loose funny feeling and cute art suddenly enhances "malevolent" moments. It's the Gintama, effect, basically. It's Gintama-OPM pseudo-isekai.

    I love it. I don't want to overhype it or give wrong expectations, but I love it. It goes to show how some actual inspiration and consistency can go such a long way.

    That's not what we were discussing, nor were you in your first posts. We're talking about the genre, and you then went into a defense of the genre as well and claimed that all isekai are "like this" and heavily restricted in narrative possibility by nature, which as seen is blatantly false. No one is saying there's no good isekai titles. We're saying the genre as a whole is currently infested with trend chasing the aforementioned formula.

    And none of your listed examples proved your new point. None of them are separate from the aforementioned isekai formula, and several of them are for some reason sold on the premise of "this character doesn't give a shit/is already super powerful" which is literally just generic LN power fantasy protagonist #∞. Shieldbro did and does care, though, that's the whole point of the series. And it is "original" by virtue of being one of the first to establish the current formula the entire genre. Even though the anime adaptation came late to the game, the LNs were among the first big trendsetters. But even then, most of the stuff in it is just tropes recycled from other genres and put in an isekai setting. "Dude is betrayed and gets really jaded and angry but has a secret heart of gold" is hardly a fresh concept to anime.
    You're not wrong or dumb for liking them, but something being entertaining doesn't make it "original." I like plenty unoriginal stuff myself, and any medium often just evolves in increments at a time. The isekai genre has simply gotten excessive in its gold rush and the extremely low barrier of entry to new authors that can achieve huge success by just having an eye-catching premise for the first couple chapters. Achieve that and you'll have pro artists swarming to illustrate for you, and plenty manga publishers and anime studios hungry to partake in their side of the goldrush by scooping up whatever new title is hot at the moment.
    Plenty of us jaded old fucks were there when it seemed Sword Art Online would bring something fresh and new, but it demonstrated what I've been talking about: Have an interesting premise to draw people in, and then have the story devolve into a stale power fantasy where the original premise is practically meaningless, and the protagonist in no way has a personality or drive for the premise to actually bounce off of. And then came the copycats.
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  15. Justiceknight

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    Then yes I basically agree accept for the part about naufumi caring he basically only cares about his party and the world nothing else so he mostly demonstrates an attitude of not caring.

    btw did you like arifureta
  16. MisterDapper

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    I'll try watching it, but probably drop it at ep 1 :/
  17. ironspy

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    So, huh
    The pacing was absolutely bananas. This felt like three episodes of content crammed into one. If we're just looking at the progression of the lead character alone, like....wut. The turn from generic anime nice dude into someone's deviantart OC with a gun was way way way too sudden. They could have fleshed it out with just a bit more suffering alone in the cave and internal dialogue. But, welp.

    That being said, I didn't hate it. Probs gonna keep watching just too see how wild it gets.
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  18. ShinShini

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    Well, this was pure shit.
    Animation was bad, CG was horrid and gave me flashbacks of Overlord's orc army.
    Story was absolutely generic and just boring.

    But what gave me literal pain watching it was the MC. He is the edgiest edgelord to ever edge and it was absolutely unearned. Just "I hate the world now, I want to die, die, die, no I will kill everyone who stands in my way now."
    Then they give him white hair and a growly voice to show how cool and edgy he is. And of course a gun and lame one-liners so that absolutely no one gets mistaken that they even attempted to give this some originality.
    I was just groaning and rolling my eyes throughout the episode.
    Yeah, no, thanks, but I'm fine.
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    People like you that tell others to watch something else are fairly dumb in my opinion. First of all, you don't own any rights to the anime, you don't even own any shares in the production of this anme. Why would you tell someone to stop complaining? If he/she expected a quality product and got dissapointed, let them compalin or offer insightful knowledge that may change their opinion.
  20. Dinomoto

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    Oh good lord, the pacing in episode 1 is actually really painful to watch. It's all jumbled together with some bs censorship too.

    Well, we've got the isekai garbage show of the season.

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