AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue

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  1. Zaig

    Zaig Well-Known Member

    Posted by Zaig on Jan 11, 2016
    Episode 01

    A decent first episode. It looks hella fun competing in the flying circuc. Pretty jealous. :love:
  2. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Jan 12, 2016
    Episode 1

    Well, that is an unusual premise in some ways. Instead of a magical warfare kind of thing we have a racing kind of thing with magic. Romance and Drama are tags for this visual novel so I guess it might be interesting. Animation and sound design are both good as well as seiyuu's being convincing, I'll continue this for sure.
  3. Zaig

    Zaig Well-Known Member

    Posted by Zaig on Jan 12, 2016
    You want to set this show up for failure just as it barely begins even though it will probably do that by itself? Also, I'm pretty sure it's not magic - it's science. Something about gravitons and gravity and magical shoes defying gravity. :pokerface:
  4. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Jan 12, 2016
    Magical warfare as in the genre of Magical Fighting anime not Mahou Sensou the shitty anime that I'd rather forget.

    Yeah, let's just call it magic. Since it's said it only works around those islands, magic.
  5. Teophan

    Teophan Well-Known Member

    EP 1

    Not too bad. Shows some promise. Decent amount of comedy. Wonder how the romance will fit in. Also, someone in another site mentioned this was based off an eroge game and there wasn't enough fan service. I beg to differ. I hope it doesn't get any more fan service.

    When he walked into his room and saw her half naked was a decent amount of fan service. It doesn't need to go any farther than that.
    However, they are young high school students AND they are on an island. It inevitable that there will be a beach scene with skimpy outfits and abused camera placements. Not to mention that the battles have to take place over water.

    Fingers crossed for this one. I must always have one show, every season, that is my pallet cleanser.
  6. hamletsmage

    hamletsmage Well-Known Member

    Episode 4

    Asuka is following shounen protagonist 101, excellerated growth in one area.

    Also, Mashiro really has a thing for cats, doesn't she?
  7. Teophan

    Teophan Well-Known Member

    Posted by Teophan on Feb 4, 2016
    EP 4

    shounen 101 Accelerated growth. HA!!!!!! I just hope we don't get more dedicated episodes of "I can do better" and just get to it. We need more ass sho......bouncing boo......form fitting sui......well placed angles. :troll:
  8. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Feb 15, 2016
    Episode 6

    - Well I see drama upcoming
    - The animation was really weak in for keyframes
    - The action was nice but felt a little....
    - The plot is really really generic.
  9. Teophan

    Teophan Well-Known Member

    EP 6

    Someones but hurt.
  10. hamletsmage

    hamletsmage Well-Known Member

    EP 6

    Thank you, side boob. You made this particularly "meh" episode ok.
  11. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Feb 22, 2016
    Episode 7

    I think we can push down this drama harder. I'm not sure the viewer actually got it. Scatch that let's get some lead weights. Also Asuka is particularly braindead this episode again. But at least we had bikini babes with amply developed curves for the most parts doing well... stuff.

    It was mostly drama upon drama for the sake of drama.
  12. Teophan

    Teophan Well-Known Member

    EP 7

    You know damn well she isn't going to quit. And we better not have more than one episode to deal with this issue. You know what would make this better? If she transferred to a new school/team and has to compete against them. Thus forcing the other guy to take up her spot and compete. That would be fun to watch.
  13. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Mar 7, 2016
    Episode 9

    Honestly, the whole dual fallen thing works quite well but there was just a bit too much of everything in the prior episodes that made this a much much weaker episode than it could have been. The comedy also seems to try and make this a very uplifting episode which harshly clashes with the darker and darker angle that the prior episodes seemed to try for it works in a marathon session perhaps but as a weekly watched show it just makes me wince a little.
  14. Teophan

    Teophan Well-Known Member

    EP 8

    I don't know why, but smug "I know it all and am better than you" characters piss me the f*ck off.
    Still would have liked it if she quit the school, joined a different one and the boy had to "come out of retirement" to face the girl and her new school

    Ep 9
    Yay...... everyone's happy......

    Of course she magically remembers a young girl/boy from her past that cause her to be where she is today.

    Of course the coach had a horrible experience with FC as a kid, only to be beat by some other boy

    Of course what's her face used to look like a boy when she was young, challenged everyone, and ran into a boy and challenged him and won

    Of course they are all the same people and they don't realize it because the plot isn't ready for that to happen..........


  15. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Mar 21, 2016
    Episode 10-11

    Both episodes experienced a notable drop in animation quality. While not quite DEEN levels it still sticks out like a sore thumb. Overall the plot in episode 11 felt rushed but in the end it's due to time constrains obviously. This anime is very much average as a whole with highs and lows along the way. The next week is the obvious final, I look forward to it not because I dislike this anime but because I would like to see how it ends despite how obvious it is.
  16. Teophan

    Teophan Well-Known Member

    EP 10



    That hole "stabilizer turned off is to hard to control" skit and then moving onto the speed demon having it turned all the way off is way to easy to see where it's going in the story.

    EP 11

    That was a bit unexpected. Still


    Jesus. I want to see a horse kick her in her face sooooo bad. :flip:
  17. Zaig

    Zaig Well-Known Member

    Posted by Zaig on Mar 29, 2016
    Looks like this is over now. I stopped watching after episode 4. I was originally excited about the sports aspect but the characters seemed kinda boring, and I wasn't liking the direction it seemed to be taking with Asuka (weak to strong despite being a complete newbie, an airhead, clumsy, etc). And there were no signs of romance in the beginning (or throughout, judging by reddit comments). Who would have thought an anime based off a romance visual novel wouldn't have any to speak of.

    In a lot of ways I found the anime to be similar to Walkure Romanze with its setup (made a rec between these). I don't think I'll ever return to this though, unless people here say otherwise.
  18. YuiYui

    YuiYui Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    Posted by YuiYui on Apr 2, 2016
    Urgh, I can see where this is going >_>
    So yay main girl is actually pretty good and probably has some hidden ability or something that allows her to beat someone who was annoying but I kind of wanted to win to defy what I was predicting to happen. But once again anime has to go down the predictable route. Meh first episode and I find the characters so far quite bland, hopefully some more unique ones will turn up.
    The main girl is slightly annoying me, she just seems so boring....
    Hinata is pretty bland as well. It's sad honestly, this show didn't have a very strong impact from the start, still hoping for a bit more. The opening is quite nice though, overall quite fitting for the anime and the animation isn't terrible. It's just the boring characters for me at this stage. Hopefully...please just introduce some interesting characters...just hoping it isn't going to be another Asterisk War >_>
    (I do admit that I kind of liked Aoyagi, she seems quite nice but nothing unique
    Again nothing special, pinky scored a point using her special move. Everyone was amazed and purple head was up against one of the most annoying characters ever. He was a butt but once again there wasn't really anything special about this and what was the point of the fanservice at the start of the episode....nothing.
    Zzzzzz....this show is just average and I can't say that I'm enjoying it at all. At least they focused on another character other than Asuka. But even then it was nothing more than average and honestly I don't think anything has really improved since epsdode 1
    I wish they would introduce a few more male people rather than more females, this reminds me too much of Asterisk >_> So I made a recommendation, sadly I'm probably the only one who thinks so but ohh well, dependant on how the story develops I may get rid of it.
    Anyway I feel like this series really isn't getting out of the average area, it just seems to be just meh.
    Boooooooooooooobs......what's the point. This was a rally meh episode honestly and I don't really have anything to say
    Oh no, the annoying guy sad...but now I don't like the white haired girl and her friend >_> I don't like them.
    2nd part of the episode was pointless......BOOOOOBS
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